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Get to Know Steve Friedman

In 1989 my boss said to me "Steve we just do not like the color of your neck tie; so when ever you want to leave!"


From that piece of guidance came an opportunity to reinvent myself. Consulting became a new way of life out of the corporate ashes.


Using sales management experiences in a Fortune 500 company had value in industries that had less structure than the one I had been in. Using skills of how to hire effectively, getting those hired to produce at exceptional levels;  and creating a vision where clients could retain more people because of the hiring systems created others to frequently involve this winning process and learn from one that had understood first hand.


As a consultant having put systems to work it was clear that organizations were hungry to learn how to hire; coach; and lead their organizations with greater profit and effectiveness than they had in the past. As a result consulting with major national brands and organizations helped teach them how to hire retain and develop more effectively than their competitors. This process and coaching system has changed the way organizations have gone about the recruiting and career development scenario; both in the profit and non-profit sector. Appealing to four work place generations is a serious focus.


This has led to over fifteen years of international recognition as being the person to choose if an organization is looking to change their thinking starting with the hiring process.


Steve Murray has said of me "there are none better at the recruitment and development of human talent than you are."


  Articles have been published widely leading to stature as a national resource to top sales organizations. In short, dynamically creating a system that works to build profit through career development and hiring. This recognition has led to national speaking presentations; organizational  consulting and building profit for every client. 


In 2003 Steve joined the faculty of the REALTRENDS Management Academy.


Steve has been recognized in national publications including : The New York Times, USA TODAY , The Real Estate Professional to mention a few.

 Steve's clients in his 18 year include Coldwell Banker; Long and Foster; RE/MAX; Prudential, Century 21,  ERA, John L. Scott, GMAC, real Living and many major affiliates in major market places around the United States and the world. Typical results managers create in Steve's system are at 5 times the industry average. He also was a national as well as international figure.

 His recent book I Lost My Blackberry Down the Toilet and other Challenges of Generations in the Workplace  has become well received best seller nationally.


A strongly energized real estate business consultant and coach, with international experiences, who has focused on business development strategy, recruiting, leadership development and coaching