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Tamara Thornton-Associate Broker
I want to earn your trust, and then your business!
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Get to Know Tamara Thornton-Associate Broker

Reporter: So Tamara, you are a Licensed Real Estate Agent, and also the owner of your company, how did you come to want to sell Real Estate?

Tamara: Well, I always had a special relationship with people, I have been told that I meet no strangers. Real Estate first piqued my interest back in 1998, I attended a class, however, I didn't go on to obtain my License.

Reporter: No you state that you had an interest in 1998 and didn't pursue this career until 2003, what were you doing with yourself in between the years?

Tamara: I went a totally different direction, I worked for Ford Motor Corp as a Warranty Admin. That was a major career move to pursue a career in Real Estate. I knew what my passion was and when it was time, I went after it.

Reporter: You are licensed in Maryland as well as Georgia, correct?

Tamara: I am currently only licensed in Ga, However, I was licensed in Maryland initially. I did hold both states until a year ago.

Reporter: So Tamara, you are not a Broker, correct me if I am wrong.

Tamara: No, I'm not

Reporter: But you are an owner, how is  that possible.

Tamara: I can own a Real Estate company, and not be the Broker. Anyone can be an owner of a business. I have a managing Broker in  place, and I am considered an Office Manager.

Reporter: What made you want to own your own Company?

Tamara: I have always wanted to own a business, I just wasn't sure what that business would be. Once I decided that I was going to pursue a career in Real Estate, I thought, why not make that my business venture. I went for it, and I have to give all the Glory and Praise to God that I was able to step out there on Faith, and God made it happen. I just had my second anniversary this past Jan, and I look forward to many many more anniversaries.

Reporter: Because you are the owner, do you feel a greater responsibilty to your customers/clients, and if so, tell us why.

Tamara: Yes. I owe everyone that walks through the door of Be Mor Realty excellent customer service, and I also demand that of my staff. I feel that I put all of me into my business, and  that is just what my customer/clients receive. I am Be Mor Realty, LLC. My name is on the line, my integrity is all that I have to call my own, and if I lower my standards, I will not only hurt the public, I commit career sucide.

Reporter: In your opinion, what makes a customer happy?

Tamara: I have found that people appreciate Realtors more if we are honest and forthcoming. Most buyers/seller see us as predators. We have to give them "warm and fuzzies" let them know that we are here to help and educate. I always give my buyers/sellers as choice. I tell them, you can have Tamara the Realtor, or Tamara. Guess what, they always choose Tamara. I am one that will not sugar coat the truth, if it can't happen, it can't happen. I think people appreciate that more than wasting their time and then in the end, it was all for naught.

Reporter: Well, I am impressed. I would want you to sell my a house, or better yet, sell my house. Are there any words that you have for the people?

Tamara: Yes I do.   

                                                  If You Do It Right, God Will Bless It Right!!!!

Reporter: Well, that is a mouth full Tamara.


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