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Sonia Ruiz
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I have always loved visiting homes that were for sale. As a young adult, it became my weekend past-time; I would visit the house and imagine how we could fix it up until it became a home.  Like a doctor that gains experience with every patient, every home provided me with ideas and an opportunity to improve my keen eye for detail.  After living in five countries and being a part of international real estate markets, my family and I settled in the Washington Metropolitan Area.  At that time, we became first-time homebuyers and I finally had the opportunity to apply what I had learned throughout my life. We eventually bought two more homes over the years and it was then that I decided to become a real estate agent (licensed in DC/MD/VA) so I could help others find their dream home.

The real estate market is very dynamic, and in the right location, a home will undoubtedly increase its value and a fantastic future awaits. The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has unlimited potential, where you can still buy great condos and single family homes under $1,000,000 just blocks away from the White House and the U.S. Capitol.  These homes inevitably become a part of history and I enjoy becoming part of their history in your life.

I absolutely love what I have become a part of and I thrive on fulfilling my client's needs throughout the process and beyond settlement.  In my line of work, every step of the process can pose a challenge; yet, being able to work as a team with others so details are not overlooked and a rewarding outcome for everyone involved is achieved is my primary objective.  One of my greatest assets is sharing the experience of home-buying with my clients so every step of the way is familiar and this experience feels very comfortable.  This is a carefully coordinated dance between listening to my client's needs and understanding what the market is offering.  Every step is of great importance and I am committed to providing my client with the knowledge, trust, efficiency and dedication they want to feel great at home.  I strive to exceed my client's expectation and needs every step of the way.

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I specialize in the international community in the Washington, D.C. area. As a transient city with varying cultures and languages I have carved a niche for myself among those who need someone that speaks Spanish and understands what is important for families and young professionals moving to the area from Latin America/Spain. The same is true when the time comes to say goodbye to D.C., I help them make this process as seamless as possible.  Expertise with foreign investment real estate purchases in Panama and Ecuador. Any referrals from a real estate agent, I will share with you 20% of my commission. Thank you!


International real estate agent, licensed in DC/VA/MD. The dynamic Washington, D.C. area community is my expertise. Foreign investment and retirement properties in Panama and Ecuador.