Rick & Mary Coffin (Holiday Realty of Central Oregon)

404 NE Franklin Ave.

Bend , OR 97701

I am the owner/principal broker of Holiday Realty. We have been in business since 1989. We pride ourselves in honesty & integrity. Our goal is to make buying and selling real estate a holiday for you.

Get to know Rick & Mary Coffin

Rick's Background
· Born in Minnesota
· He attended San Diego State and College of the Desert
· Landscape contractor (right out of college) in Palm Desert
· Marketer for "Palm Springs Life" magazine
· Was part-owner of a restaurant chain in the Palm Springs area
· Rick's family started Holiday Realty in that area as well

Mary's Background
· Born in Wisconsin
· She moved to Bend in 1989 from Illinois
· She worked for Western Title in the title department for 4 years

· Rick and Mary were Married in 1997
· Rick has an adult son and daughter
· Mary has two adult daughters
· They have 6 grandchildren under 6 years old

· Looking forward to fishing, their family manage Twin Lakes Resort
· Rick and Mary are really into being grandparents


Rick's Market Outlook
· Sure the market is changing, but we'll remain relatively strong
· There is a lot more inventory and selection
· You have to price your listings competitively
· Lower priced properties are hot