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Ralph Roberts   Unique Selling Proposition Professional, personal, and financial development for real estate professionals, investors, homeowners, entrepreneurs, and corporations About Ralph Roberts Ralph Roberts did not become an accomplished entrepreneur, Realtor®, investor, business consultant, author, speaker, coach, and motivator overnight. Through a steady accumulation of investment properties, valuable contacts, business synergies, and experience, Ralph has built his success slowly and on a firm foundation. Along the way, he has also established his own real estate company and accumulated an impressive portfolio of investment properties. For more than a quarter century, Ralph has helped thousands of people realize the dream of homeownership and has passed his secrets for maximizing profit and minimizing risk to hundreds of thousands of avid real estate investors the world over. Dubbed by Time magazine “the best-selling Realtor® in America,” Ralph is a recognized authority on residential real estate; real estate investing; mortgage fraud; personal salesmanship; sales force and office management; motivation; product development; and marketing. Ralph is also an award-winning and internationally recognized Realtor® and speaker who helps other real estate professionals from all sectors of the industry build upon their past and present success, grow and expand their businesses, and provide a rich and rewarding future for themselves, their clients, and their employees. When Ralph speaks, people sit up and listen, and for good reasons. Delivering the total package Real estate gurus often pick an area to specialize in, and that’s all you get—a specialist who can deliver to only a small segment of the market. Ralph Roberts specializes, too, but he specializes in multiple areas to deliver a complete and total solution that spans several niche markets and creates the marketing synergies needed to establish a strong brand presence. Ralph’s specialties cover a wide expanse of the real estate market:   Buying and selling FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners). Investing in residential and commercial real estate ventures. Find-fix-flip real estate investing. Investing in foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, and government properties. Defending yourself against foreclosure. Securing the financing to fuel your investments. Profiting from properties at Sheriffs’ sales. Finding and buying properties orphaned by divorce. Prospecting for probate properties. Marketing and selling your own home. Staging a home to maximize profit. Preventing, detecting, and prosecuting mortgage fraud. Ralph Roberts, The Real Thing While most real estate investment gurus fall into the category of “those who can’t do, teach,” Ralph is expert at both real estate investing and training. Ralph is the real thing—a real estate investor with a proven track record for consistently earning a profit in the highly competitive and often unpredictable real estate market. Ralph Roberts is a homeowner, Realtor®, office manager, speaker, trainer, and investor who has earned millions investing in all segments of the real estate market. He practices what he preaches. Professional achievements Over Ralph Roberts’ nearly 30-year career in real estate, he has turned in some very impressive numbers:   Closed on over 10,000 real estate transactions—on average, more than 300 transactions annually. Bought and sold over 2,000 investment properties. 100 speaking engagements annually, each with average attendance of 500. 5 top-selling real estate books with 2 more books currently in the works. Dozens of published articles on every imaginable real estate topic. Moved 19 times in 19 years, flipping houses, while retaining a few for rental income. From 1976 to 1990, Ralph lived in 23 different houses. Testimonials Ralph Roberts doesn’t exactly blend into the crowd. This standout real estate professional, author, trainer, and motivational speaker leaves a lasting impression on everyone who meets him, hears him speak, and sees him work: "Cold calls at twice the speed of mere mortals. Smashes through to the toughest stonewallers." —Michael Kaplan, Fast Company "Ralph's brilliance will wake up your life and make it better in every good way. He is a genius at having you discover your own greatness and profound abilities." —Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series "Ralph Roberts knows his stuff. Listen and learn." —Danielle Kennedy author of How to List and Sell Real Estate and Seven-Figure Selling Creativity has helped Roberts build a reputation as one of the most successful salespeople in the country." —Incentive Magazine "He's nothing short of the most successful Realtor ® in America." —Michael English, President, Real Estate Television Network "Ralph Roberts is the best-selling Realtor ® in America... he just loves to sell and sell and sell." —Time magazine "Ralph Roberts...a super-salesman of real estate in Detroit..." —Michael Pellecchia, Star Tribune "Legendary Ralph Roberts, the Realtor ® who sells, sells, sells..." —Sophie Landa HarperCollins, Australia "Meet real estate's royalty - this guy is so good people pay to watch him work. He's a bit Rush Limbaugh, a bit shoe salesman and a big chunk of energy. Real estate salesman Ralph Roberts is a human tornado." —Extra Ralph Roberts’ client list Ralph Roberts has spoken to hundreds of groups and shared the stage with some of today's top speakers, including pro football Hall of Famer Joe Montana, General Norman Schwarzkopf, author Robert Kiyosaki, and motivational guru Denis Waitley. Ralph’s clients include: AIG—American International Group  Ann Arbor Association of Realtors®  Asheville Association of Realtors®  Citi Bank  Counselor Realty  Crye-Leike Realty  Dakota High School  Dave Beson Seminars  DMR Mortgage  DOLLARS Landlord Association  Downriver Association of Realtors®  E&C Nationwide Mortgage  Ed Hatch Seminars  Edina Realty  Gateway Events  GEO-Millennium Systems  Gundaker Better Homes & Gardens  Harry Stinson Real Estate  Hobbs-Herder Advertising  Howard Brinton Seminars  Jaguar  King Koil  Kiwanis International  Macomb Property Owners Association  MADD  Marketing Institute of Singapore  Metro Networking Professionals  Michigan Association of Realtors®  Michigan State University Monica Reynold’s Feminine Force Retreat National Achievers Congress National Assn. of Mortgage Brokers  National Association of Realtors® National Kidney Association  National Public Records Research Assn. Optimist Club  Ottawa Career Day  Predictive Methods Conference  Prudential Insurance Co.  Real Estate Education Center  Real Estate Info. Professionals Assn. Real Estate Success Summit  Real Estate Television Network  RE/MAX  Republic Bancorp  Rotary International  Sell-A-Bration-RS Council  Singapore Property Guide  SingNet  Smith Haven Mortgage Corporation  Snow & Wall Realtors® Success Resources-World Masters of Biz. Super Star Exchange  Tennessee Association of Realtors®  Toastmasters International  United Airlines  United Overseas Bank  Washington Association of Realtors®  Women's Council of Realtors What Ralph Roberts Offers Real Estate Investors: Putting the “Real” Back in Real Estate Investing Real estate investment gurus often whip their audience into a frenzy offering pumped up promises of quick-cash investment schemes. They pack the brains of would-be investors with misinformation, and then unleash their eager, ill-prepared students into the shark-infested waters of real estate armed only with their enthusiasm and a few half-baked ideas. The Ralph Robert’s approach to instructing would-be real estate investors follows the guiding principle of his own business strategy—under-promise and over-deliver. Novice investors develop realistic dreams that defend them from the debilitating discouragement that all too often rides the coattails of minor disappointments. After a Ralph Robert’s training session, your determination can overcome any disappointment. Leveraging the power of other people’s money The key to maximizing your profit in real estate investing is to leverage the power of other people’s money. Ralph encourages the novice investor not to be scared off by the cost of money. Without cash, you can’t invest in real estate, and without lots of cash, you can’t score the biggest profits. Ralph reveals the secrets to leveraging the power of your investments with other people’s money and increasing your net worth—the true measure of financial success. By following Ralph’s advice, you begin to harness the power of other people’s money to boost 20% profits into the 100% range and build wealth five to ten times faster than it would take using only your personal nest egg. Building a solid investment strategy: the crawl, walk, run approach When novice real estate investors study the Ralph Robert’s approach to maximizing profit and minimizing risk, they won’t see promises of BIG PROFITS, QUICK CASH, and early retirement. They learn the approach that Ralph himself has employed in his nearly 30 years in real estate—crawl, walk, and then run your way to success. Ralph encourages investors, both novice and advanced, to build a strong foundation for long-term success, and then he shows investors how to do it. By starting slowly and mastering a specific area of real estate investing, investors limit their exposure to risk while maximizing their opportunities for profit. Only when investors are well prepared to take on bigger projects and bigger risks, does Ralph encourage them to explore bigger and better opportunities. As hundreds of thousands of readers and workshop and seminar attendees can testify, Ralph’s crawl, walk, run approach helps them avoid the pitfalls of real estate investing and identify the low-risk, high-profit opportunities that separate the successful investor from the prone-to-failure investor. Encouraging enthusiastic “sticktoitism” Instead of building investor enthusiasm on the shaky foundation of empty promises, Ralph whips up enthusiasm by encouraging investors to stick to it. Ralph has coined the word “sticktoitism,” which conveys a sense of dogged determination, persistence, hard work, and attention to detail in the face of adversity. Unlike investors who’ve apparently been born with a silver spoon in their mouths, Ralph has stared down adversity