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ActiveRain 'Insights For Success' Podcast
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Get to Know ActiveRain Podcast

The ActiveRain University 'Insights for Success' Podcast is our way of letting you take ActiveRain on the road with you.

Each week, we interview a successful real estate industry practioner. Whether that be a marketing expert, a super successful agent, or someone in a leadership position in the industry.

Our aim each week is to leave you with actionable insights that you can put into play in your business right away. When we interview an agent, we always ask 5 similar questions. They go something like this:

1. What is your best source for lead generation in your business and why?

2. What is one system that you have created in your business that has really helped transform how you operate?

3. What did you start doing consistently that helped your business take off?

4. What’s one thing you do in your business that many agent are not willing to do?

5. Real estate agents get pulled in a million different directions and your schedule can end up managing you….instead of the other way around. Tell everyone listening one way that you manage your time?

These questions serve as the baseline for our discussions, but if you listen each week, you'll quickly realize that Bob is willing to really dig in and try to get to the root of each interviewees success. 


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