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Vince Gallagher
Mold Inspections, Mold Testing, TM-100 Remediation
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Get to Know Vince Gallagher

  When you hear a property is "moldy" what do you do? Properties with moisture and mold problems can be great values. Just as each property sale is unique so are mold problems and the maintenance issues that cause them. Understanding each property's problems and how to fix them is the key to being able to realize it's full value.   

  As your team's mold specialist I will help you understand why the property has a mold problem and what it will take to get rid of it.  In 2007 we licensed the use of TM-100 which is a natural mold removal process that uses non-toxic enzymes to break down and eliminate the mold and it's spores. Take a look at (the website of the TM-100 developer) for information and testimonials about TM-100. School districts, the US Navy and Habitat for Humanity are some of the clients that have used TM-100 to solve their mold and moisture problems. 

  Mold Solutions specializes in:

  Thorough Mold and Moisture Inspections   Air Sampling with analysis from the nation's leading Aerobiology Laboratory, EM Labs P&K.   Mold remediation with TM-100.

  The TM-100 process is quick, non-toxic and comes with a Transferable Guarantee. When your team needs mold and moisture knowledge call on me. I can evaluate the property quickly and, when appropriate, provide a fixed price for remediation before you are committed. Knowing the costs and challenges before buying or selling greatly improves your results. 

 In addition to owning Mold Solutions I am a certified instructor (Certified by the National Association for Moisture Management)  for Mold inspections and Bioremediation. I have been working as a certified mold and moisture inspector since 2004. 




  Mold is a symptom of a water intrusion problem. So "fixing" the mold requires eliminating the moisture and then cleaning up the Mold. When you understand where the water is coming from you will understand what you need to change in order to keep the property dry and mold free. 

  The main two problems with Mold are it's damage to the structure and the occupant's exposure to mold spores. Stopping the source of the water intrusion will usually stop the deterioration of the structure. With TM-100, Mold Solutions can save substantial amounts of moldy sheetrock and wood framing as long as it is still structurally sound.

  Safe and thorough removal of mold and it's spores is the remedy for health risks. Mold Solutions uses a natural enzyme formulation called TM-100 that contains no chemical poisons or preservatives. TM-100 eliminates the mold and spores naturally and is safe for people, pets and plants. You will not be replacing the toxic contamination of mold with a brew of hazardous chemicals.

  We are proud of our ability to eliminate mold and it's spores without contributing to the pollution created by manufacturing chemicals, poisons and biocides. Mold Solutions offers a transferable Certificate of Warranty that states unless the property has a new moisture intrusion the indoor spore counts will be comparable to the outside or Mold Solutions will re-treat the property for free.




We specialize in Mold and Mildew. We provide Inspections, Air Sampling and biodegradeable, non-toxic Mold Remediation in Portland, the Willamette Valley and on the Oregon Coast.