in both his professional and personal life and can speak with authority about the need for sticktoitism in any successful business venture. With a commitment to sticktoitism and the information and tools that Ralph provides, novice investors place themselves on a path to long-term financial success that can’t be derailed by one or two blips in the real estate market. Empowering Investors with Field-Tested Tips, Tricks, and Strategies Ralph Roberts arms homeowners and real estate investors with solid, field-tested tips, tricks, and strategies. He doesn’t spout theories he cooked up in his office that “should work” or that have worked for some of the people some of the time. Ralph speaks from the trenches, and he preaches only what he himself practices. After receiving training from Ralph, you’re equipped with a toolbox full of tips, tricks, and techniques designed for real world investors and proven to work. Assembling a complete real estate investment toolbox When Ralph presents a topic, he delivers the complete package, supplying you with all the information, tips, tricks, and techniques you need to start making money in your real estate market today. With everything you need for success at your fingertips, you are never left wondering “Now what?” You always know what to do next and, more importantly, how to do it. Buying and selling foreclosure properties In Ralph’s soon-to-be-released book on foreclosure investing, Ralph shows investors that they can achieve higher levels of success in foreclosure investing by treating homeowners fairly and handling transactions above board. Ralph encourages investors to lay out all the options to distressed homeowners and enable them to make the decision that’s best for them. In more than 90% of cases in which homeowners are facing foreclosure, their best option is to sell the property. By learning the Ralph Roberts’ approach to buying and selling foreclosures, investors place themselves in a strong position to acquire the property when the homeowners realize that their best option is to sell. In his upcoming book, Ralph covers the gamut of foreclosure investing from pre-auction, through the auction sale, to buying REO properties from banks and other lending institutions. What Ralph Roberts Offers Realtors® Ralph Roberts is a Realtor®’s Realtor®. In fact, Realtors® from around the country come to shadow Ralph to learn his unique sales strategies. When you see Ralph’s sales figures and the fact that he handles an average of over 300 transactions in a span of 365 days a year, you stop wondering why. Ralph speaks to thousands of real estate professionals every year, including Realtors®, bankers, investors, landlords, loan officers, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and real estate attorneys.  Ralph is knowledgeable and experienced in all segments of the real estate market, and provides training and inspiration on a wide range of real estate skills, including those covered in the following sections. Expanding your business with networking synergies Ralph is the ultimate deal maker, identifying and fully utilizing his relationships with thousands of collaborators and partners on a host of successful projects and transactions. Ralph personally places over 100 phone calls every single business day and fields even more email messages from homeowners, real estate professionals, and even people he’s never met who need help with issues ranging from selling their own home to helping a distressed relative out of a jam. Ralph trains all of his employees and anyone who’s looking to expand their business on the fine art of networking. People who choose to commit to Ralph’s tireless and determined approach to networking have found that every minute they spend contacting and helping others has paid enormous dividends. Boosting sales with effective marketing campaigns Marketing and sales are Ralph’s forte. Ralph’s rat-a-tat-tat marketing campaigns carefully analyze the buyer’s needs and wants and effectively adjust the marketing pitch to those needs and desires. Realtors® who practice the Ralph Roberts’ brand of marketing see their sales numbers climb and the percentage of sales from house showings to closings soar. Closing the deal with the “No” means “Know” approach Ralph Roberts never takes “No” for an answer. For Ralph, “No” means “Know.” In other words, the person you’re dealing with doesn’t yet know enough to say “Yes.” Ralph lives and practices the credo “No” means “Know” on a daily basis in every single transaction, and has a proven track record to back up the claim that it works. When homebuyers look at a house and say, “We need to sleep on it.” Ralph pulls an afghan off the couch, curls up on the couch, covers himself with the afghan and says, “Okay, let’s sleep on it. And when you decide in the morning to buy the house, wake me up and let me know, so we can sign the papers.” Ralph’s determination to close on a deal, coupled with his sense of humor, sells houses. And when you learn this approach and implement it in your daily transactions, you soon find that “No” really does mean “Know.” Improving real estate office efficiency and effectiveness through technology Computers and