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We only sell Reverse Mortgages. Nothing else. Most seniors who have experienced problems when unscrupulous people sell them something along with the RM like an annuity. An annuity, not only is inappropriate for most of our customers, but the RM gives you the opportunity to select payments for life! This is for the lives of both participants, and will continue to be paid, at the same amount, until the last recipient no longer lives in the home. This series of payments is part of the HECM program. The payments are guaranteed by the government regardless of the value, or remaining equity in your home.And there is no commission involved. In fact one of the best things about the HECM is the flexibility of ways to receive payments. You may select a line of credit, some monthly payments for life, and an immediate lump sum. We are happy to spend as much time as is necessary to explain everything to you. so that you fully understand everything involved in the process. We Love Helping people. Let us help make your life better.


We are licensed in Florida only, and specialize in the Southeast Tri-County Area (Palm Beach, Broward & Miami Dade)

We believe in excellent customer service, which includes giving ALL the facts. Since we do not sell other products, we have no incentive to try to sell anything else. In fact our most important goal is to have the customer reccomend us to their friends. We can only expect this if we provide honest and caring service.



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