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Get to Know Shawn Ireland

I am a Home Finance Consultant who is dedicated to the highest customer service standards, and I have lived all over--from Florida to Oregon, from Texas to Germany.  If you asked me where I was from, I'd tell you Texas since I lived there the longest.  I decided to join the U.S. Army in 1998, and I served for eight and a half years as a down-in-the-dirt infantryman.  While it wasn't easy, I can easily say, without a doubt, that it was the best decision I have ever made.  The Army further instilled values that I already had--loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage--and engrained the importance of professionalism and the maintenance of strict standards, all of which are an integral part of how I handle every aspect of my business and my personal life.

My eight years in the Army included two tours to Kosovo and two tours to Iraq, but, fortunately, during that time, the Army also decided that I had to spend some time in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  In 2002, I met a wonderful woman named Kelly Whitaker, and I married her before she could get away.  My first son, Nate, was born while I was in Iraq the first time, and my second son, Will, was born just before I went back the second time, which meant that she took care of our boys all on her own while I served overseas.  Needless to say, after completing a total of 29 months in Iraq, I was ready to leave the Army and help my wife raise our two boys in Hendersonville, where my wife has lived nearly her entire life.

In February 2007, I returned from my second tour of Iraq and I exited the Army one month later.  Armed with a Bachelor's Degree with Summa Cum Laude honors from Troy University, I jumped from one stressful environment to another, deciding on a career in the mortgage finance industry at one of the worst times possible.  In an environment when loan officers and whole companies were getting out of the business due to constant change and volatile swings, I managed to survive, all the while steadily growing my business.  I believe that my success is a result of my dedication to top notch service standards and my total devotion to every client and referral partner, while still offering them some of the most competitive rates and costs.


 In Middle Tennessee, most people still prefer to do business with someone they can shake hands with and look in the eye--and that is how I greet all of my customers.  While we may initially talk on the phone or email back and forth, I intend to follow these southern business traditions so that every client feels comfortable and familiar with me during the loan process. 

The loan process is all guided by the initial conversation with the home finance consultant.  In our initial conversation, I will inform every client of how our loan process will work, what to expect timeline wise, and what kind of turbulence may pop up unexpectedly.  Along with setting these very important expectations, every effort is made to collect every document and signature that is needed within the first 48 hours of receiving the application.  This minimizes delays and ensures that the file can quickly get into underwriting.

Communication, Communication, Communcation.  Nothing scares a borrower, an agent or a seller more than the sound of silence, and I understand this and have a system that ensures that no one is ever in the dark.  Throughout the loan process, every single person involved in the transaction is communicated with on a regular basis, and is updated every time the status of the loan changes.  When issues do unexpectedly pop up, everyone knows immediately in order to facilitate the issue getting resolved as quickly as possible.

I have emplaced systems and strict standards to ensure that no loan file ever sits on someone's desk for too long without being addressed.  Every loan that I turn in becomes an immediate priority, even if the closing date is scheduled months away.  Closing dates are set for a reason, because that is when it is most convenient for my client and the other parties involved.  Delaying a closing date is unexceptable, I always place the convenience of my clients above my own and will do everything within my power to ensure that a HUD Settlement statement is in the client's hand 48 hours prior to the set closing date. 

Pursuing home financing with me starts with a handshake, and it is my goal that it ends with another handshake from every client.  This time instead of introducing ourselves, I am congratulating them on their new purchase or their refinance and they are telling me of someone else who may be seeking home financing.  If I don't impress the client enough for them to immediately mention me to their friends and family, I have not met my standard of service.  Look at my testimonial section to see some what my past client's are saying about me.


Mortgage Sales Manager for a growing local bank here in Middle Tennessee. I offer unparalleled customer service, high ethical standards, and some of the best rates and costs in Nashville.