Although I am working in the industry of mortgage lending and banking, I prefer to think of myself as a financial strategist, financial educator, speaker and author focusing on providing top notch financial education for clients who would like to achieve a higher level of financial awareness and to maximize their overall financial goals.  The Infinite Banking Concept of capital and credit market convergence with total balance sheet integration is the cornerstone of my educational process.  My main focus is on the advanced management strategies for home equity, underlined liabilities (mortgages) of existing homes and cash flow analysis while exploring the role they play in wealth creation and preservation. 

In addition to being a full line commercial and residential broker, and holding such prestigious industry designations as CLA (Certified Liability Advisor), CMPS (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist), and CMA (Certified Mortgage Advisor), I also provide various educational workshops to general public and continual education classes to various professional groups (such as realtors, financial planners and accountants, attorneys and insurance professionals) on the subject of advanced topics in real estate finance and the concepts of management and transformation of liabilities into assets.

For someone who would be interested to learn in greater details the concepts that we will be discussing during our consultation, the newly published book that I have co-authored with Todd Ballenger called "BORROW SMART, RETIRE RICH!" will become a blueprint for future financial success.  It can be purchased thru me directly or by going to my web site:  


I help people who don't have a sense of well being about their money to succeed financially in their lives and to recover the money they did not know they have lost.  I educate my clients and arm them with knowledge to break down the barriers that have led to financial misconception in their previous lives.  It gives them the knowledge, and, most importantly, the confidence they were lacking to apply this knowledge in a new, more practical way to get the results they always wanted to get but thought that they were impossible to obtain.  As the result, most clients will feel much more secure, fulfilled, and in control of their money and, thus, their financial lives.

I educate my clients and show them how properly managing their home equity, and their biggest liability, their mortgage, along with their monthly cash flow can help them safely and conservatively build wealth, achieve financial freedom and maximize retirement savings.  Professional Mortgage Planning Practices that I employ focuses on recovering the money that most people did not know they have lost and redistributing those newly discovered streams of cash flow to produce the financial results never seen before.  Working with me forces my clients to look at their financial lives from totally different angles and perspectives, seeking the answers to financial questions they have never been asked before.  It opens up new financial horizons for them and shows clearly what's possible in newly established financial lives.  By learning how to properly manage their mortgage/liabilities and by following a simple, conservative 7-steps cash flow prioritization model a homeowner can significantly increase the probability of achieving a comfortable and timely retirement while at the same time maximizing the safety and liquidity of their entire portfolio.

I provide my valued clients with a comprehensive audit of their current liabilities while learning at the same time about their goals and what is important to them in their financial lives.  My consultative approach not just provides them with a necessary mortgage product to satisfy their current borrowing needs but it creates a comprehensive strategic mortgage structure that is woven into their overall short and long-term financial plans.  From that point on my clients are empowered with the knowledge and techniques on how to use their mortgage as a powerful financial leverage instrument that can provide them with a greater monthly liquidity, safety and rate of return, while minimizing the risk and tax consequences.  In addition to facilitating any mortgage restructuring needs, I work closely with my existing and potential clients' financial planners and advisors to review and implement any investment strategies that are necessary to achieve that highly sought point of financial freedom.  Additional services include guidance on the complex topics of credit score repair along with an educational process and support on how to become a real estate investor.