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Helper of real estate agents worldwide to make more money, in fewer hours, with better quality clients. Giver of lots of free things at Lover of (almost) all estate agents.

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I teach a proven system for real estate agents to generate a consistent flow of warm, pre-qualified leads!



"After being close to burnout I joined Steve’s coaching program. In the first three months my turnover rocketed to 35 million." - Mike Kershaw, Two Avenues Properties


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Testimonials for Steven Johnstone

  • Leigh de Wet (Good Living Properties)

    After 12 months on this program I now predictably receive 25 - 35 referrals per month. From 3 - 5 January, normally a slow time, I picked up five exclusive listings from people on my database. Many of them wanted to start the transaction while I was away in December but were willing to wait until I got back!

  • Mike Kershaw (Two Avenues Properties)

    After being close to burnout I joined Steve’s coaching program. In the first three months my turnover rocketed to R35 million, but surprisingly I’m more in control than ever. I now receive between 20 - 25 referrals per month and in the first month of this year I turned over R111 million! The accountability and focus that my coach has brought has been key for me, benefiting not only my business, but also my family and all I hold dear.

  • Trish Sutton (RE/MAX Midlands)

    As a direct result of one of these referral strategies I generated 43 referrals leading to 5 sales and 10 listings and ended up getting my business in the local press! With Steven’s system you spend 100% of your time and well-earned money working only by referral, and you are not the typical estate agent any more.

  • Zarita Pinter (Realtor® of Excellence)

    Steve’s system has changed my life. I don’t do show-houses any more. I work exclusively by referral. I can even take time off my business and people wait for me to get back. The last time I went on holiday I returned to 7 referrals waiting for me to get going with. It’s an awesome, awesome program!

  • Desiree Moodley (Zone 9 Properties)

    I just started my own agency at the time of attending Steven Johnstone’s course. It left me feeling a little more motivated but I was still expecting a catch. I decided to sign up for the coaching program and my confidence and success grew in leaps and bounds. The results have been phenomenal. This month alone I have 11 properties on my books, 9 of which have been referrals straight off my database!

  • Daleen van der Linde (Linprop Realty)

    Thanks to this system I have 8 listings at the moment and have had to double the size of my adverts! I have never had so much stock in my real estate career.

  • Benita Basson (Acutts)

    One week after sending out my first value items I received 6 referrals and within the next two weeks I sold 3 houses.

  • Zanna (Kayaramina Properties)

    With my first 31 calls using the Database Primer Dialogue I got six quality referrals which gave me two new developments to sell, three residential listings and one residential sale! I am thrilled and I can see that the program is really working!

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