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Zahara Properties™ Welcome to the ultimate source on the World Wide Web for ALL your real estate investment, business and global Internet marketing needs!  We are licensed Realtors® based out of the United States with associates throughout Latin America with offices in the USA and Costa Rica.  We also handle diverse business transactions specializing in the Internet Marketing and consulting of your investments globally.  We work with a specialized team of Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, Developers and Realtors® in 18 countries world wide alongside a team of experts in each market, to exclusively assist you in handling all of your investment needs in the utmost professional and reputable manner. Please click here to join Zahara Mossman RECS CLHMS with the Real Estate Cyberspace Society!   When you are buying or selling a home or company, you should hire our company, Zahara Properties™, who really wants to earn your business, with confidence. We offer very unique approaches to selling and buying properties that are both innovative and on the cutting edge of technology. As pioneers in technology, we invite you to learn more about us by clicking on the menu tabs to the left to learn who we are. It would be our greatest pleasure to assist you personally, confidentially and ethically with all of your transactions. In addition, if you have any general questions about purchasing, selling or leasing real estate world wide, feel free to cyberglide through our many websites and blogs for more information. Contact us now as we are licensed, qualified and gladly here to assist you with your real estate needs and private business consulting.  As Internet Marketing Experts, we are reliable and you can count on us for all of your marketing needs.  Please browse this website for our qualifications, listings, reports and important local and international real estate and business information.  Also, please visit Zahara Properties™ in its original (beta) format andPodcast Realty™ , the most innovative tool created on the net for accurate information. Don't forget to check out the "Press" section on our sites featuring articles from many world wide publications such as the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Association of Realtors®, Intelligence Briefings Issue, Florida Association of Realtors®, The South Florida Business Journal, Florida Realtor® Magazine, Planet, Institute for Luxury Home Markting and many more, to have an exact idea of who we are and of our national and international recognition and impeccable reputation. Respectfully, The Zahara Properties™ Team!Zahara Mossman RECS CLHMSReal Estate Cyber SpecialistCertified Luxury Home Marketing SpecialistInternet Marketing ConsultantRealtor® Zahara Mossman, LLC Zahara Properties, S.A. Zahara Properties, LLC dba Podcast Realty® a division of Beachfront Realty, Inc.310 Arthur Godfrey RoadMiami Beach, FL.  33140e Zahara Mossman t  305 675-1779 USA  - VoIPt  506 8929-1000   Costa Rica Zahara Properties™Podcast Realty®Seacoast Towers™    The photographs on this site are a originals taken exclusively for Zahara Properties, LLC and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States Government and International Governments along with all additional photos and text in this original websit and all blogs, podcasts and websites created by Zahara Mossman, LLC. You must -without exceptions- have written consent to reproduce anything on these pages and postings. I do not represent any of the general listings found here, unless otherwise stated. All listing information deemed accurate, but not warranted. Zahara's headshots are photographed by Kenneth Brignoll you can email him directly at  Brignoll Photography Most photos are taken by Zahara Mossman, LLC and our amazing staff, partners and/or colleagues! Zahara Properties™ Podcast Realty®Zahara Mossman™Zahara™a division of Beachfront Realty, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ©copyright 2004-2009 BELOW ARE OUR SPONSORS Contact our legal team of partners:Lic. Rafael Quiros B. - Spanish Lic. Ignacio Beirute G. - English Quirós & Asociados Central Law A Central American Law FirmLos Yoses, San José, Costa Rica Quiros & Asociados - Central Law Central Law - Prestigious, well known Central American and Caribbean Law firm unified in response to modern globalization trends. Quiros & Asociados are visionaries, providing services and professional expertise to create the first Central American Law firm with offices in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic. Zahara Properties LLC welcomes Quiros & Asociados as the preferred legal team, working together to provide you with all of your Costa Rican and Latin American legal and real estate needs. read more...  Zahara Mossman RECS CLHMS - Internet Marketing Expert - Realtor® For more information please contact Zahara Mossman at (305) 534-4242 our main office in South Florida, a division of Beachfront Realty, Inc. or directly via email. Thank you. The Zahara Properties™ Team. read more...  