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       This was the 2nd house we've had Gale Larson of Alaska Realty stage for us, and boy are we glad we did. In a declining market where lenders are tightening the rules, it's more difficult for buyers to qualify. Because of this, we lost our first 2 buyers before finally finding one that could close. Therefore, our house went on the market 3 times in 3 months, but only spent a total of 12 days on the market. The difference? Staging!!   Several realtors told us the staging really made an impression on both themselves and their clients. In fact, each successive offer we received was someone who was going to make an offer the first time around but was too slow!   So if you want to get your property sold fast, I wholeheartedly recommend staging, especially in a declining market. It will make your house stand out from the rest and, if our experience tells us anything, will make the offers come fast and furious.   1/23/2009 Kelly Caraway Wasilla, AK   Real Estate Investor Yeah! Our house sold and it's all because of Gale. I'm one of those do-it-yourselfers, and had a hard time admitting I needed help with staging my home. But after being on the market several months I broke down and had Gale show me what she meant by adding the "sizzle that sells." People would come through our home saying it looked like a model. Agents who didn't sell it the first time brought more clients through. The difference was amazing. Gale is great! She is personal and professional, a difficult combination. I recommend her to anyone trying to sell. Nancy Matheson- Palmer, Ak  Home Owner 07/26/2007 by Nancy Matheson

I had Gale help us from the beginning on a project my husband and I were fixing up for resale. Gale told me that color and lighting were two of the most important aspects for selling a home. Boy was she right. I was hesitant to paint color on the walls as Gale suggested, but am glad I did. Every single person who walked through our house said, "Love the colors!" The kitchen lighting, in particular, received a lot of oohs and aahs as well. Transforming the vacant "project house" into an appealing, homey showcase house was an amazing transformation that I know helped to sell this small house for our listed price.  

9/7/2007  by Kelly Caraway - Real Estate Investor

Wasilla, Alaska





Expertise with results: attracting buyers to a house they will want to call home, appealing to the buyer's senses on an emotional & physical level.  Staging helps buyers connect positively to your offering.

Creating strong desire is the number one goal of home staging. Prospects will covet your house!

Which level of service fits your needs? Basic staging consult- 2 to 4 hours: property assessment, home assessment-room by room, using a comprehensive seller's checklist. Redesign- co-creating a home excuding good energy using what you already have, recommendations for accents, furniture placement etc, some downscaling. Multiple properties- special rate for clients with several properties that require staging consultation.     



ShowCase Residential Staging- energize your property with Feng Shui. Buyers are drawn to a balanced & attractive home. Or redesign your home creating nurturing & supportive surroundings that you <3!