Suzi Boyle,Manager 37810/1251, Awarded"Nation's Top 200"--10 times (Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC, NMLS #1816289) Mortgage and Lending



Suzi Boyle,Manager 37810/1251
Awarded"Nation's Top 200"--10 times
location_on Boise, ID — Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC, NMLS #1816289
NMLS #37810 /1251
Get to Know Suzi Boyle,Manager 37810/1251

I love everything Fashion, Reading, Sports, Arts and Music & am so content looking at the Ocean...Maybe because I was born in an Ocean town...

Ranked as top originator in FHA, VA and IHFA loans at various points of 28 year career. 

Housecheck Business Done Right in Boise Award

Licensed Realtor-Inactive;

Licensed Accountant

Certified in Mortgage Ethics CME

Certified Mortgage Instructor CMI

Train the Trainer Designation by SAFE

Idaho Conference on Housing Panelist

Idaho Dept.Of Finance Mortgage Advisory Board

40 months as NAPMW President

University of Idaho 4h Leadership Conference Speaker


Live on Purpose Radio show co-Host

City of Eagle Mayor's Task Force 2010

Boise Young Professionals Mentor 2009

Paul Harris Rotarian Award 2008

Vincent Kituku Seminar speaker 2007

Go Red Campaign Speaker 2006

Women of the Year Award 2006

Celebrate Women Award 2001

Tribute to Women in Industry Award 2000

Graduate of Leadership Boise 1982

Accomplished Trainer, Teacher and Speaker

Boards of Directors: Boise State University Foundation, Boise Philharmonic, St. Luke's Hospital Advisory Council; Humanitarian Hall of Fame, Idaho Non Profit Center, Salvation Army, FUNDSY, NAPMW, Lenders Who Care National Board,  Idaho Dept. of Finance Board,

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A Few words About Suzi by Ruth Romero


This Tokyo born, Lifelong Idahoan still enjoys taking care of her Client's Mortgage needs, 7,540 closings later.There is nothing more emotionally gratifying than knowing you have gotten 1st time home buyers off to the best start possible with a customized loan program, financial educational tools to start off their journey towards building their success in life.

Having an accounting background puts me at the top of the Industry in understanding complex tax situations, self employed borrowers and their unique situations. .

Having kept abreast of Realtor issues for 35 years as well through licensing also gives me a unique perspective.It takes long time experience, empathy and knowledge to attain a long range financial strategy for clients whether it be through my backgrounds or my ability to work with a client's team of financial professionals to include Wealth managers, CPAS, Insurance, Financial and Estate planners.

I look forward to the opportunity to earn your Trust and to be of service to you..Please call me today. 208-859-3303



