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  Search The Northwest Indiana Multiple Listing Service http://www.willemsrealtors.com/search.php  Buyers ServicesOur services are FREE to buyers. We will show you as many houses as you like until you find the best house available in your price range. It is not uncommon for us to show a potential buyer 5 to 10 homes a day. And if he/she cannot find one, we'll do it over the next day! ... and the next... until you find your dream home. Most Realtors will show you five homes then pressure you to make an offer on one. Not us. We provide service and that is exactly what we do. HOUSE HUNTING without a REALTOR?: First of all, the sellers pay our commissions, not the buyers. Think you can save money by house-hunting on your own, and asking the seller for a discount since you're not represented by a Realtor? Guess what? You'll just do the listing agent a favor by doubling her commission! Now she'll get both the buyer's and seller's commissions. You still will not get a discount. Consider this... How do you know you are getting the best price from the seller? OK, you got the house for $250K. The seller's original asking price is $280K. How do you know that's a good price? We may have gotten it for you for $235K! What are your negotiating factors? If the seller refuse to lower the price, what do you do? Are you sure the window treatments, fans, water softener, etc. will be staying? Is it in your contract? What if the appliances break within a year? Or the roof, A/C need replacement sooner than you thought? How are you covered? Who's looking out for your best interest? How do you know you really saved money by doing it on your own? Do you have appraisal comps to prove it? The house may only be worth $240K. We'd rather take care of that for you... besides... we're FREE! Our services to all home buyers: We will show you as many houses as you like until you find the right one. We will run comparables to show you what similar houses have sold for in the past few months. We're savvy negotiators and we'll use that to our advantage to negotiate the best price for you. We have several different strategies. We'll tell you if the house is over-priced, under-priced or price just right. We negotiate any additional terms for you including strategies for closing and closing costs. We will be able to tell you the most common things to look for in a house, both inside and out. What to do if the house appraises above or below contract price, what your options are. Where you can lower your closing costs and how. We will save you money, and we will tell you exactly how, where, and why. Negotiation is the key and the leverage comes from having the tools and knowledge to do so. Best of all... IT's FREE. If you know anyone who is thinking of selling their home...we offer the area's best commission rates. http://www.willemsrealtors.com/

Willems Realtors is a member of the National, State and Greater Northern Indiana Association of Realtors, Multiple Listing Service, Realtor.com and Schererville Chamber of Commerce.

Willems Realtors is not some big fancy corporate franchise. Although we have some things in common like the same Code of Ethics, Multiple Listing Services, Realtor Associations, Realtor Contracts and Realtor websites...We believe what we do not have in common with the mega-chains or franchises sets us apart. We have owned our small real estate boutique office located in downtown Schererville for years. We do not have to pass on the high rent of new commercial buildings on the main highways to you. We do not pay any Franchise fees or Royalty fees or Junk fees to anyone. These burdensome costs are passed on to agents, who then pass on these costs to the home owners in the form of high commissions. We can offer the best rates simply because we do not have to pay for high rent offices or franchise fees or royalty fees. We pass on our savings to our clients and agents. After all, the most important line for both home owners and agents alike is the bottom line.

We can help buyers and sellers with residential, commercial and investment real estate transactions in Indiana and Illinois. No matter what sign is outside the property, every firm in the Multiple Listing Service cooperates with one another. That is how we can help you with any house, apartment building or commercial property anywhere and anytime.

Co-Owner Suzanne Willems was quoted in the Post-Tribune in January 2006 as a information resource in the rising values of homes in the Tri-Town area.




We offer flexible commissions to sellers and agents. Contact us to find out more.