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Scott Lawson
Mortgage Broker FHA, VA, refinance or purchase
location_on Santa Rosa, CA — America's Home loans - Santa Rosa, Petaluma Mortgage Broker
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Mortgage broker with locations in Santa Rosa, and Petaluma Ca., serving all of Sonoma county.

Need an approval for a mortgage fast that you can trust? Complete my online application or give us a call. A home loan approval can be rendered in as little as 10 minutes. No application fee or charge for your credit report—and no added broker fees—ever!

• FHA and VA to 580 credit score
• Bank statement programs for the self employed
• First-time home buyer programs available
• Manufactured home loans

Voicemail, email, endless text messages, phone calls not returned... Tired of the new normal? At America's Home Loans, I will be with you from start to finish. I do not hand off our mortgage packages to an assistant and forget about you. When you call me, you will either get me on the phone or get a returned phone call quickly. I am skilled to handle the entire process--not just the sale.

If you prefer a more personal touch with accountability, look no further than America's Home Loans.

QualifyMeNow is a soft-inquiry credit report (no impact to your credit score) initiated by you with your specific lending criteria built in. QualifyMeNow instantly compares your credit data with our decisioning requirements and returns to you instant pre-qualified loan offerings. There is no charge for this service. Get qualified for a mortgage in seconds--[click here.] 



As mortgage brokers, we have more products to fit your individual needs than most of the competition. Whether it's VA, FHA, USDA or loans for the credit challenged--we are here to help you.


