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Simplify'em is a property management software that helps investors save time and money on rental properties and taxes. Our Real Estate Partner Program allows you to co-brand Simplify'em, and it's free for you to share with all your clients! is a forum created by T-ReX for real estate investors, advisers, and tax professionals to share tips and exchange ideas about real estate and taxes. It is a great place for your clients to find out about current tax benefits that are specifically available to real estate investors.

It features user-submitted tax tips, and the community gets to vote for the most useful tips. Users can also comment on each tip, to let other investors know which tips work, and which strategies will get you in trouble. Take a look and see what other investors are doing on their tax returns.


Many of you have had clients with whom you have done a 1031 Exchange. Chances are, you weren't able to assist them with reporting the exchange and minimizing their taxes. We have a tool that allows you to be a specialist in this field.

Reporting income on form 8824 for 1031's can be very difficult, and that's why we created Defer'Em can help you account for overlooked costs from an exchange, allowing your clients to maximize exchange expenses and minimize taxable gain. It will generate IRS form 8824 and a supplemental report that provides clients with a visual understanding of all the factors (like “boot”) that played a role in their exchange.

It's free to play around with, so I recommend that everyone who is involved with a 1031 should play around with the application, and become familiar with all the different scenarios in your exchange.

Defer'Em is an especially nice tool because it allows you to walk your client through the application, and visually show them how they can benefit from a 1031 exchange, before they actually enter into any type of transaction.


When a person buys investment property, the only way for them to recapture any of their principal payments (from a tax perspective) is through depreciation deductions. Most investors can benefit from large depreciation deductions. allows your clients to separate short life assets from their property so they can segment their depreciation, allowing them to maximize tax deductions. It will fill out IRS form 4562 and it will also generate a depreciation report that allows your clients to see the difference that segmenting depreciation can make, and how much additional money they will save.


Simplify'em Property Management Software - Friendly, customer focused software-maker, obsessed with serving RE Investors. Try our Property Management Software!


Friendly, customer focused software-maker, obsessed with serving RE Investors. Try our Property Management Software!