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Knowledge is Power. 

I provide you and your clients with the knowledge you need.  Using a certified NACHI inspector gives you the peace of mind every agent should have with the inspector.  The NACHI Pre-Inspection agreement adds a layer of protection to you as the agent.  The NACHI qualifications ensure that I continue my education by at least 24 credit hours a year.  The Standards of Practice that I am obligated to protect you, our client, and the industry.

In addition to NACHI certification, I hold certificates from the Professional Home Inspection Institute, Environmental Solutions Association, and the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2).

When I need something to fall back on, I rely on my Masters Degree from the University of Central Florida.


Buyer Inspections:

From the edge of the curb to the peak of the roof, WE provide you with a comprehensive review of all major components of the house.  The average house takes 2-3 hours to inspect and a 20-25 page report is produced.  Complete with color pictures and a back up CD, this report provides a detailed understanding of the property along with its positives and possible concerns.  Always get an inspection before you buy - regardless of the circumstance.  Knowledge is Power.

Seller Inspections:

All the attention to detail with a different perspective and goal.  With a seller inspection you have to get past the perceived bias the buyer sees.  That's why it is beneficial to use the "Move In Certified" program.  Utilizing a certified independent inspector gives you knowledge (power) to effectively prepare and market the home.  Avoid costly surprises at closing.  Don't guess about your product - know about it.  Finally, the perspective buyer has the advantage of choosing to accept an nationally recognized program and inspector (thus saving time and money) or exercising their right to get a second independent inspection. (doubling the evaluation - leading to more confidence).  No inspector will see everything and no two inspections can be exactly the same.  Most importantly, by utilizing the inspection agreements, liability to both agents is further limited.  Finally, on-line report retrieval makes providing a detailed inspection report to serious buyers as easy as following Internet links.

4 Point or Insurance Inspection:

These will be needed by new owners of older property or homeowners that are changing insurance carriers.  This is the least comprehensive and least expensive inspection offered.  It is only intended to provide the bare minimum asked of by insurance carriers.  An inventory of the 4 major components:  Roof, Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing is recorded along with any major safety concerns (if any).

Environmental Inspections:

These include air quality assessments, water testing, soil testing, Mold sampling, Mold screening, Mold surveys, Post Cleaning and Clearance Testing.  WE utilize the standards and practices of the Environmental Solutions Association and the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants.  Our primary lab of choice is PRO-Lab.  Potential clients for these services range from the individual home owner to multi-residential assisted living facility to commercial office environments.   The power derived from this knowledge can financially beneficial to life saving.

Wind Mitigation Inspections:

This is currently a huge mess in Florida.  The legislature enacted a program that fizzled away and now a mass confusion of what constitutes an accepted inspector exists.  According to the statute that allows for wind mitigation credits in Florida, there are a number of accepted qualifications including a phrase that allows agents and carriers to use inspectors they deem qualified.  The incredible amount of gray has created massive anxiety over using these inspections.  Until the legislature makes a final decision on this matter, I follow the law and allow my agents/carriers to rightfully qualify me.  This allows agents to suggest that clients get a wind mitigation inspection that could save hundreds or more over the course of five years (life span of report).


WE provide quality home inspections for Buyers or Sellers with the power of Infrared. WE also offer 4 point/insurance; mold; water; air; and wind mitigation inspections. NACHI09030701