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I am an Exclusive Buyer's Agent in the Greater Baton Rouge, La area. I am one of the few true Buyer's Agents in my market. My market area consists of East Baton Rouge,Livingston,Ascension Parishe

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I am an Exclusive Buyer's Agent in the Greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.  I am one of the few true buyer's agents in the Baton Rouge housing market.  While most agents in my area are still doing business the old way-trying to work both buyers and sellers, I pride myself on focusing on and protecting buyers completely and exclusively.

 By using new techniques and tools shared by real estate experts in other markets, I am able to stay on the cutting edge of negotition in the very competitive Baton Rouge real estate market.  I rarely lose a home for my buyers.  Most agents in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area know(I have been licensed for 16 years) me and respect my knowledge and integrity.

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As an Exclusive Buyers Representative in the Baton Rouge real estate market there are three main areas that I believe I am an expert on:

The Go Zone Act initative:  After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devestated the Gulf Coast area in 2005 Congress inacted the Go Zone Act initatives.  The Baton Rouge area is located in the Louisiana Go Zone region.  Part of the Go Zone initative includes some incrediable tax incentives for investors.  I have successfully helped investors locate and purchase properties in our area that will allow them to not only take advantage of the tax oppurtunties of Go Zone but show a profit from rental and resale.Relocation-  I continue to derive a large part of the business from relocating buyers.  I love my city and as a native I am the best tour guide I know for Baton Rouge!  I understand the complexities of the relocating buyer and I am able to make the transition to our area pleasant and easy.  My approach with these buyers is it is not just about finding the right home, it is about finding a place in my city where they and their children will thrive and feel a part of our community.  Some of the companies that I have represented  for relocation include: State Farm Insurance, Cox Cable, Dow Chemical, Exxon Mobilty, Piccadilly Cafeterias and T.L. James Construction.Local Buyers/First Time Buyers:  My team has designed a program that walks first time and repeat buyers through the steps: from qualifying for the loan to closing.  I have an extensive background in financing that allows me to answer most of their questions on the spot and adjust our buying stratagies immediately instead of waiting to contact the lender.