Zahara returns from Costa Rica with a wealth of information for investors! The market is HOT!! Not just real estate, much more. Zahara Propeties, LLC has so much information that can be so useful to protect your investments in Costa Rica. Our company personally knows the "main" , honorable and well respected people to deal with in Latin America, we will work hard to protect your investments. Keep in mind that Latin America is comprised of individual relatively small countries and is based entirely on who you now. Knowing the right people is crucial to protect yourself from potential harm. We know first hand all the people necessary you need to make sure your investments are protected. Please keep in mind that realtors are not licensed there yet, hence there is a lot of scamming going on, especially with foreign investors. It's easy to get taken by someone if you don't know who they are. Together with our exclusive team of international attorneys -Quiros & Asociados here to protect you. We have also partnered with Carlson Wagonlit Travel of Costa Rica to be able to provide you with all of your travel and touring needs! Contact us to find out more...      Zahara Properties Welcomes Carlson Wagonlit Travel of Costa Rica! Zahara Properties thanks CWT of Costa Rica for joining our team! Carlson Wagonit Travel partners with Zahara Properties We have partnered with Carlson Wagonlit Travel of Costa Rica to be able to provide you with all of your travel and touring needs! Contact us to find out more... read more...    Zahara Properties Welcomes BVP Engineering and Construction of Costa Rica! Please click on the logo above to email directlyIngeniero Bernal Valverde P.Tel (506) 2236-7752Fax (506) 2297-1191PO Box 10756-1000 San José, Costa Rica   Zahara Properties Welcomes and Thanks BVP Engineering & Construction for joining our team! Reliable, trustworthy, prompt and efficient. Words to live by when hiring engineers for your development needs! Ingenieros BVP & Asociados S.A. provide you with design construction planning and development, construction permitting, project management, budgeting, and all of your development needs.


Internet Marketing Expert Consultant.  Currently directing political eCampaigns for Presidential candidate of Costa Rica 2010 and Miami Beach Commissioner candidacy 2009.  Everything from small businesses to large corporations and of course Real Estate.     ZAHARA MOSSMAN ELECTED CHAIRMAN OF RECS CHAPTERS for Latin America and the Caribbean 2008 April 2008 - Zahara Mossman Real Estate Cyberspace Specialist (RECS) Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS), located in Miami Beach, Florida has been Elected Chairman of the Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Dominican Republic Chapters of The Real Estate Cyberspace Society. John M. Peckham III, Executive Director of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society announced Chairman Zahara Mossman’s election and explained that the new Society Chapters bring national Cyberspace networking support to real estate professionals in Costa Rica and throughout Latina America and the Caribbean. When many brokers are closing their doors in this real estate market, Zahara Properties LLC, a division of Beachfront Realty, Inc. is expanding her offices into Latin America and the Caribbean, based out of Costa Rica. Zahara has known, traveled and lived throughout Latin America for over 28 years. She has now partnered with Quiros & Asociados – Central Law, a prestigious and well known Central American and Caribbean law firm, based out of Costa Rica unified in response to modern globalization trends. Quiros & Asociados are visionaries, providing services and professional expertise creating the first Central American law firm with offices throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Zahara Properties LLC welcomes them as the preferred legal team, working together to provide you with all of your legal and real estate needs, a combination that can’t be beat! read more...  The Wall Street Journal and Barron's October 28th, 2005 - Nationwide - The Wall Street Journal and BARRON'S Financial Weekly endorses Zahara Mossman as a Luxury Home Agent on behalf of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. read more...  Associated Press - December 2005 - Interview's Zahara Mossman "Podcasts lure buyers in the luxury home market..." This article was featured world wide by the associated press, such as in the New York Times, L. A. Times, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, etc. Mossman was interviewed by Ken McGuire a writer for the AP. He wrote that podcasting sets Zahara Mossman apart from the rest.... read more...  February 2006 Florida Realtor Magazine "...Reporters and editors at publications such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Sun Times have quoted Mossman after having found her blogs. Blogging may take time out of Mossman's day, but it also paints her as a true expert in her field." - Florida Realtor Magazine read more...  February 2006 - RIS Media CyberSpace Convention "...from top-notch agents including: Dr. H. Nathan Booth, Mal Duane, Rob Levy, Judy McCutchin and Zahara Mossman; and Real Estate prognosticators John Tuccillo and Jim Sherry. ..." read more...  Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Interview - April 2006 In a recent interview on Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Zahara Mossman discusses the use of Podcasts and how they can benefit agents and consumers. This material gives you a peek at the near future of real estate marketing! Click to listen... read more...  