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SV Lending is a National Commercial and licensed California Residential Mortgage Broker. We have established working relationships with over 200 of the best traditional and private money lenders across the nation. To ensure that our clients experience the best rates and terms available we relentlessly study our lender programs - keeping on top of the market changes and new developments that affect the evolving lender world. Our mission is simple..... Get you the funds you need, quickly, and hassle free. Unlike most brokers, we work for you the borrower and not the lender. Every loan is different and has a life of its own. We shop your loan and are confident that when we present your funding's the best available.

Commercial Loan Programs

Be it debt restructure, acquisition, refinance, or new construction.....We have the sources to keep your business flowing.


Gas station to mini-mart conversion; $3,000,000, 5.5% with max to 6% over life of loan, 25 year amortized, 5 year adjust, LTV 75% Class B office building refinance; $4,000,000, 5.5% with max to 6% over life of loan, 25 year amortized, 5 year adjust, LTV 55% Mixed use (office, retail, restaurant) acquisition; $6,000,000, 6% with max to 6.5% over life of loan, 25 year amortized, 7 year adjust, LTV 65%. Multi-family refinance: $14,000,000, balance sheet execution, non-recourse, "liquidity" bridge, 35 year permanent financing through FHA's Section 223(f) loan program

Residential Loan Programs

The lending world as we once knew exist no more. Where it's respected that, "I've been in this business for over 25 years" (a common statement by mortgage brokers and real estate agents that have that level of experience), what matters most is the last 25 minutes. It pretty much the norm now that we receive updates 3 to 6 times a day informing that rates have increased or decreased. As a former realtor, I understand how frustrating it can be to have a transaction ready to close and then the bomb drops that the lender has changed their guidelines or is out of business - causing a very qualified buyer to lose the house of their dreams. However, if that buyer had a backup loan option...the deal goes through. If the last few years have taught us anything it's that no matter how secure we feel a transaction is, anything can and typically will happen.

Our answer is simple...get several lenders to compete for your business and you take control! Why risk it and put all your eggs in one basket? Unlike other mortgage brokers, we will do the extra work to double and in some cases ever triple app to assure that your client or you can purchase that dream home. We also have extremely attractive and nontraditional loan programs and refinance programs to lower your rate to the historic levels we are currently experiencing, but won't last for long.


5% down with No Mortgage Insurance! Low FICO requirements down to 580 Stated Income - wage earners Streamline FHA refinance to today's competitive rates 3.5% FHA programs Jumbo refi programs Special Investment Loan Programs Private Money Hard Money Self Employed

We're stepping in where your bank is saying no. Our sources have access to MILLIONS to lend. As you know, the current lending environment is dynamic and shifting hourly. Programs available today may very well evaporate tomorrow. Contact us to discuss your particular needs and secure your business' future now; office: 800.420.3182 or email:


Commercial and Residential lending.