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Phil Pustejovsky Wiki - Phil is a real estate investor, national speaker, best selling author and the most in demand real estate mentor in North America. Over the past 15 years, Phil and his team have mastered the art of creative real estate investing and have mentored people from all walks of life to become market leading investors that produce extraordinary results and help sellers along the way. It all got started for Phil right after he graduated from college. He had a safe, secure job with a Fortune 500 company but he was bored and restless. He wanted to be financially free and he saw working at a J-O-B would leave him Just Over Broke. Inspired by some books on investing, he set out on his own to flip houses and wholesale real estate. But he discovered the harse realities of the real world and found out that it was a whole lot tougher than the books said. Before long, Phil was out of money and no where to go. He eventually went homeless, living out of his truck and eating off a case of Bushes Baked Beans for a month. Through much prayer, he ran into someone who eventually became his mentor. And with his mentor's help, his first deal, which required no cash or credit, netted over $56,000. That was the start that Phil needed. Over the course of several years, Phil and his mentor did a tremendous amoutn of deals and made a ton of money. After reaching his personal financial goals, Phil decided to figure out a way to duplicate himself and create the same magic that occurred with him and his mentor. And thus, Freedom Mentor was born. And since it's founding, Freedom Mentor has done what no other real estate investing training organization has ever done in history. Rather than empty promises and hype, Phil and his team have created market leading investors who dominate their local area and produce fantastic profits. The secret lies in Phil's mutually aligned interests whereby he splits the profits with his students 50/50. This creates a win-win because Phil and his team are motivated to help their apprentices succeed every step of the way because they benefit from the closed deals as well. Phil is still actively investing in real estate himself in his local area of Volusia County Florida. But he also finds time to continue to mentor and train others as well. That is a Phil Pustejovsky Wiki.

Phil Pustejovsky


Real estate investing and teaching others how to invest in real estate.


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