The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, writer Kris Drain, interviews Zahara Mossman "Mossman has also created a revolution in real estate technology by being the first Realtor® to advertise her listings via “podcasting”. For those unfamiliar with the term, a podcast is an audio broadcast that can be downloaded to any computer or digital music player, including the Apple iPod. . By reading her listings over the phone to an automated robot program and uploading them to her Web logs. Subscribers are notified each time a new property is listed. These listings can also be heard directly on one of her web pages." as stated by the Institute's head writer Kris Drain. read more...  Planet Realtor and Florida Realtor Magazine Interviews Podcast Realty's creator Zahara Mossman We are currently featured in the November-December 2005 Issue of Florida Realtor Magazine and on Planet Realtor's Technology and You Section on the Internet. "Listening for Listings via Podcasts" Check us out!! read more...                                                                                                PRESS Zahara Mossman™ RECS CLHMS (Real Estate Cyberspace Specialist and Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist) owner and Managing Member of Zahara Properties, LLC  and  Podcast Realty™ were founded in 2004 and are located on sunny Miami Beach, Florida. Zahara Properties™ is a division of Beachfront Realty, Inc. Zahara Mossman is a Pioneer in the Technology and Real Estate Industries; she is the first person in the world to create podcasts in business. Zahara Properties™LLC, specializes in Luxury Residential and Commercial Real Estate internationally and provides licensed and certified services throughout beautiful South Florida, Latin America and the Caribbean. With offices in the USA and now in Costa Rica, Zahara Properties, S.A.                                                                                                       The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing writer Kris Drain interviews Zahara and writes:Zahara is a pioneer in the real estate industry. Zahara also created a revolution in real estate technology by being the first Realtor® to advertise her listings via “podcasting”. For those unfamiliar with the term, a podcast is an audio broadcast that can be downloaded to any computer or digital music player, including the iPod, by reading her listings over the phone to an automated robot program and uploading them to her Web logs. Subscribers are notified each time a new property is listed. These listings can also be heard and downloaded directly on her web pages.  By offering these audio tours along with digital photographs to her clients, Mossman has been able to sell real estate to clients throughout the world (she currently has several listings in Costa Rica) without ever showing them the actual property.  Since obtaining her license, she has worked non-stop with new business coming in from builders, developers, buyers and sellers from around the nation as a result of her "podcasting".    There are multiple reasons for Zahara's success.  A 20+ year history of volunteer fundraising kept her in touch with an elite circle of affluent residents who owned expensive homes the Miami Beach and South Florida areas, and all over the world where she has lived and traveled to. Realizing that she had been trusted with their money for fundraising events, she started to think about working with these same clients and personal friends in some capacity to start her own business.  Zahara pondered selling private jets or luxury cars.  Recognizing that neither was a field she knew anything about, she turned to real estate.  She has never looked back! Although she was already using "podcasting" since it began, Zahara felt that Laurie Moore-Moore validated her efforts to set herself apart from other agents in her market.  She also learned to understand what clients wanted when buying or selling a luxury home because as she puts it, "there is no fooling these kinds of people, they will know immediately if you don't know what you are talking about".  Mossman credits Moore-Moore with a large part of her success.  She describes her as "very human and very real" and says she has been amazed by the personal attention and support she receives from Laurie and The Institute.  "How many other Founders and/or Presidents take the time to personally respond to an e-mail from one of their members?" asks Mossman.  "I am very proud to be a member of this organization".   The momentum continues to build in Zahara Mossman's career.  She has been featured in the South Florida Business Journal and will be featured in the coming months in the national Realtor® Magazine, the Florida Realtor® Magazine, Planet Realtor® online, and The Real Estate Cyberspace Society publication.  She has also been recognized by NAR, receiving an award for having one of the "Top 22 ideas in Real Estate" for the year 2005.  Zahara is a published author with a second edition of the book Real Estate Cyber Magic, available by clicking HERE.  