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Originally from Sonora, California, I grew up watching behind the scenes of movie making, as movie stars from the 80’s filmed shows like, Back to The Future, The A-Team, Little House on The Prairie, and various western movies. It was real cool to meet the cast of different movie sets, and being able to be an “extra” in a few scenes back when I was a young boy.


Meeting famous people for me was a great motivator to want to excel in my later years, and gave me the desire to study the business of film, music and television broadcasting, as I went on to study after high school.


One of my first jobs growing up was as paperboy, and I did everything from mowing lawns to stacking wood. They filmed a lot of movies in my town, so I did get to meet a few movie stars and play as an extra a few times growing up.


The town was said to be haunted, and I personally had a few “encounters” with a ghost or two at the famous Willow Hotel when I had to work late closing hours there. Search out the Willow Hotel in Jamestown, CA and see what others have to say about this unique historic place.


So now I've grown up and I've become more of a entrepreneur and enjoy offering a portfolio of business resources that support the small business community and helps owners run and grow their business.


Now that there have been various opportunities open up within our own company, it's time to establish teams in various markets. If you're looking for a solid opportunity, please reach out to me! 




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I've developed a passion to enhance and enrich the lives of others I come in contact with. How can I support you?