Steve Dodd

975 Wayne Ave.

Suite 204

Chambersburg , PA 17201

I am a motivated self starter, visionary, and all around realest. I am honest and open about everything I do and everything I provide.

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I am a motivated self starter, visionary, and all around realest. I am honest and open about everything I do and everything I provide. I do not want a perspective client or partner to think for one second that they do not know what I am doing or how I am going about things. My previous experience in the field of Engineering has given me the technical expertise, a structured approach, and the leadership and vital communication skills that give me a unique perspective on things. I feel I communicate well with people from all walks in life. I try to never put myself above anyone and always look for the best possible solution in any situation.



I will help you meet your real estate needs and solve your real estate problems. If you cannot afford to sell your home I will help you sell your home quickly and get you out from under all the financial stress. I will deal with the banks, attorneys and all other parties and help you move on with your life.

If you are thinking about buying a home, I can help you locate a great buy, provide professional advice and make the entire home-buying process convenient and fun for you. Please contact me for details.

My websites make it convenient for you to get the information you need and access to me and my team. My team consists of licensed professional real estate agents, attorneys, CPA's, investors, and others who are experts in the local area. My service, experience and dedication provide serious real estate Buyers and Sellers with a clear knowledge-based advantage. I know that the only way to succeed in real estate is to provide better service than you can get anywhere else - and that is what I do. I will provide you with the personal service you deserve and the savings you need. After all, you work hard for your money and you should get to keep it. If you plan on making a move, please put my professional services, reputation, and business ethics to work for you.

I offer you the smartest way to buy and sell real estate in and around the Franklin and Washington county areas. I am a member of a couple mastermind groups as well as a couple of very powerful networks of investors, as well as local reia's and bni. I have my finger on the pulse of current market trends.

Let's talk today! call me for a free, no obligation consultation. My team and I are here to help you.

Steve Dodd, CEO, Investor, Real Estate Consultant

Sensibly Diversified Investments - Chambersburg, PA


I have been certified in Short Sales by the Innovative Investors of New York through the Short Sale Success Institute.

For me this is just the beginning of my investment portfolio.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit more, I look forward to expanding my knowledge base and my partnerships with countless professionals and experts in thier fields.

At this moment I am staying focused on the Franklin and Washington Counties.



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