Kirsten Wallace
I always recommend Suzi Boyle over a bank. You absolutely cannot place a monetary value upon peace of mind and work ethic to make one of the most emotionally and financially important decisions of your life, and your choice of mortgage broker could mean the difference between owning the home you can't live without, or continuing to look in despair because your bank lost you the deal.
Nancy Tamayo
Today marks yet another new journey! Iw anted to Thank Suzi Boyle for the years of mentorship and support. I am living my dream in Beverly Hills, CA .I will miss working alongside you, and the continuous inspiration you've given me. I appreciate you and always will..I'm super excited for this new journey ahead and for everyone that I have met through the years. Because of you I am who I am today and I do what I llove most! Mortgage Processing.
Scott Standerfer
Suzi, Thank you for all your hard work in helping me get into my new home. It's been great living in my very own house, a dream that you helped make come true. Every time I get a chance, I always refer people to you when they're looking for a home loan. Most denetely if I ever need a home loan again; I will be coming back to you for help. Thanks for all that you have done. Scott Standefer..
Virginia Rudloff
Thank you so much for the Tiffany's Thank you gift...When I received the beautiful blue box; I thought"I did't order anything"' I must've won the lottery. I did win the lotto having you as my lender!!! We will keep coming back to you. Thank you for your dedication to your customers! #mylenderisbetterthanyour lender
Terry Woodby
We've known Suzi and been friends with Suzi for over 20 years. I was a Realtor for a number of years and she helped to impress my Clients with her assistance and overall knowledge in real estate! We have purchased many homes with her help. Today we closed on our 5th home refinance/purchase and as usual it was easy and transparent. I wish everyone knew about Suzi and her Team..SHE IS THE BEST!!!
Dan Harrington
Suzi Boyle and her intelligent TEAM are incredibly organized, systematic, hard working, respectful, and professional. They are problem solvers, providing mortgage solutions with decades of experience and personable hard working attitudes and a can-do spirit. Suzi brings a wonderful, multi-faceted value proposition of providing creative mortgage products to fit every situation, incredible depth of experience, calm inspiring confidence, burning the candle at both ends working early and late, and the ability to read and understand financial statements from people who are self employed. I am a multi-repeat customer and have been consistently blown away with how resourceful and efficient she is. I would recommend her to anyone in any situation both in life and in her vocation..She is hands down the best Mortgage Lender in Idaho. Dan Harrington-Self Employed
Wei Chen
I found Suzi on Zillow because of her high recommendation reviews.When I selected an Agent to work with; he also recommended Suzi as one of the few Lenders we could count on to close in 3 weeks with no surprises.I was really impressed by her professionalism and passion for not only her work, but to life as well during our first meeting. However, only with the further engagement with her during the loan process, I started to really appreciate her energy & hard work ethic. I had numerous questions with the loan process and I constantly sent Suzi emails for answers. Each and every time she always responded so quickly(literally within minutes) with the answers I was looking for and never showed any sign of impatience. Not only did she lock in a lower rate than we had expected, she also shopped around for cheaper mortgage insurance and saved us even more. I will recommend Suzi to each & every person I come across and working with her as the most seamless, stressless mortgage experience I could've ever hoped for. Wei Chen-Enigneer
Cody Hobb
We found Suzi after having an absolutely terrible experience with our bank and trying to get a loan from them. The bank was terrible about communicating and getting the job done in general. We were about 60 days in when we left them. We found Suzi and restarted with her and she got us closed in a matter of 17 days and was communicating with us the entire time! For the loan we did, my understanding is that, that amount of time is unheard of. Suzi and her team don't waste any time! They pulled us out of our mess and made the process easy! Like I said, 17 days! Crazy! I would suggest her to anyone looking for a home loan...Great experience!
Lesley Segadelli
Suzi is on top of her game. She made a complicated process an easy one. The communication with Suzi and her team was amazing. Not only did they regularly communicate with me on where we were at, they were quick to answer any and all questions that I had. Even with an unexpected issue on the seller's part, Suzi was quick to respond to my concerns and provide me with what all the scenarios's looked like for what we may or may not run into. I always felt confident in Suzi's abilities and knowledge ..I would recommend her and her team 100%....
Gines Tan
Here is what gj7tan wrote: How likely are you to recommend Suzi Boyle? highly likely Suzi is a miracle worker...there's nothing impossible with her!! !Because of her, my family is now enjoying and loving our new home! There were a number of problems we went through but to everyone of them, Suzi had a solution.
Sally Young
Here is what sally256 wrote: How likely are you to recommend Suzi Boyle? highly likely I have worked with Suzi on financing several times and my experience has always been very satisfying and financially beneficial. She has always looked at different alternatives and provided options.
Rondi Miller
Here is what rondi miller wrote: Suzi has taken care of my mortgage needs since 1998 and has always been awesome! She quickly responds to all of my questions whenever I have any. Suzi has helped me with refinancing at least four times and with a purchase. She is honest and gives you the information you need. She also helped my son with his first home purchase. I recommend Suzi over anyone else in this business, she is the best I have ever worked with.
Dan Koziek
She handled my home loan. Everything went exactly as she described and was as smooth as can be. My homeowner friends all told me nightmare stories of their loan experiences. I am a little disappointed that I have only good things to say. Makes a lousy story.
