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Quality Home Improvement's purpose is to serve the remodeling public, to make sure the remodeling experience is as joyful, easy and as rewarding as possible. This means:

Dealing with you the client ethically and honestly.  Producing a quality product that you can depend on to look and function exactly as we promised.  Attempting to eliminate all sources of frustration during the remodel.  Using the best, most efficient management controls available.  Realizing a fair and reasonable profit at a reasonable cost to you


To get the results that both the client and my company, Quality Home Improvements, wanted and needed, I realized early on that I first had to address the issue of ethics. I had to commit to treating everyone within my business sphere with the respect and dignity they deserve.

I further committed to dealing only with sub-contractors and suppliers who could embrace the same high standards that I had set for my company. I would make sure that the clients' needs were clearly identified from the outset and ultimately met. I would prepare the supplier, sub-contractors, our staff and the client for what I expected throughout the remodeling process.

I established a set written standards of work quality and conduct for the sub-contractors who work for Quality Home Improvements. I demanded that the sub-contractors do what they say they're going to do, such as showing up on time, completing the job in a timely manner, offering the highest-quality workmanship and picking up after themselves.

In summary, it is my belief that taking an ethical approach to the remodeling process will inevitably produce trust, confidence, and satisfaction. It will create something extra ordinary, an Ethical Remodel, which should leave the client free from frustration throughout the entire process.