the Internet have revolutionized the real estate industry, as they have just about every other industry. Now homeowners can sell their own homes online on websites like ForSaleByOwner.com. They can check the values of comparable properties on Zillow.com. How can a real estate agent expect to make a living? By getting up to speed on the latest technologies and mastering some old school techniques. Ralph Roberts marries technology with old school wisdom to deliver a one-two punch that gives Realtors® the competitive edge they need to appeal to both buyers and sellers in their neighborhood market. By learning to wed technological advances with good old-fashioned marketing, sales, and customer service, real estate agents learn to sell in any market, especially in tough markets where home values are in a steep decline. Scaling your real estate business through the use of virtual assistants In any business, the cost of labor is cost prohibitive. Not only do employers have to foot the bill for the increasing cost of hourly employees, but they also have to pony up for health insurance, unemployment benefits, and social security taxes. When business slumps, employers take an additional hit—reduced revenue combined with a steady payroll that continues to chip away at the bottom line. In today’s real estate market environment, real estate businesses need to be able to scale up and scale back at a moment’s notice. When home sales are brisk, you need to beef up your staff to handle the increased workload. When sales slump, you have to scale back to trim expenses. Ralph knows that the 21st Century business model is built on scalability and the power of outsourcing. In his own real estate business, he retains a ready staff of eager and well-qualified virtual assistants to fill the gaps when sales are brisk. These ever-ready and ever-enthusiastic workers have the flexibility to remain on call and the availability to deliver on-demand. Ralph works with virtual assistants on a daily basis and knows the value they bring to his business. Moreover, he knows the strategies and techniques to optimize their power. Through Ralph’s seminars and workshops, he reveals the power of virtual assistants to show you how to trim labor costs while remaining fully staffed no matter how busy your current market becomes. Protecting your real estate business from fraud Money attracts Realtors®, homeowners, investors, and, unfortunately, thieves. Whether you’re a Realtor®, homeowner, business owner, or investor, knowing how the thieves work can protect you from becoming a victim of real estate fraud—the number one threat to the real estate industry and the American dream of homeownership. Can you imagine the repercussions of your real estate business falling victim to fraud? One misinformed or misdirected employee in your office could expose you to local or federal investigations that could end up as headlines on the front page of your local newspaper and sink your business overnight. Ralph is fully aware of the negative fallout from fraud, and he wants to protect you and your business. Though Ralph readily admits that he can’t guarantee a fraud-free workplace, he reveals the precautions and steps you need to take to protect yourself and your business from real estate con artists. Ralph’s insight and tips can prevent an unnecessary embarrassment and potentially devastating event from sinking your real estate career in well fell swoop. Working with investors to expand real estate sales To be successful in real estate, you can’t burn bridges. FSBO sellers are a fact of life. Investors will always try to cut corners by attempting to avoid paying real estate commissions. Technology is here to stay. Ralph Roberts has remained successful despite and often because of the many changes in the real estate industry. Instead of fighting those changes, Ralph has chosen to roll with the punches and embrace change. He’s even managed to do it with FSBO sellers and real estate investors. By working with instead of against those who often would rather work around having to pay agent commissions, Ralph has increased his number of transactions and his bottom line profits. He has proven to the non-believers the true value of competent real estate agents. By following Ralph’s lead, you learn to encompass those who resist your efforts and offerings and generate increasing revenue by tapping into the ever-growing market of real estate investors. Branding yourself and your business for optimal visibility in an increasingly competitive market In October of 2003, Ralph Roberts did something highly unconventional. Much to the initial dismay of his staff, Ralph placed the winning bid on eBay for a seemingly useless 11-foot tall, 550-pound nail that once stood alongside Highway I-94 just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Nearly three years later, through savvy branding and community relations, Ralph is known throughout the greater-Detroit area as "the Realtor® with The Big Nail," and that's actually a very good thing! While you may not have $3k to spend on an 11-foot tall, 550-pound nail, you do need to find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition, and who