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We buy Properties from people who are upside down: Under water, Land / Commercial included, If you prefer to Sell Fast !!! We have the Property Selling Solutions. (PSS) You've tried plan A this plan B the better Solution.


Here is what we can do for your Client:  

1) We will interface with your client to discuss their specific situation. 


2) We introduce your client to the specific process of short sales, execute the documents and gather the supporting     

     information for submission to the lender.


3) If your client decides to move forward with us, we will also work closely with you to get their property sold. 

    Your client can remain in their home during the short sale process. 

    Your client does not pay any fees to us or anyone else.


When we are successful in selling the house, we will hire a company to repair your client’s credit (a short sale is less damaging to your clients credit as compared to a foreclosure). 

Here is what we can do for you:

Guarantee the listing agent a 3.0% commission on the sale price, even if the loss mitigation negotiations result in the lender(s) paying no commissions.  Normally, as we know, the lenders often reduce the commission.  But in this case, your listing side commission will be guaranteed at 3.0% no matter what the lender(s) agree to pay. 

Pay you a bonus at each closing.  This bonus increases with the number of short sales the agent refers to this group.  Call me for specific details.


Have full time "mitigators" recruited from banks and other lending institutions who know this field extremely well from the other side of the table.  This is part of the reason they are so effective.  Our mitigation teams have now handled over hundreds of short sale transactions (closed and in process).


Successfully handles single family residences, condos/townhouses, and commercial properties.


Call me as soon as you can. I would like to finalize my partnerships and start my efforts immediately.  We appreciate any introductions that you can make, to any other real estate professionals that can benefit from our services. We pay referral fees for these introductions.  


Don Winston III

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P.S. I will be finalizing our Realtor Partners within the next 2 weeks. Call me now at (850) 258-2747 before I select the 4 Realtor partners to work with.




T.W.A.'S BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY: where integrity, persistence & creativity unite,

"great things can happen.  We are 100% committed in providing our clients & partners with professional knowledge, experience and international connections. 

We are determined in providing a level of service, truly exceptional that people will not only consider hiring us in the future but also refer us to their friends, family, & colleagues.

When you choose "Thompson Winston & Associates"  you get the benefits which surpass Experience, Knowledge, and High Standards.   The results are PURE SUCCESS.

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Short Sale and/or Pre-Foreclosure High-End Property Buyer Residential / Commercial, We buy The Good The Bad & Ugly. Decrease Value/Under Water "Quick Cash Close"