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Welcome To Big South Fork and East Fork Country !
I've been coming here since 1978. I was the Project Manager for the acquisition of land and the design and construction of facilities for the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

My husband and I retired here in Fentress County and began riding all the trails in the area and were the first to map them with GPS.

As a Landscape Architect, I developed Master Plans for The Highlands at Big South Fork and River Park, two beautiful equestrian communities. We also designed the HORSE TRAILS for these developments. We continue to develop plans and supervise the construction of horse trails here in the county and in the Nashville area. Our newest trail job is at FONTANEL, Barbara Mandrell's former mansion and estate. We have three Arabians and a Quarter Horse Appendix, two dogs and twelve cats.

SO, I KNOW the county and its wonderful landscape and as PRINCIPAL BROKER at TENNESSEE REAL PROPERTIES, I can speak to any question you may have about land for horses and trail riding opportunities. JUST CALL OR EMAIL


 HOW CAN YOU BE A HORSE PROPERTY SPECIALIST?  This term is used quite frequently when real estate agents work in areas where people who love horses want to buy property.  Do they really know horses and their needs?

What is needed is a life long association with horses - living with and keeping horses.  A property may be "near" wonderful trail riding areas, but is it suitable for your horses just because of its "nearness"?  Does it have adequate pasture, is the fencing appropriate, are there good vets and farriers around - can you name them?  Where do you get shavings and good quality hay?  Are there people in the area who can care for your horses when you are gone on vacation or work out of town? These are many of the questions I get while showing properties. And, as an owner of four horses most of my life, I can answer specifically!  So I welcome these questions - it shows the concern for finding the best horse property available, and concern for their horses as members of their family, which in most cases is the absolute truth!




Parelli Horsemanship


PRINCIPAL BROKER and Horse Trail Designer -many projects in Fentress Co. Project Manager for the Development of the Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area. Complete knowledge of the area.