better to show you how than the king of MicroBranding himself, Ralph Roberts. In addition to showing you how MicroBranding helps his real estate business, Ralph teaches: How and why MicroBrands work: making yourself and your personality the center of your branding strategy. Finding the right fit: if an 11-foot tall nail isn't for you, discovering what is. Public relations branding: creating credibility where advertising can't. Building promotions around your brand. Developing a savvy tagline... it's more important than you may think. Strategies for getting your employees, co-workers, and friends and family to support the MicroBrand called you. Tips for balancing your personal life with your personal brand. Practical advice for real estate agents and mortgage brokers. Maintaining and defending your MicroBrand if and when necessary. You may think that MicroBranding isn’t right for you, but after listening to Ralph, you become a believer and learn how to use MicroBranding to attract attention in the highly competitive, attention-deficit real estate market. Blogging to expand your online presence Blogging or Web logging began with a handful of online journalists and has slowly crept its way into mainstream culture. Now, even large corporations are buying into the craze. What is a blog? A blog is an online journal of sorts, in which people record their daily or weekly or monthly insights, beliefs, facts, fictions, or personal experiences. Unlike a standard website, which is often difficult to maintain and update, a blog enables its creator to post updates simply by filling out a form that’s no more difficult to post than a newsgroup or e-mail message. Blogs enable their creators to post entries on a daily basis to keep customers engaged, entertained, and informed. Ralph has four blogs that he updates at least once a week, and oftentimes daily. These blogs enable Ralph to keep his customers and colleagues posted and expand his network. By learning and practicing Ralph’s blog strategies for real estate agents, you can easily establish a Web presence to keep in touch with your clientele and your community. You can prove your interest in the community, market your properties, and establish connections with both home buyers and sellers with a little typing and a click of the button. Let Ralph show you how. What Ralph Roberts Offers Homeowners Ralph is a fairly patient guy… until he meets people over the age of 20, especially married couples, who don’t own their own home. That’s when he launches into an animated sermon on the benefits of homeownership. Ralph knows first hand that owning a home, or two or three or a dozen, is the fastest, most reliable way to build personal wealth, and he wants no one to miss out on the opportunity. Homeowners are not merely Ralph’s bread and butter, they’re Ralph’s passion, and nobody is more capable of inspiring homeownership and teaching how to achieve it and profit from it than Ralph. Promoting the benefits of homeownership Even though most Americans dream of owning their own home, all too many talk themselves out of it, thinking they “can’t afford it.” As Ralph explains, you can’t afford not to own your own home, because a homeownership saves you money:   For about the same money you pay to rent a house, you can own your own home. The tax savings you earn back from homeownership reduce your “rent” even more. Because housing values rise over time, even though the market can have some significant slumps, a house is the surest investment you can have… and you get to live in it in the meantime. Sure, Ralph sells houses to make a profit, but what he’s really selling are dreams and long-term investments. By following Ralph’s advice, you can take the first step to homeownership and a more stable financial future. Securing attractive financing Many would-be homeowners talk themselves out of buying a house, falsely believing that they can’t afford it and cannot possibly qualify for a loan. As a mortgage broker, Ralph knows better, and reveals the many individualized loan programs currently available, including:   No-Down-Payment Loans FHA and VA Financing Traditional Loans Private Money Hard Money Government Loans 1st Time Buyer City Loans Partnerships Loans Estate Carry Back Loans Personal Loans IRA and Keoghs Family Loans In addition, Ralph teaches you how to lower the cost of borrowed money by making yourself an attractive borrower and then shopping for low cost loans:   Scrubbing your credit history. Improving your credit score… ethically and legally. Comparing the cost of loans over the life of the loan by calculating points, interest rates, and terms. Weighing the pros and cons of traditional loans, adjustable-rate mortgages, interest-only loans, and balloon-payment loans. Insuring your investment from temporary dips in income by taking out a home equity loan. Pulling the equity out of your home to put that money to work for you. Buying for value, not price Buyers often shop for houses as though they’re shopping for groceries, looking for the lowest price. But a house is more than just a home—it’s an investment, and value trumps price. By following Ralph’s strategy for buying a house, you shift your