Reena Venkatesh, Interior Designer & Space Consultant, Vancouver (Seasonal Leaf Designs)

2979 Glen Dr.

Coquitlam , BC V3B0A2

Metro Vancouver Interior Designer & Space Consultant. Services - Interior Design, Color Consult closing gift, Redesign & Upgrades for Home Selling, Design & Upgrades after sale, Realtors, Builders.

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Few words about Reena Venkatesh ...

Reena is an Interior Design Consultant who has gained her Design Diploma from India as well as Certified in Interior Design and Home Construction from BCIT. She is a passionate individual who loves to work with homeowners and their spaces in their homes to make everyday living functional, pleasing and rewarding. She also works with small business owners transforming their office space to reflect their business idea and success.


On being referred to a home or business owner she promptly sets up an appointment, visits the space and gets onto the process of design and consultation, giving ideas, tips, taking necessary pictures & measurements & putting pen to paper and quickly coming up with a plan for the space. She consults about who uses the space, what for is the space used, discusses all the different possibilities of color, material, style & gets the owner excited to look forward to the project. She gets all the Preliminary plans & sketches done, consults with her new clients and then chalks out a road map for the progress of the whole project and assigns a timeline to finish the work in time and in budget.


She gets all her resources together to give to her clients the best choice of materials, price and availability. If the design and work requires, she will also accompany her clients on a personal shopping spree at no additional cost to make the process more appealing, convenient and friendly.


She works with excellent trades people who are well known for good workmanship and good performance in finishing a job well. She is hardworking, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with.

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Diploma in Interior Design, India

Management Certificate in Interior Design, BCIT

Completion of Construction Courses, BCIT

Real Estate Trading Services, UBC

Service Areas (1)
  • Coquitlam, BC
  • Greater Vancouver, BC
Specialties (7)
  • Buyers
  • Commercial
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Residential
  • Sellers
  • Color Consult
  • Space Planning
Languages (3)
  • Bengali (Bangla)
  • English
  • Hindi