Joey Schueler
02/24/2016 - JoeySchueler • Responsiveness: 5 • Knowledgeable: 5 • Helpfulness: 5 • Follow Through: 5 Suzi Boyle has helped me and those in my family finance at least five homes (I lost count) and has always guided me in positive directions with any mortgage lending. At a time where finances were tight, while a young adult, I never would have been able to get loan approval on the house I had in my head, but Suzi helped me both stay realistic, while also using her knowledge of the industry to finance a starter home I could afford with a monthly mortgage payment that still allowed me to save. It is that bump that helped me purchase a second home and rent the first. Once again, Suzi came through for me on that financing. I have no reservations saying she is at the top of her industry, works hard for her customers, and knows more about lending and making solid mortgage lending decisions than anyone I know. You are lucky to get her on your team. One last thing, I've had her give me honest advice every time over the years. I have called her to check out refinancing, new financing, and everything in between. Without fail, Suzi gives me a straight answer I can trust. At times, her advice went against my feelings at the time as I wanted to refinance. I trusted her, because it was against her making business on a financing deal. I have later come to respect every call she made, given market trends. That is a measure of quality in finance and Suzi has it in aces. I wouldn't review her if I didn't honestly feel this way, I only know her through this relationship, she is one of the best ones you'll find. My happiest purchase with her financing was in the North End f Boise. Joey Schueler, M.P.A. Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County Director of Operations (208) 639-3164
Laurena Morehouse
I cannot say enough fantastic things about Suzi and her team! This is the fifth home I have purchased and I have never had a lender that was so responsive and willing to spend time finding the exact solution to fit my needs. She always responded very quickly to my questions. She ran different scenarios and crunched numbers until she was able to come up with exactly what would work. Suzi was incredible to work with. If you are looking for someone that will put your needs first, answer your questions quickly and succinctly and make you feel you you're her only client, Suzi is the person you want to work with! I hope she's still in the lending business when I buy my next home !..Laurena Morehouse CPA
Vincent Kituku
The words that come to mind when I think of Suzi's professsional capability are trustworthy, a do-er, motivated, connected, promise keeper, and care taker of other people's needs. When I use words to describe Suzi's ability to help people, I find myself forcing words to attempt doing something words can 't do. You have to experience her grace, professionalism and focus on solution, even when obstacles are evident. What has made Suzi so successful is her firm believe that everyone has the potential to be somebody, if given the opportunity. She sees possibilities where others might see impossibilities. In times of economic and social storms, Suzi thrives because of focusing on the rays beyond the storms. She has a way of turning obstacles into steppingstones for a better tomorrow. There another social weapon Suzi utilizes at will to help colleagues and clients to succeed. Suzi has a rich network of achievers. My mother taught me to run with horses even if I am a donkey, and I will always be faster than other donkeys. Suzi knows the "horses" and she is not affraid of introducing others to them. Please feel free to contact me at my direct line 1 888 685-1621 if you need to learn more about Suzi, a professional woman who has made it possible for my professional endeavors to reach new heights of growth. Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, Author and international motivational speaker (
Ron Schmaltz
I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Suzi on a few occasions. I am confident that everyone who has ever worked with Suzi, or knows her, can testify to her adept knowledge of the industry, and keen business sense. Instead, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you of her character. The thing that amazes me the most about Suzi and what I cannot impress upon enough is her genuine compassion and sincerity. I first met Suzi when I bought my home over ten years ago. I remember that she could have executed the lending agreement by fax, but she insisted that I come in to her office to meet her in person. I don’t think we spent more than ten minutes together, but in that initial time, Suzi was subsequently able to draw a dossier on me. Suzi contacted me several years later to inform me that I was eligible to refinance my loan to a lower interest rate. As part of this process, a significant portion was due at signing for fees and escrow; Suzi subsidized that portion at signing for me. When it came time to pay her back, and after I had already sent her a check, I learned that my position in my long career was being terminated. When Suzi learned this information, she ripped the check I had sent her in half, and mailed it back to me with a personal note, “you need this more than I do”. As if that weren’t enough, years later, I experienced another significant life changing event. I am not even sure how Suzi found out, but when she did, she sent me a book related to that event, again, personally signed by her. I can’t think of anyone more driven for success, tuned into their business forte; that is also as caring as Suzi. If you get the opportunity to work with Suzi, I would say, run, not walk toward the opportunity. - Ron Schmaltz
Jackie Groves
Suzi is incredibly focused, organized and dedicated to meeting her clients needs not just during a transaction, but across time. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Wink Jones
Suzi is one of the kindest and most "can do" people I know. She is an incredible fund raiser with many different charities in the area and an honest ethical loan originator at Evergreen. I have known Suzi for several years now, having met her when she was chairing a charity drive and I can honestly say that she made me want to give again and again. I honestly do not know how she does it, she will work a sixty hour week at the office, and still manage to put on a charity drive that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even with all this, she makes time to be a great friend too. If you need something done, this is the Lady to talk to!