thinking, begin shopping for value, and ultimately end up owning a home that’s much more likely to deliver a handsome dividend when you decide to sell it. Renovating your home: getting the most bang for your buck As a homeowner who’s aware of the value of your home as an investment, you probably wonder which home improvements offer the most bang for your buck. Ralph has been buying fixer-uppers and renovating and selling them for a profit of over 20% in a matter of months for nearly 30 years. He can separate the renovations with profit potential from the renovations that merely siphon off the return on your investment. With the Ralph Roberts’ approach to renovations, you learn how to gauge renovations for your housing market. By following Ralph’s warning to “never over-improve,” you can maximize the sales price of your home while minimizing your renovation expenses. Marketing and selling your home With his book Sell it Yourself, Ralph Roberts has taught thousands of homeowners how to effectively market and sell their own homes with or without the assistance of an agent for top dollar by:   Pricing your home right the first time. Getting real estate professionals to sell your home without paying them a commission. Maximizing the sales potential of MLS listing services. Staging your home properly to create a lasting first impression. Tapping the power of the Internet to sell faster and for more money. Turning around buyers’ objections so they decide to make an offer instead of walking away. Handling all the paperwork, so your home sale is legal and fair. Attending to the last-minute details so the deal doesn’t fall apart at the very end. Defending yourself from foreclosure and recovering in the aftermath Early in his real estate career, Ralph faced foreclosure and survived it. Now, he helps hundreds of homeowners face down financial fiascos similar to his. Ralph works both ends of the foreclosure market—buying and selling foreclosures and helping distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure. By learning Ralph’s foreclosure self-defense tactics, homeowners can buy themselves some time and perhaps even retain possession of the property by doing the following:   Contacting their lender immediately. Asking family and friends for assistance. Reinstating the mortgage by catching up on payments. Requesting and receiving a forbearance. Filing for bankruptcy. Ralph knows how personally and financially devastating foreclosure can be, but he constantly encourages homeowners who’ve experience foreclosure to get right back on the horse. If you’ve been foreclosed upon, don’t give up. By following Ralph’s advice, you can:   Get your financial house in order. Repair your credit. Purchase a more affordable property. Begin building wealth. What Ralph Roberts Offers Fraud Prevention and Detection Professionals Ralph works alongside federal law officials to help educate state and local law enforcement agencies, regulators, and financial institutions on the problems associated with real estate and mortgage fraud, and writes about real estate and mortgage fraud on a daily basis at www.FlippingFrenzy.com. Ralph’s real estate fraud content has been certified for use in 5 states, with plans to have his program approved in all 50 states. His soon-to-be published book, co-authored with fellow fraud buster Rachel Dollar, promises to boost the credibility of his content and rally forces from the real estate industry, law enforcement, policy makers, and homeowners to crack down on real estate fraud before it destroys the American dream of homeownership. Ralph Roberts Energized: Coaching, Mentoring, and Consulting Services Ralph Roberts has been knocked around and knocked down plenty of times, but he never stays down for long. Girlfriends have dumped him more times than the average garbage can. He’s been the victim of real estate fraud. He’s made his fair share of bad investment decisions. He’s been dragged into court on trumped-up charges of bribery and has had his office raided and his house ransacked by federal law enforcement agents. His reputation and business were nearly ruined. Most recently, Ralph lost his eldest daughter in a tragic accident. The support of good friends; his wife, Kathleen; his family; and an office full of loyal employees and colleagues and Ralph’s persistent optimism and sticktoitism pulled him through the hardest of times. Who else would you want to coach, mentor, and guide you to success than a guy who’s suffered professional and personal tragedies and managed to come out on the other side more optimistic and successful than ever? Through Ralph’s example and his inspirational insights and practical advice, you can learn to overcome adversity, put your life back together, and find that you’re a much stronger, wiser, and more capable person than you ever were before. Coaching and mentoring In addition to running his own real estate company, authoring books and articles, and speaking all over the world, Ralph regularly makes himself available to a select group of up-and-coming Realtors® and other sales professionals who want to learn the secrets and techniques to his remarkable success. Ralph is the ultimate motivator, and