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USHUD.com is focused on geographically based ad serving technology & processes allowing real estate professionals to target specific locations and connect directly with consumers there.

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Headquartered in Annapolis, Heavy Hammer Inc., is an online networking and consulting company advocating for American homebuyers, connecting them with trusted experts and valuable resources. Driving one of the most widelyused suites of foreclosure Web sites, Heavy Hammer delivers free, all-inclusive lists of foreclosure properties to more than 500,000 homebuyers monthly. In business since 1998, Heavy Hammer has focused on geographically-based ad serving technology and processes allowing thousands of professionals to target specific locations, connecting directly with consumers in specific locations. Starting with USHUD.com, this group of sites now includes more than 30 state- and region-specific sites.

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Exclusive Placement

In each targeted geographic area there is only ONE agent and ONE loan officer presented to the homebuyer.

Exclusive Real Time Leads

Along with Exclusive Placement; USHUD.com will never resell your lead to another real estate agent or loan officer. Once the homebuyer has searched for a home in your area and fills out the prequalification form, that lead is immediately emailed, text messaged and placed in your CRM. Real Time means that you can contact the homebuyer immediately, while they are still online and viewing the properties.

No Contract

With USHUD.com you will never be asked to sign a contract. Pay monthly and cancel at anytime.

And Much More!

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