Robert Nelson-Wells Fargo
Suzi made my refinance almost fun and in that industry when you feel usually is like getting a root canal with no painkiller. All aspects of my refinance and the personal and caring attitude not only by her but her staff made it a wonderful experience and I would recommend her to anyone.
Dan Harrington
Dan Harrington Yep, that's about how it works with Suzi Boyle. She's a magician! It took me 13 years of chirping from my friends to finally listen and work with Suzi. Max Mohammadi- Great job Suzi Boyle. My family & I always impressed by how you make things go so easy .love you .Max
Meg Carlson
Suzi is extremely diligent and client-focused as one of the top mortgage bankers in the country, with consistent results in up and down markets in taking care of all of her clients as if they were close, personal friends. We have completed both re-financing and construction loans with her and have benefited from her deep and broad knowledge of the market conditions and flexibility in achieving results
Natalie Hurst-Channel @ KBOI
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! First house, a breeze. Now this house, a breeze... all thanks to you! I had a great time buying and closing in record time... you make the process fun and easy, Suzi Boyle! Love, love, love you! XOXOXO- Natalie Hurst-Channel 2KBOI News Anchor
Steve Rennie
Suzi is an awesome business woman. She and I got to know each other a few years before she joined AHM/IMB. Her reputation in the market was steller as was her tenure with Young Mortgage. Suzi managed her business efficiently and focused her time and energy in the community to build her brand/business as well as give back through her philanthropic channels. I have always liked Suzi as a person, and respected her as mortgage banking professional
Jason Romrell
Suzi's reputation as a leader in the loan origination field is well deserved. Her concern for her clients shows through in her attention to detail and her carefully crafted projections. The loan origination business is a mix of art and science, but Suzi's found a way to make it a refined and predictable process
Michael Hummel
I've refered Suzi with utmost confidence and at every opportunity. Together we've closed hundreds of transactions for happy and satisified clients since 1992. Suzi's expertise, vast knowlege of the complexities of all aspects of residential and commerical loans, superb customer service and excellent client/realtor communication elimanates any question, "Can the lender perform & get the job done
Myfanwy Devoe
As we see the negative impact of unscrupulous investment advisors continue to impact our economy and our lives, our ability to find someone we can trust, who actually cares about us as their client, not just themselves, becomes ever more important. Suzi Boyle was just such a lender for me. When I engaged Suzi as my lender, I knew I had a real person who really cared about doing the right thing. And, I knew I had a professional with over 20 years of experience who would get me the RIGHT loan at the BEST possible rate - one which I could afford and be able to pay in the long run - not just the short term. Suzi is a consumate professional, an expert in what she does, who still cares about her clients - and her community. When I chose to use Suzi Boyle as my loan originator, I was getting the best in knowledge, the best in customer service, and the best in a woman who works every day to support her community. If you want the best on your team - Suzi Boyle is who you want
Karen Meyer
Suzi is one of the most ethical and honest people that I have known in my life; she is generous and caring about her clients and her community, and works very hard to ensure a good outcome in whatever she does. I would highly recommend Suzi for any loan requirements a person might have; she will work hard for you and she will not let anything fall through the cracks. She will keep you informed along the way of what is transpiring and you can rest assured, she will put you into a safe product. In a time of uncertainty and disillusionment within the mortgage industry, it is wonderful to have a person of such integrity and ethical standards working on your behalf.
Larissa Lamson
Suzi handled my loan last year and I couldn't have been more impressed. I felt confident that she had explored every option on my behalf to get me the best rate. She made the loan process a seamless experience. Since then she has remained proactive on my behalf, advising me as rates change or new programs become available. She handled everything from start to finish as a true pro, and continues to do so. I highly recommend Suzi and the loan services that she can provide
Rhea Allen
Suzi has helped Drew and I through many real estate transactions and is always looking out for our best interest (no pun intended!) She has helped us secure the best interest rates, the best service and has always made it easy for us by taking care of all the details so when we show up to closing it's saving us a lot of money, time and worry. Suzi is the best at what she does and I highly recommend her, she definitely knows her industry and can get the best deals done. Suzi not only does transactions for us, but she has also brought Peppershock Media, my company, business through the multitude of non-profit charitable causes she is involved in, thus getting us in involved in! :) We have produced many videos and creative services for non-profit events such as: FUNDSY, Chef & Gourmet for the Boise Philharmonic fundraisers, American Heart Association Gala and luncheons, St. Alphonsus Foundation - Festival of Trees, Black History Museum Galas, and many others. We help create the cause videos and live auction item on-screen displays that help generate funds for these wonderful causes that we get our hearts involved because of Suzi. In fact Suzi inspired me to Chair a Gala of my own, for the Pix Theatre Foundation. If you have a mortgage loan to get done, Suzi is the best person to go to. She works very hard to make it all happen the right way, she even has a CPA background and can help on multiple levels. Suzi truly is a remarkable person and a great friend to have

Boise, ID. Self employed Borrowers.Boise, Idaho's Multi Nationally Ranked Mortgage Originator. Specializing-1st time Buyers & Self Employed Clients