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Dear Friend,I'm sure you've heard this before, "The money is in having more clients". All the veterans in the industry say this over and over again, and it's true. The Money IS in having more clients, and one of the best ways to have more clients is to set yourself apart from your competitors.........which in case you don't know, happens by giving yourself that advantage and getting certified as a mortgage field rep. Most of ALL of the successful professionals you'll find in any industry are proactive. Being certified in our industry isn't required, but if you've spent any time in the business, it's hard to deny that it doesn't help. Before it becomes a requirement, you're already being proactive. 


 We created this online training course out of pure frustration of NOT seeing most contractors having the information and tools needed to be as successful as they could be. You'll quickly notice if you haven't already, that people aren't willing to share information with you. Having the proper training is the OXYGEN of any successful Mortgage Field Rep. We'll provide you with what you need.You will want to enroll if:

·         Currently unemployed?

·         Adding additional services?

·         Completely NEW to the industry?

·         Career Change?

·         You feel its time for you to work for yourself?

·         You want an advantage over competitors?

·         Looking for strategies to find more clients?

·         You have a Staff and or sub contractors you need to train?

In this course, there is an emphasis on the following:

·         Gaining access and which tools to use.

·         Winterizing completely and thoroughly.

·         Properly tarp or repair a leaky roof.

·         How to install a sump pump.

·         Showing you what health hazards and general debris and how to bid/bill removal.

·         What could be considered personal property.

·         How to document your work to protect yourself from accusations and penalties

The time to give yourself that needed edge is now! You want to improve your skills with property preservation? Well here's your chance.





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