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Rob Jacobs
Short Sale Specialist
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Get to Know Rob Jacobs

I founded Short Sale Pathways with a firm belief that a short sale is the right choice for homeowners who have run out of options. Too many homeowners are giving up on their homes and their futures when they let their homes go into foreclosure. As real estate professionals, we are the frontline of the housing crisis. If every agent knew even the basics of short sales it would save thousands of homes each month from being foreclosed upon.

we are here to educate Realtors on the surrent issues and train you on the job while we work through the short sale process.

 Educate the real estate agents and homeowners who are in need of our help.

 Mitigate the losses for the homeowners who have no other alternatives

A short sale is a win-win for everyone involved. The homeowner gets out from under a looming foreclosure which effectively recycles them back into the market. Their credit is salvaged and their debt is usually absolved. The sellers are now able to go out and buy a home again asone year after the closing. 

The lender gets more out of the home for a number of reasons including the savings from not paying lawyers to foreclose, maintaining the property, paying salaries, taxes, fixing the home, neglect issues, stolen property, on and on and on....

The buyer benefits from full disclosure and getting a great deal, as opposed to a foreclosure that is what you see is what you get.

The real estate agent has gained a client for life. Those sellers are eternally grateful for saving them from financial ruin.



We negotiate short sales for real estate agents across the US. We are advisers and teachers of the short sales process. If you are interested in networking with us please contact us anytime. We do reciprocate buyer and sellers to agents that we do business with.

A LOAN MODIFICATION can make your loan more affordable keeping you out of foreclosure and into a managable payment plan.

Are there other options?

1) REFINANCE- this a great option if you are able to qualify and get an affordable 
    payment. Usually for people who have not been late or still have equity in their 
     home with good credit history

2) LOAN MODIFICATION- This can be a good option providing you can stick with the          modification plan.

3) FORBEARANCE- Similar to loan modification, this only stalls the foreclosure 
    process briefly in hopes that the owner can catch up on the payments. This is 
    usually prolonging the inevitable.

4) DEED IN LIEU- Sometimes the lender will give favorable terms but, if the home has 
    no equity they will usually want an agreement to payback a portion of the 
    deficiency. This becomes no different than a foreclosure for the lender if a deed in 
    lieu is accepted.

5) CASH FOR KEYS- This option is generally reserved for owners that have already 
    had the sheriffs' auction. The lender offers a cash amount for the owner to move out 
    quickly which lets the lender take possession and sell the home at current market 
    value providing they leave the home in good condition.

6) SHORT SALE- Always the best alternative. If a short sale is 100% successful, 
    everyone walks away a winner.

7.) FORECLOSURE- Unfortunately this is the end of the road for the insolvant homeowner.


Short sale negotiations and training for real estate professionals. We help homeowners in distress and agents who need an experienced negotiator on their team. Call today to protect your tomorrow.