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I am the author of "Who's On Your Side?: How to Protect Yourself When You Owe The Bank More Than Your Home is Worth.".  You can visit the book website here:  

I live in San Diego County with my wife, 2 daughters and our 2 boys.  We love it here and couldn't wish to live in a better place than San Diego County.

I have been in the real estate and mortgage business since January 2002.  I own and operated my own brokerage from 2004 until the end of 2010 when I finally decided to work on building my team and that agents have less stress than independent brokers and I moved my license with North San Diego County Keller Williams.  I have always tried to stay one step ahead in Real Estate and adpated with the market and in late 2006, we started the shift into the short sale business and since then have been helping homeowners either modify their mortgage or short sale their home in order to avoid foreclosure, while negotiating reduced or complete removal of liability for our sellers.

My other compnay, has trained over 40K agents since 2007 on how to negotiate short sales with banks. Our office has negotiated nearly 2,000 liens in the past 4 years and continues to do so without having ever collected one dollar out of pocket from any of our sellers.


My real estate company specializes in short sales and we have taught 35K+ agents how to deal with the banks and currently coach or negotiate for agents across the nation.

To learn more about what options you have as a homeowner when you do not have equity in your home, visit 

I have partenered up with the former Chief Loss Mitigator for IndyMac Bank's HELOC division to train my office and assist in negotiating all of our short sales.  This has proven to be the best decision we have made as most 'real estate professionals' seem to be missing that understanding of the inner workings of the bank.  This knowledge and understanding help us to get the banks to approve most of our short sales (over 90%) and even after buyer fall outs, we close >85%.  Lee and I have partnered up to train agents nationwide on how to consistently close >80% of their short sales (the average short sale has a 10-20% chance of closing due to most agent's lack of understanding of short sale or negotiation skills).


The New Future Team helps homeowners to buy or sell a home. Trent Chapman is a Realtor and Broker and leads the NFT team. We specialize in San Marcos short sale transactions. No equity? No problem.