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Douglas Heise
Douglas Heise
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Get to Know Douglas Heise

Established in 2007 Douglas Heise Real Estate Liquidators Inc. has been providing “Providing Problem Property Solutions” that has helped dozens of homeowners who were desperately in search of a solution to their problem properties when facing some of their most difficult financial challenges.

As a proud member of the “Distressed Property Coalition” a DC Lobbying effort that was formed to represent the interests of Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Investors, buyers and sellers in order to provide Private Market Solutions to the nation’s housing recovery. Douglas Heise has pledged to operate with complete honesty, integrity and fairly in an open and honest manner.

Real Estate Liquidators has developed proprietary solutions that have a proven track record of working and getting results while operating in the interest of “Full and Complete Disclosure” to all parties involved. With a long history of helping struggling homeowners (at "No Cost" to them unlike hiring an attorney) and real estate agents understand the complex nature of short sales. Douglas Heise has established himself as the go to person when it comes to providing private market solutions to the local housing crisis.

As a local industry expert, coach and trainer with a proven track record of getting results by operating in the interests of “Full and Complete Disclosure” to create a true win-win solution for all parties involved. Douglas Heise has equipped real estate professionals and brokerages, with progressive marketing techniques and best practices for generating business. As an experienced real estate investor who works directly with homeowners in distress he assists them in navigating the complex world of short sales and helps them get on with their lives free from the burden of foreclosure.


As an active member of the BBB & the Distressed Property Investor Coalition a DC Lobbying effort much like NAR formed to represent the interests of Brokers, Investors and Buyers of distressed property in an effort to provide a private market solution to the nation’s housing crisis. He is always up to date of the recent policy changes effecting GSE (Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae) reform and servicing guidelines.  The DPC was the primary effort behind the latest Short Sale policy changes effective Nov 1 2012. For more information you can visit http://www.distressedpropertycoalition.com


Real Estate Liquidators was formed to assist agents and homeowners when navigating the complex world of short sales at no cost to the homeowners.