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A home or condo lets you own property-2- to 4-flats take it to the next level: building passive income and wealth. But the rules in buying multi-unit property are NOT the same as with a condo or home, as you may already have begun to learn:

1.  Picking a neighborhood is different. When you shop for a condo, it's where do you want to live and what can you afford. But with multi-units, it's as much (or more) what kind of an investment will this be. Our section on Sales / Demographics can help you make the right decisions.

2. Picking property is different. We think you will love our Property Search section with its public search - the Property Search with 'Magic Map' - and the even more advanced connectMLS search we can set up for you.

3. Analyzing value is different. Our unique Property Analysis Worksheet under Tools / Resources can help you quickly check listings to identify those that offer the best value.

4. Financing two flats to four flats is different. Are you going owner-occupied or non-owner occupied? Do you want to limit your down payment (or even go 0% down)? Do you want to minimize your payment to help finance building improvements? The web site section on Financing and our lending partner (Guaranteed Rate) can help you custom fit financing to your property goals and financial situation.


Here are just three examles of why we think it makes sense to work with a specialist in the investment property market.

In our Sales Data / Maps section, We are pleased to provide  important data showing current prices and historical appreciation for every neighborhood of Chicago.  We also offer the most detailed reports on individual neighborhoods of Chicago that you can find anywhere on the internet. You will quickly see that these reports can give a laser focus to your property search!

While we don't have a crystal ball, we can provide a link in our Sales Data/Maps section to what we think is the best regularly updated report on national real estate trends, the quarterly Economic and Real Estate Trends from the people who issue PMI. Their report includes commentary on the national economy and regional housing price trends, and a ranking of risk for the 50 most populated metropolitan areas. We don't think anyone should invest in real estate without knowing this information. We offer a free "Investing in 2- to 4-Flats" seminar that hundreds of people attend each year, where you can: 1. Learn of many financing options and how to parlay one purchase into more. 2. Get 10 years of sales growth data on all areas of Chicago to see sales growth and where affordable properties are. 3. See a unique spreadsheet that lets you better analyze value and instantly compare many listings. 4. See the latest Internet technology that lets you be the first to know of new listings or price reductions. 5. Discuss the importance of building passive income ("Rich Dad/Poor Dad" thinking) as the way to build wealth.


Creator of, Chicago's first comprehensive website for the multi-unit market, and specializing as a BUYER'S AGENT to help client's make the right investment decision.