For more information on Zahara Mossman please click on the Biography tab on this site. Click HERE for Zahara's monthly CyberTips Newsletter. Click HERE for Zahara's Real Estate Cyberspace Society weblog on Podcasting. Click HERE for the Associated Press article featured world wide on Zahara's unique podcasts providing online audio listing descriptions which sets her apart the competition. Click HERE for the National Association of Realtors® article on Zahara's unique and innovative marketing ideas. Click HERE for's National Association of Realtors® magazine article profiling Zahara's technological cutting edge ways of promoting listings. Click HERE to read the full article from 2007 - For the National Association of Realtors RCA Intelligence Briefings Issue featuring Zahara Mossman RECS and her companies, Podcast Realty™, and Zahara Properties™ ! Click HERE for Planet Realtor's National magazine on Zahara blogging and "going the extra mile" that paints her as a true expert in her field. Reporters and editors at publications such as New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Sun-Times have quoted Zahara after having found her websites and blogs.   Click HERE for the Wall Street Journal's endorsement on Zahara as an exclusive Luxury Home Marketing Agent. Click HERE for the full article in 2006 - Florida Today write up on Podcast Realty™ Click HERE to watch Zahara being interviewed on South Beach for Telemundo, Spanish Television network, on New Year's Eve 2005 (Broadband recommended) Click HERE to read the National Association of Realtors® magazine publication of the 22 BOLD IDEAS for 2006.  Click HERE to read about the RIS Media Cyberspace Convention where Zahara was a guest speaker considered to be a top-notch agent together with experts including: Dr. H. Nathan Booth, Mal Duane, Rob Levy, Judy McCutchin and Real Estate prognosticators John Tuccillo and Jim Sherry. Click HERE to read the South Florida Business Journal written by Susan Stabely, stating that Zahara is the PIONEER in podcasting.  Making Zahara the very first person in the world to embrace this technology to promote real estate and investing.  Zahara is now a living legend and ICON, technologically way ahead of her time.    Click HERE to read the Inman News article by Janis Mara written about Zahara publishing audio descriptions of property listings via the Internet in a novel use of the popular audio publishing technique known as podcasting. Click HERE to read yet another article from Planet Realtor in the technology section titled "Technology & you: Listening for Listings via Podcasts".  This one is dedicated to Zahara, acknowledging her as a visionary and a technological and real estate prognosticator. A true expert in Internet Marketing. Click HERE to read an article by fellow colleague of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, Amber Downey, applying Zahara's podcasting techniques on the west coast in Newport Beach, California. There is more information and articles written about Zahara below. Recognized by The Florida Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors, Zahara Mossman, RECS is the very first Realtor in the United States and even the world to podcast her real estate listing descriptions on the Web, what's even more exciting, she did it in a downloadable format! Now, knowing what's available to buy, sell or rent globally has been made even easier. If you can download a song into your iPod, or any listening device you prefer, you can download our listings! Amazing, isn't it? Podcast Realty™ has now made that possible. We are creating active mp3 broadcasts of listing descriptions as well as creating tags in these broadcasts to make them available as podcast transmissions so that people everywhere can listen to and download our listings. This idea was brainstormed by Zahara Mossman and is ONLY available here at Podcast Realty™ and on her thousands of niched blogs and sites and of course, her home page at Zahara Properties™.  She is also the creator of Passover™ the fastest way to secure your holiday in advance.Now, you don't even have to be at the property you want to buy or lease in order to see and learn all about it. We are your eyes and ears! How do we do it? Well, if you are in Beverly Hills for example (or anywhere else in the world), and you want to purchase real estate in the South Florida area, agents can now go to the property and take digital photos or virtual tours of it while providing you with a REAL and HONEST description of the property we are looking at, as we walk through it for you. Then, we take our podcast description along with the digital photos or video and download them on a private page -for your eyes only- on our website at Zahara Properties™ for you to view. To date, we have received an overwhelming response to embrace our new technology from fellow Realtors from around the country, so we are giving them the opportunity to podcast their own local listings ABSOLUTELY FREE. Zahara Mossman has been a philanthropist for over 20 years and naturally has given now to her collegues in real estate.  We are taking reservations from licensed Realtors world wide so please, Email us to find out how! We are now able to provide you with podcast listing descriptions from licensed Realtors in every city and state throughout the country and even globally.   