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The CleaningStop offers quailty commercial and residential cleaning services. Give us a call or email us anytime to schedule an estimate. We never comprimise of quaily.

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The Cleaningstop offers a variety of commercial and residential cleaning services. We have been in busines since 1995. We do have real estate companies, which we work with to help ad an extra service on behalf of the realtors. We gaurantee satisfaction. We are currently located in 2 places: Olney, Md and Waldorf, MD. We service all parts of the growing dc-metropolitan area.

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Commercial Services   "We Pride Ourselves On Results & Accommodations"       Why Choose Us? Aren't cleaning companies ‘a dime a dozen'? Absolutely That still leaves the other two. We are the better of the two. We will prove this and then... the choice is easy. .

All cleaning companies offer cleaning. The difference is variation. We are the only cleaning Stop that offers a checklist along with a 24-hour emergency response unit.

Checklist: The checklist is optional, at your sole discretion, depending on the availability your ‘o.k.-er'. the checklist is only for our clients satisfaction. With or without the checklist our job will be immaculate. The checklists enable us to demonstrate the consistency of our service.



Creating smiles since 1995.

Highly trained, diligent staff.

24-hour emergency response unit; on call and ready.

Efficiency, Effectiveness & Consistency     All leads to your black on the balance sheet. Your cleaning service is a part of the operations. By choosing a more efficient, effective and consistent cleaning service this will contribute to optimizing the corporation as a whole. In all types of settings.   Retail: Cleanliness of the consumers environment will lead to a longer more comfortable stay, which encourages more buying.   Office: Cleanliness of the employees environment will result in a clearer more productive mind. Sales: Goes hand in hand with of the effects of a clean environment of retailers and offices. And many more     Choosing the best cleaning service is a huge deal!!!



Plan Of Action & Service Plans



If after the presentation, you choose to use our services, you can expect The Cleaning Stop to be on site and handling all cleaning aspects, per contract, no more than 10 business days after ratification of the contract agreement.

Service Plans:  


The Cleaning Stop offers a wide selection of custom cleaning methods, as well as, any frequency of cleaning needed: daily, twice a week, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc...

Payment Methods:  


The Cleaning Stop accepts all major credit cards along with checks and cash to add flexibility to our clients.




Each price or bid given will be unique to the needs of the particular client. The price will be clearly spelled out in the contract agreement.



The Cleaning Stop is a custom cleaning company, which will bend and structure all services to each client specifically.


All estimates are, of course, Free.

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