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Get to Know Vic Kini

I, Vic Kini is the president / owner of A2Z Mortgage, Inc serving residential mortgage loan needs over a decate.  We know every loan is unique.  We listen to customer needs and select the most appropriate loan program.  We offer the best interest rate for all our clients.  We help customers to raise their credit score free of cost.  We understand this free credit score increase will help clients to get lower mortgage interest rates.  Lower the mortgage rates, higher the savings for the borrowers.  We are in a business to save money for our clients.  We beleive in honest and courtious service to our clients.  When you deal with us, you will save a lot of money.  In today's mortgage business, one must have a decent credit score.  Many of your clients do not have a good credit score.  If you qualify for a mortgage loan based on the income and do not have a good credit score because you had trouble making payments due to divorce, illness, loss of job or etc, we will be happy to take a look at your file and help you fix your credit.  There are many credit repair companies charge you over $500.  They do not care if you qualify for a mortgage.  At A2Z Mortgage, you are paying anything for pre-approval.  We even offer you free credit report for our clients.  Since you are not paying anything for the credit repair, you have nothing to lose.  Even with good credit, a slight increae in credit score can save a significant amount of moeny in the long run.  Remember, mortgage is the largest debt one carries.  Even a slightly interest rate can save you lot of money in the long run. 

We offer commercial mortgage loans all over the United Sates.  We do specialize in owner occupied properties.  If the property is owner occupied at least 51% of the building, the we consider it as a owner occupied.  For futher details, contact my webiste  One of the reason people do business with us due to the fact we do not take a good faith deposit from our clients unless the loan is approved.  We collect all the required document from the borrower and get the loan approved before ordering the appraisal and third party reports such as Environmental.



There are a variety of loan programs availble in the mortgage business.  If you qualify for many loan programs, we select the most appropriate program, which will save you significant amount of money.  Mortgage is the largest debt one carries in America.  Lower mortgage payment will save you money in the long run.  We offer every single mortgage program available in the business including FHA, Conventional, USDA, VA, Reverse mortgage, etc.


Serves all over Texas for all your Residential Mortgage needs and serves all over US for all your commercial mortgage needs.