WOW, just imagine the possibilities!Click here to read our Podcast Press Release July 2005"The key to the future in the field of real estate is the ability to quickly adjust and embrace the latest technology that will allow real time accessibility and global real estate information in all media formats. In this information age that we live in I try to make the process of choosing a home or investment as easy as possible for everyone involved. I provide superior quality services to all of my clients from the very beginning. I have a power team of professionals supporting me and working with me in order to be able to offer you, only the very best in service. Along with internet geniuses such as, Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A. to top Real Estate Attorney's to Mortgage brokers, from C.P.A.'s to my graphic and custom logo designer and even World Renowned Interior Designers, we all work together as a team, to provide you with what you need in order to make a wise investment or sale combined with excellent customer service. I use every tool available today to enhance the level of my services; from cutting edge technology to digital photography and video, to my expertise and knowledge of using the Internet to maximize the sales and marketing of properties, developments and listings, along with personalized attention and focus from me and all of my business associates. As a certified member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing I discovered new and creative tools for promoting expensive homes and estates and new resources for finding buyer prospects. I specialize in the Luxury and Ultra-Luxury market. You can also find me in the Real Estate Journal of Wall Street Journal's list of recommended Luxury Home Agents! Also, having completed an extensive course in Commercial Real Estate, I now have even more knowledge and am better able to assist you on the purchase or sale of your next commercial property.Homebuyers, Developers, Investors and Sellers will benefit from my knowledge and expertise in assisting them with their next investment. Everything I do is handled confidentially. I pride myself in dealing honestly and fairly and am very well known in my community for that. I have and always will, provide the very best for my clients. " -ZaharaIn May 2005, the North Beach Development Corporation with an Award honored Zahara Properties™ for "Outstanding Rehabilitation" for raising property values by single-handedly pricing the units of the condo-conversion we sold. You can read more about this in the Press Release page.Click HERE to read more about Normandy Isle and our condo-conversions.Through our commitment, experience and expertise Zahara Properties™ has established a business relationship with our Friends, Customers, Developers and Colleagues that will last a lifetime!If you are ready to purchase a new home, would like a private consultation or are interested in selling your existing home, please contact Zahara Properties™ right now to start the detailed process. At Zahara Properties™, we provide you with all services related to Real Estate. We can assist you in buying, selling, renting or leasing both Luxury Residential and Commercial properties. We have experts on our team that specialize in the different arenas concerning Real Estate. We strive to service you personally in a superior way and with the utmost respect and confidentiality. We are knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and most of all, trustworthy and can handle all of your investment needs in a timely and professional manner. We will guide and provide you with our experience and expertise in order to assist you in making the right decisions to suit all your real estate needs. Let us help you sell your property or find your dream home or next investment today...this along with great customer support and a friendly smile - a combination that can't be beat!We look forward to hearing from you and as always, "Expect Excellence"™Click HERE to help the relief fund for The Red Cross     ...See you in Cyberspace!! Contact us to find out how you too, can podcast your listings in your area exclusively at Podcast, your very first local podcast Realtors!Zahara Mossman™, LLCdba Podcast Realty® Zahara Properties™, LLC a division of Beachfront Realty, Inc.310 Arthur Godfrey Rd. SuiteMiami Beach, FL. 33140(305) 675-1779 USA - VoIP (506) 8355-9669 - Costa RicaThis website is and original design and all information is exclusively for Zahara Mossman, LLC and Zahara Properties, LLC and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States Government and international governments along with all additional photos and text in this original website and all blogs, podcasts and websites created by Zahara Mossman, LLC. You must -without exceptions- have written consent to reproduce anything on these pages and postings. I do not represent any of the general listings found here, unless otherwise stated. All listing information deemed accurate, but not warranted.Zahara's Headshot by Brignoll Photography Additional photos by Zahara Mossman and her amazing staff!Zahara Mossman™ -Zahara Properties™- Podcast Realty™ ©copyright 2004-2009 Zahara Mossman, LLC. All Rights Reserved. "Podcast Realty, see and hear what you've been missing!"™Podcast Realty™      



Zahara Mossman, founder of Zahara Properties™ and Podcast Realty® is a Certified Internet Marketing Consultant, a Pioneer in technology and a licensed Realtor® based out of the USA and Costa Rica