from his lips, you rarely hear the two words that kill dreams and shut down negotiations—“No” and “Never.” Ralph has never met a problem that couldn’t be solved, a conflict that couldn’t be negotiated, an error that couldn’t be corrected, a disability that couldn’t be overcome, or a dream that couldn’t be achieved. Ralph injects his optimism and proactive professionalism in everyone he coaches and mentors, inspiring individuals with his stories, wisdom, and insight; booting out negativity, defeatist attitudes, and jaded views; and instilling in others a can-do-ist determination that liberates them from the shackles of negative self-talk. Whether you’re a professional seeking to expand your horizons and fulfill your dreams or an employer exploring ways to optimize the potential of your staff, Ralph’s coaching sweeps your path clear of self-imposed obstacles, so you can clearly see your full range of opportunities. Consulting Ralph’s breadth of experience spans a number of fields. His work with real estate professionals, law enforcement agencies, speakers, small-business entrepreneurs, publishers, writers, website developers, bloggers, and others sparks powerful creative synergies. He approaches every field of endeavor with a passionate zeal, soaking up information, ideas, solutions, and opportunities and adding them to his ever-growing store of knowledge and experience. Clients who consult with Ralph discover a wealth of ideas, creative solutions, and opportunities often too numerous to pursue. Ralph shares his unique insights and visions with professionals in various fields, including, but never limited to, the following:   Authors to facilitate publishing and marketing of their works. Speakers to enhance their delivery and polish their presentations. Marketing mavens and any other individuals or companies interested in ramping up their Internet marketing campaigns via e-mail, newsletters, websites, blogs, podcasts, and webcasts. Budding entrepreneurs as well as established companies involved in product development. Managers and other professionals seeking to deal with a current or impending crisis or hone their own crisis-management skills for future unforeseen crises. Mortgage companies, builders, and developers who can benefit from the insight and advice of someone who’s done it all in the real estate industry and has a unique customer-oriented perspective that can boost their bottom line. Real estate professionals, bankers, law enforcement agencies, and homeowners who are victims of fraud or are seeking ways to prevent and prosecute real estate con artists. Title companies and representatives, real estate agents, and brokers looking to streamline their operations and establish a system of managed growth that enables them to expand their businesses without taking on too much risk. Entrepreneurs and non-profits starting new businesses or corporations, looking for ideas on how to expand, more fully exploit current markets, or explore new markets and marketing opportunities. Education providers seeking innovative ways to attract students and leverage technology to improve the presentation of complex concepts and information to students ranging from novice to expert. Recently, an education provider who current has 3,000 members has engaged Ralph to guide them in increasing their membership to 25,000. Corporations, small companies, and startups exploring ways to implement blogging and other Internet technologies into their business model for improved Internet marketing. More than your average coach or consultant Ralph delivers much more to his clients than a breadth of knowledge, experience, insight, and vision. He takes a personal interest in every client and is dedicated to helping them tap their full potential and achieve their desired level of success. When you hire Ralph as a coach or consultant, you get a professional who’s a veritable support network in and of himself:   Motivator: Ralph helps you discover and capitalize on your strengths, develop the talents and skills you need to succeed, and fuel your passions and determination to achieve more each day. He genuinely wants you to succeed and generously invests his time and resources to empower you to define your own destiny. Advocate: Ralph is a consummate confidence builder, an encouraging coach, your biggest fan. He listens to what you believe in and are most passionate about without the slightest glimmer of judgment, offers sage advice and guidance, and stands up for you in your presence and behind your back. He sings your praises to others, building an aura of confidence around you and within you that leaves no room for self-defeating negativism. Collaborator: Ralph plugs into your interests, passions, and ambitions and partners with you to achieve your personal, professional, and financial success. When you brainstorm with Ralph, you tap the depth of his knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm, to generate a gushing stream of ideas and opportunities you may never have imagined. Ally: When Ralph agrees to coach or consult with you, he goes “all in,” forming a bond that often lasts a lifetime. He genuinely wants to know how you’re doing in good