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After graduating from Chico State in 2000 with a BS in Financial Management I went to work at as a Financial Planner with Hartford Investments.  With the knowledge and experienced I gained from my employment with Hartford left for the lending side of financial services in 2002 and have been in the industry ever since.  I've worked at a major bank as well as with a major on-line lender and have realized that no matter what the platform you work under, the main focus of lending is to gain and keep a borrowers trust by educating and guiding them through each step of the transaction.  I feel the same knowledge and guidance should be given to any member of the transaction who requests it.  I always like to be kept up to date with any changes in the transaction so I've always felt that I should give each member of the transaction the same courtesy. 


During my time in the mortgage industry I have had experience with each area of lending.  The area that I have enjoyed the most and have modeled my business plan around is teaming with Real Estate Agents to assist home-buyers with their purchase transactions.  The reason I enjoy this business model the most is that I have always felt it's important for the agent to have respect and trust in the lender who is handling the transaction.  I've seen many transactions go south because of a lack of communication between the parties involved so I feel it's extremely important to have expectations in place from day one of a transaction.  

From a lending standpoint I enjoy working with first time home-buyers due to the fact that they are eager to learn about the process and it gives you, the Loan Officer, the chance to make one of the most stressfull transactions that a person can go through into a great experience.  I also know that working with a first time home-buyer gives you the chance to make a customer for life and I don't think there is anything more rewarding in this industry then doing multiple transactions for a client.  That's really the only way to know that you have truly satisfied a clients needs. 

In regards to products, I really enjoy teaching about and handling the lending side of 203K FHA transactions.  It's a very tricky product but when done right, it opens up a catalog of homes to buyers who would have otherwise had no access to. 


Loan Officer with access to products in 48 states including FHA 203B, 203K, VA and USDA. Over 700 successfull closings.