Tony du Preez (RESE Realty INC.)

Our absolute mission in everything we do, is to assist you to maximize your advantage while minimizing your stress and inconvenience associated with any Real Estate endeavour!

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Our Absolute Aim:

in everything we do, is to maximize your benefit,

while minimizing your stress and inconvenience

associated with any real estate endeavor!

All of our systems have been set up and created with that result in mind.

In Addition, our Team of Experts provides Professional,

Real Estate Service Excellence 24/6


we will find you the right property for you

and / or

aggressively market your existing property to ensure FAST results and maximum return to you!



Our total commitment to systematized excellence demonstrates our commitment to provide Industry Benchmarks of service, integrity and positive results!



As your Real Estate Consultants, (being properly appointed to act on your behalf via Exclusive Agency Agreements), we pledge our full effort working on your behalf, retaining your best interests at the center of all we do. 


Our business focus has always been long-term relationships with our clients and people.  Relationships are more important to us than short term outcomes. 


Our aim is to develop client relationships centered in Fiduciary Counsel rather than Functionary Tasks.

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As a group of Professional Real Estate Consultants we specialize in assisting our clients in any real estate endevour.  

We have, over the years, found ourselves involved in deals from residential buying and selling to land development and the marketing of lots.

Real Estate is a fascinating blend of relationships, expertise and finesse and we continually work really hard to find the optimal blend to maximize our client's advantage.

if you have any questions about who we are and what we can do - call us, we would be happy to provide you with the contact details of past clients to enable you to conduct your own due diligence.