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Credit rehabilitation

FHA and VA loan expert


Kim A
We are very fortunate to have work with Scott Lawson. He made everything work even we thought that it wasn't. Scott will always jump through loops for you! He is awesome! Would recommend him every time. Scott is the BEST in the business. You will never find a broker like him.
Patrick B
I found Scott on yelp because I wanted to work with someone local. But I ended up going with redwood credit union. They were nice but unresponsive to questions and e-mails. Finaly I got frustrated and backed out of that re-finance and started working with Scott. It was a great experiance. Not only was he knowlegable on the process but also if I had a question he would get back to me shortly. He made a complicated and confusing process easier. Thanks Scott great work and I strongly recomend you to anyone with a home loan issue.
Chris T
We spoke with several loan brokers about using a VA loan for a large land purchase but were always told no we can't before we found Scott Lawson who told us yes we certainly can. We are impressed with Scott's knowledge and energy in obtaining a VA loan for a difficult property. His advice was very helpful as we overcame the hurdles required for funding in a timely manner. We received a great loan with a very good rate and low fees. I highly recommend America's Home Loans for purchasing property with a VA loan. Chris
Chris K
Thank you Scott Lawson!!! In 2012 I started to work on my credit to buy a home. 2008 job loss did a number on it, and everyone i talked to said I could not do a mortgage. After a year of working on my score, i got it above the FHA minimum. I applied with a couple of friends the are mortgage people and they told me i still could not get qualified. I found my way to Scott with a forum of all places. He told me I can be approved and buy a home. I completed the application and he was able to get me approved withing 48 hours. He told my wife and i to start house hunting. Scott put in a lot of hours, always promptly answered his phone and is clearly a hard worker. It is very difficult to find good people great at there job for anything and with an important purchase like a house, I was very happy Scott was working with me. The loan was being processed during gov shut down and it caused delays, my Real estate agent was worried about our contract deadline and offered little solutions. Scott got on the phone with the sellers and that same day we received the extension that we needed. Buying a home is a frustrating and difficult process, Scott was able to make it as easy as possible and literally do what no one else could do. Thanks again Scott and thanks for the good deal.
Ken and Kelly W
Thank goodness that our real estate agent referred us to Scott Lawson at America's Home Loans!! Scott Lawson is an absolute pleasure to work with. He's knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and dedicated to getting great results and having happy clients! We can't begin to tell you how many times Scott went to bat for us, working thru the weekends, and having our loan not only pre-approved, but also fully underwritten on more than one occasion so that our offer would always come in being the best and strongest that it possibly could be. When it came to the bottom line dollar amount, including fees and interest rate, we would bet that no one could beat Scott! He exceeded our expectations on every level! As first time home buyers, the process was, at times, overwhelming to say the least. But through it all, Scott was the voice of integrity, professionalism and organization. We were simply amazed at how effortlessly Scott kept all the different people on track and kept things moving right along. Scott was very responsive to our many questions and made sure that we understood exactly how the loan process works. All along the way, through every step and various stages of the process Scott kept us updated and informed, and always had our best interest at heart! To say that Scott went above and beyond for us is an understatement and we would not be in our dream home today without his wonderful help. We will highly recommend Scott Lawson to all of our friends and relatives!
Kayla C
Before we found Scott Lawson, we were working with another broker who did not put any effort into helping us get a loan approval. My boyfriend I had no idea what we were doing because we were first time home buyers and very young. Scott jumped through countless hoops in order for us to get the approval on our loan to get our home and we are very grateful for him. He is very friendly and has good communication. He was willing to work around our busy work and school schedules and even met with us to sign the closing documents with a mobile notary. I definitely recommend him to any first time home buyers!
Dan F
I'm the Account Executive at Parkside Lending LLC. that works with Loan Officer Scott Lawson on his conventional Fannie Mae loans. If I was a borrower I'd take my business to Scott because he is very thorough and detail minded, which is key to our increasingly complex industry. Many Loan officers stumble over complex situation and delay their borrowers' files, but Scott and his team are on top of every detail that matters for funding the loan. Scott is also well versed at communicating with the lender staff and myself to clarify loan condition etc to expedite a file or situation. I've been in the wholesale side of the mtg industry as a sales rep for wholesale lenders for over a decade and I can confirm that Scott's skill are unique and effective at getting your loan closed in the complex world of residential lending. Scott and I have funded millions of dollars of loans and satisfied his growing set of borrowers on each transaction. Parkside Lending LLC is a great local lender, based in San Francisco with a sharp and exclusive focus on residential loans. Bring your business to Scott and he and I will take great care of you. Kind Regards, Dan Fahres Senior Account Exec. Parkside Lending LLC
Brian C
Before looking to purchase a new home I met with Scott on the advice of a friend. I was impressed. He was honest, forthright, and direct. Once I found a home and an offer was accepted, Scott took over. He was absolutely on top of things, available on weekends and evenings. It was a refreshing change from dealing with a big bank, and the personable nature of the service he provided made what was a stressful time much, much easier. I cannot speak highly enough of Scott's service, and in the future I will be using his services again without question.
Stephanie G
Scott has been our mortgage adviser since 2005. We trust him greatly. He has always been there for us. He has advised us through many stages in our financial life, good and bad. We consider him a friend now. No question is dumb and he definitely makes his customers feel valued. Any financial/mortgage question that comes up we automatically look at each other and say, "let's talk to Scott". Five stars +!
Dan M
I recently went through a re-fi with Scott. Scott was both professional, well-prepared and extremely helpful in getting this re-fi through. But for me, Scott went above and beyond as he's been extremely informative in other matters - like what it would look like when and if I move to another home - outlining several ways we could go; and giving some very insightful advice about both long-term timing and what to be aware of in different home markets. Scott answered many questions that we had - getting back to us by either email or phone always within a couple of hours. He explains things clearly and is very good at giving the big picture as well. It's great to work with someone who understands how important good service is.
Brian C
Scott Lawson came recommended by two coworkers who had each done a purchase (and one had done a refinance) with him. We were working with a *very* difficult seller (flippers and their agent) who wanted everything 'done yesterday' during the process. Scott worked through the difficulties and didn't let these bully sellers push us around. Throughout the whole process, Scott was in constant contact with me and explaining the entire process along the way. Most importantly, I was always able to put my full confidence in him knowing that he was *always* protecting my financial interest during the whole process. We closed on time and there were no last minute changes or surprises!
Rene B
As the Manging Partner of an award winning design firm I deal with Professionals from many walks of life. Without question Scott Lawson clearly stands above the mark of excellence. My particular refinace was complicated by the worst personal and global finacial disaters of a lifetime. There were several complicating factors which all worked against a sucessful refinace but Scott found a way to make it happen. He committed time, intelligence, and integrity to the process which would have fallen apart without him. I simply could not recommend a better agent than Scott Lawson.
Kanani S
After reading the couple of reviews and visiting the website I decided to put an application in with my husband to use his VA Loan. With in minutes of submitting my application I got a phone call from Scott(which I missed)followed by an email. I was able to email him right back and tell him our situation. He instantly followed up with another email letting us know he would pull our credit and see what he could do for us as VA Loan's are different than your standard home loan, VA Loans are not subject to the same credit criteria as standard home loans which I never knew. Scott knows his business and he knows it well. He even said if he couldn't help us right away he would give us the tools that we needed in order to get us our VA Loan as soon as possible. You just don't find dedicated customer service like this anymore. I'm looking forward to working w/ Scott and have already referred him to another VA friend of ours.
John K
Scott Lawson is one of the best in the business. I am a CPA and work with approx. 400 clients and will not hesitate to refer them to Scott. Scott has all the qualities that make it very easy for me to reccomend him. Scott is honest, efficient, knowledgeable, diligent, and professional. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you used anybody else.
Jeremy R
I have worked with Scott Lawson at America's Home Loans for one purchase and two refinances. America's Home Loans is a fantastic lender. I am a very painful customer to work with. I am very detail oriented. I audit every form that I have to sign very carefully before signing. I question everything. I hound the professionals that I work with (whether real estate professional or lender) to make sure that they are giving me the best possible service. Scott (my loan broker) not only accommodated me in every possible way, but he seemed genuinely happy that I was an informed consumer. I purchased my home as a second home under freddie mac guidelines with only 20% down. At the time, every boutique and institutional lender told me that I had to put 35% down, but Scott was able to find me a number of lenders that could do my loan and at a very competitive rate. Without his ability to find lenders, I would not have been able to purchase my home as I could not buy it as a primary home. When I was doing my refinance, I was wary of the credentials of the appraiser. Scott immediately contacted the bank and made them bring me someone that was more professional. My appraiser was top notch, and my home ended up appraising at a time when many homes in my area were not appraising favorably. Little details like making sure the appraiser is up to my liking is one of the many things that Scott is good at taking care of. Scott is also good at getting all the necessary documents up front just in case the lenders spring last minute loan conditions that need to be resolved in a timely manner. He thinks ahead and anticipates potential roadblocks very effectively. When lenders begin to slow down the underwriting process due to high volume or new guidelines, Scott knows to get a 45 day lock and to work especially fast in order to avoid having to rush at the end to get the deal done. This really helped keep us from being too stressed throughout the process. Scott has made refinancing as pain free as it could possibly be by working really hard behind the scenes. For both of my refinances, the products Scott was able to find were at least an 1/8 better than other lenders (boutique and institutional) give a fixed loan cost. When I asked Scott to help me finance an investment property, he told me that for those types of products, other lenders would be better in terms of price. Even though he would lose money, he felt that I could get a better deal elsewhere, so he let me know what my options were. What lender does that these days? Scott offers the best prices and the best service. I highly recommend America's Home Loans.

Mortgage broker with offices in both Santa Rosa and Petaluma. I offer the most personlized service in the industry by handling the entire process myself--nothing gets handed off to an assistant.