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About 1 Million businesses of all types and sizes get listed for sale nationwide every year. Unfortunately, a large number of these businesses do not end up changing hands at all. The owners are either forced to go into bankruptcy to cover their losses, or are lucky enough to just close the business and be released from their lease obligations without penalty or a profit. The reason being: Business owners are not aware of all the factors that influence the marketability ("attractiveness") of their business, they do not understand all options available AND/OR do not receive proper guidance from there listing agent regarding the same. The bottom line: A business is worth the most a READY, WILLING AND ABLE buyer would pay for it within a predetermined frame of time! I understand this, I preach it, I apply it, and I am darn good at it! To see my professional bio please go to The Bio .

Certified Business Sales and Acquisitions Professional Retail Specialist: Site Analysis and Rating International RE Investment Facilitator Business Consulting: Bottom Line Restructuring and Strategic Planning & Marketing Complex Lease/Contract Interpretation Expert  Under the flag of PROMINENCE CAPITAL ADVISORS LLC, Nick has gathered around himself an extraordinary team of real estate professionals whose collective strengths address every aspect of a real estate deal including a client Needs and Investment Property Analysis, a comprehensive Comparative Marketing Analysis (with Demographics/Expenditures/Traffic Count/Competition analysis), Site Evaluation and Rating, Marketing, skillful negotiating and transaction management.