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I do a weekly closed circuit local real estate radio program. I provide consumers with local market updates and trends as well as comparisons with national market news.  Enforcing the idea and fact that Real Estate is always a LOCAL phenomenon.  What is happening in the local real estate market in Atlanta is never the same as what goes on in the New York City metro area or in San Francisco.  National news ALWAYS speak in generalizations and generalities that come from combining the average of all the local and regional real estate data and news.  It is rarely specific to the area of town, city, state, region that buyers may be looking. In order to understand what you local real estate market is and what it offers it's consumer base, those consumers most pay attention to the local market specific data and trends relevant to that area only or compared to other specific areas.  Real Estate is a LOCAL Market and NOT National.

My show allows listeners to gain an understanding of the markets they want to potentially buy in. They are also introduced to other market professionals who they made need in order to facilitate their real estate buying or selling endeavors.  As a special note, active buyers and sellers are introduced to prime real estate properties; giving them an idea of what actual homes provide in terms of base offerings and amenities that provide the added value that home seekers might consider before making their potential home choices.  It also provides sellers with ideas to add value to their existing home in preparation of being placed on the market or to add value to homes already listed.  It is an undeniably informative platform that allows me to educate and empower my local real estate consumer.  It is a priceless gift I enjoy that provides a special service often overlooked by many real estate professionals - the time it takes to correctly educate their buyers and seller on what the real estate market is and what it does in the grand scheme of all things financial.

I am great at working with 1st time home buyers; paying special attention to the many questions they may have regarding regarding the home-buying process. I have been promoting a 1st time home buyers platform which enables them to qualify for a 30 year fixed mortgage at 1% below the national average.  Credit scores don't come into play at all, the program instead qualifies it's participants based on their ability to afford the house their seeking; attempting to prevent any future affordability and foreclosure problems. The program fosters neighborhood stabilization, trying to insure that when buyers buy their homes they are able to stay in those homes without incident for as long as they want because they can afford those homes. Gifted with extreme patience and the ability to anticipate the needs of my clients, I have been fortunate enough to walk my clients through the comprehensive process and meet our ultimate goal: finding, offering, negotiating, contracting, negotiating, closing on THE DREAM HOME of choice and affordability.

It is extremely important that my clients recognize that I work with them as a TEAM member in the process.  There are a myriad of processes that take place, requiring the work of other team players to get the job done.  Everyone has a respective job to do.  The tasks necessary must be completed with efficiency and attention to detail to prepare for successful results. WE WORK TOGETHER to make the DREAM happen.

I have an arsenal of experience in finance, mortgage, business development, and client services. I bring my skills to the table as I work on behalf of my clients best interest.  I am the advocate. I am the negotiator.  I am the facilitator. I am the closer.  I am your biggest client as you are mine.  Utilizing my expertise will enable the process to be a seamless one.  Although complex and time sensitive, I buffer the background processes that are tedious and intensive so that you don't have to.  I do my job so you can continue to live your life without the overwhelming stressors of doing it on your own, while being actively engaged in the process of home ownership. Active involvement in the process without the headaches of having to manage every single intricate step by yourself. It's not only what I do it's what I do well.

I love what I do and that shines through on my show, in my work and with my colleagues and clients.  I welcome any invitation to become a part of Your Personal Real Estate Team; aimed at getting you into the home you deserve.


Marketing and Sales Executive

Real Estate Radio Show Host

Neighborhood Marketing Specialist

1st Time Home Buyer

Luxury Homes and Condos

Short Sales and Loan Modification Specialist

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