times and bad and is always available for a consultation. His proactive approach keeps you on track. He can sense where you’re heading and where you want to be, and he’s always standing ready with the advice, information, and resources to get you there. Networker: Ralph knows he can’t be all things to all people, but he usually knows just the person you need to call to get the job done. Ralph maintains a huge database of contacts, both on his computer and in his head, that provide him with instant access to the most talented and skilled professionals in just about every field. If you’re connected to Ralph, you’re well connected. Invigorator: Burned out? Ralph can help. His zest for life, contagious optimism, and effervescent humor can lift your spinning wheels and put you back on the road to success. After a coaching session or consultation with Ralph, you find yourself smiling a laughing a lot more and working more productively, as well. Brainstormer: Ralph doesn’t exactly think outside the box. He fills the box and the entire room with ideas and opportunities and points out connections that open your mind to all the possibilities. Individuals and businesses seeking innovative solutions often discover, after consulting with Ralph, that they have several attractive options from which to choose. Problem Solver: Ralph draws on his vast contact database and his breadth of experience in various fields to resolve some of the trickiest predicaments. In some situations, Ralph can provide a solution in a matter of minutes or hours. For clients who are looking to develop their own problem-solving skills, Ralph offers his own approach, relying not on blame and finger-pointing but on problem analysis and creative thinking. What Ralph Roberts Offers Publishers Ralph Roberts knows the three key components to market segment domination:   Impeccable product. Timely delivery. Full court press marketing. And Ralph Roberts delivers all three. Impeccable product Whether Ralph is writing a book, recording CDs, or designing PowerPoint presentations, he remains constantly aware of the end user. Ralph is tirelessly committed to delivering superior products that his audience will find indispensable. To achieve this goal, Ralph:   Carefully researches competing products. Painstakingly analyzes the needs of the audience. Composes quality manuscript and other content designed to engage, entertain, and inform. Thoroughly revises and edits every word of advice to deliver comprehensive coverage and maximum clarity. Timely delivery Ralph understands the need for timeliness in publication. He knows that marketing a product begins long before the product is ready for release, and that delivering the product to market on the very day that the marketing campaign hits high gear is critical. To ensure timely delivery of product to the market, Ralph:   Delivers material on time or ahead of schedule. Ensures the material he delivers is high quality, slashing editorial costs and production times. Provides 24-hour turnaround or faster on all editorial queries and concerns. Ralph sees every project as a collaboration and treats editors and production staff as teammates. His goal is to simplify the job of everyone in editorial and production, so they can focus on making the product even better rather than on correcting sloppy mistakes. Full court press marketing As a licensed Realtor®, Ralph knows that houses don’t sell themselves—neither do books, CDs, or workshops. Long before one of Ralph’s products is scheduled to hit the market, Ralph gears up his marketing efforts to ensure product success, and he has several marketing tools at his disposal:   Recognized name. Connections with the top Realtors® and a host of other professionals in the real estate industry. Emailing list with thousands of additional contacts. Four active blogs. Regular radio appearances. Weekly articles published in the top real estate publications in the nation. Ralph doesn’t simply put a product out there hoping it will sell. He actively promotes every single product he develops to ensure its success. As a publisher, you never have to worry about a missed marketing opportunity. Ralph has already identified it and is fully exploiting it. Proven track record in publishing Ralph Roberts is not just another Realtor® trying to pump up his ego with a publication. Ralph is an accomplished author with several successful titles under his championship belt:   Flipping Houses For Dummies (John Wiley & Sons). Walk Like a Giant, Sell Like a Madman(HarperCollins). Real Wealth by Investing in Real Estate(Prentice Hall/Penguin Group). Sell it Yourself(Adams Media). 52 Weeks of Sales Success(HarperCollins). Ralph is currently working on two more soon-to-be-published books on buying and selling foreclosures and pre-foreclosures and on preventing, detecting, and prosecuting mortgage fraud and other real estate scams. Ralph Roberts Websites and Blogs RalphRoberts.com     BigNail.com     FlippingFrenzy.com     AboutRalph.com

"Loan modification expert" , Ralph R. Roberts has helped thousands of consumers realize the dream of homeownership. Dubbed by Time Magazine "the best-selling Realtor in America," MACOMB OAKLAN