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Vancouver Real Estate: As Medallion Realtors, we assist you in selling and investing in revenue properties, residential homes, duplexes, triplexes & developments in Vancouver.

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Richard Morrison Vancouver Homes
3103 Kingsway #209, Vancouver, BC V5R 5J9. (778) 900-2235
Vancouver Real Estate.  Medallion top Agents in Vancouver helping clients for over 7 years to buy, sell and invest in Vancouver Real Estate. Learn how to invest in Vancouver real estate. We assist you in investing in revenue properties: apartment buildings, duplex, triplex, development sites, nursing homes. 

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Vancouver Real Estate Investment Realtors.We provide all of the pieces in place for a great venture into investment real estate. With our investment real estate strategy, you will benefit from: Investment real estate that yield Cash Flow and/or Capital gains. Near 0% down financing for investment real estate(Can't come up with the down payment? We can help.) A proven strategy to manage your investment real estate in Vancouver Industry contacts to help maintain your investment real estate in Vancouver. Top Vancouver Realtors - focused on investment real estate in Vancouver  Vancouver Properties.  


Medallion Member 7 Years
REMAX Hall of Fame