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     RED Diamond Realty agents are also MBA's, Series six-7, Environmental and many additional degrees and certifications. We believe you should expect the highest level of professionalism when selling or buying what is often your most valuable asset. Our agents are the highest paid agents in the industry and that means that you can expect the best service in the industry.

     RED Diamond Realty is a new type of company. Agents keep 90% of their commissions, almost twice what they receive with other brokerages, and RED Diamond Realty provides all of the services and advertising for the agents listings. AS a result agents can negotiate commissions for the seller and be much more competitive in price while knowing that their clients are being cared for with a full range of services.Some of these services such as legal environmental and FHA repairs are above and beyond the typical level of real estate services. In the end the agent makes more and the client pays less.





RED Diamond Realty agents can offer so much more to buyers and sellers for one simple reason. They make twice as much as the typical commission. When A RED Diamond agent receives twice the commission all kinds of doors open up for the client. The seller gets more advertising and the buyer gets more service. While many agents are currently bogged down in debt and advertising cost RED Diamond agents don't have to deal with these problems. What RED Diamond agents can do is focus on the customer. YOU! After all, it is all about you and it should be.


RED Diamond is for you! The agent's brokerage! Now in Cleveland, Akron, Columbus!


     When I was with the largest Real Estate company in America I paid a monthly fee for the privilege of working there. I paid $1,000 to transfer my license, I paid for my signs, my advertising and copies on the copy machine, even my business cards and E and O insurance. Once the transactions was over and I had done all of the work and paid for all of the expenses, they took a franchise fee.


WE don't dictate what fee you charge. YOU negotiate your own fee and keep 90% of it.


      RED Diamond Realty was created for US, the Realtors who do all of the work. You keep 90% of the commission. We pay for your cards, we pay for your signs, we pay for the E and O insurance, we pay for the Homes guide advertising and we cover the cost of the hotline for your sign and we pay to list your home on over 50 websites including additional fees that we pay for and You? You list the property or work with the buyer and collect 90% of the commission.


     We also send you leads. A lot of leads. Sellers and buyers in your area and when you list and sell those homes or work with those buyers you keep most of the commission.


        There is no floor. You tell us which area you want leads from or we send them in alphabetical order. There is no favoritism here; I wait in line as well. Contact me here at or call me at 216-536-3280. I look forward to hearing from you. More information is on the website at


     We are a year ahead of schedule and opening in the Columbus marketplace. We only take 45 agents in a city and after that an agent will have to leave before another agent can join so that we don't fight with each other for listings. The RED Diamond program is based on my 20 years of experience with four brokerages and it is designed to help YOU, the agent, make more money than you eve dreamed. Your current broker has franchise fees, overhead, profit, marketing cost all tied into your cost. While we offer to your clients the things they care about. Selling their home or finding a home for them to purchase. We will provide you with the EXACT same services your current broker provides to you AND we added Brennan, Manna, Diamond law firms, Diamond Environmental, FHA OK inc (for presale FHA repairs paid after closing) as well as title and mortgage and home inspection services that all of the brokerages have.


You are keeping more of the commission for yourself. We are sending you leads with both buyers and sellers without floor and we are paying most of your bills. What is your broker doing for you?



 Tom Diamond.


 Red Diamond Realty.



A real estate company that charges low fees while providing full real estate services including the MLS, 50 websites,home guide ads, sign, full contract and escrow services. All for about 2.5%. We al