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Nathan M
President (Rentec Direct)
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As a real-estate investor and landlord myself I know how tedious it can be to maintain proper records.  I've checked in with various landlords and amazingly I find most of them who have just one or a few properties just manage their inflows by memory.  This causes trouble when needing to confirm if a payment arrived on X date, or come tax time.  There are various softwares out there including Quickbooks which can assist landlords manage their property, but honestly, as a landlord myself I tried most of them and found them entirely too complicated.  We decided to write our own rental software, and have now made that same property management software we use for our own properties available to all landlords and property managers at the most competitive rate in the industry.

Rentec Direct's property management software has blossomed over the years into a full fledge application in use by landlords, property managers, and associations to manage their day to day business.  We now also offer tenant screening as well as payment processing for landlords via ach and credit card.


Internet in general is my primary expertise.  Working for an ISP for the past 13 years has been the best career I could have ever asked for!  Internet access is my favorite topic!  If you are reading this, I believe you are probably fond of the internet as well.  Software development is another item I am very familiar and interested in.




I am a real-estate investor myself and for a long time discovered the tedious work involved in managing properties. That's why we created Rentec Direct and made it available free to other landlords.