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Our Realty firm is one of the oldest and most trusted in Huntsville Alabama serving Huntsville property buyers, investors and sellers since 1955. We are a progressive family owned Realtor firm that is not a franchise realty company. Mention Rosenblum Realty in Huntsville and the first response you will probably hear is integrity followed by good people.


We were one of the first area realty firms to provide access to the Huntsville AL MLS without requiring registration. Most local realty websites have followed suite although a few high pressure sales realtors still require visitors to provide their contact information before being allowed to search the Huntsville AL MLS.


The company is a fourth generation Realty company and the largest managers of single family rental homes in Huntsville AL and surrounding areas.



We participate in the local Huntsville Board of Realtors, The Habitat for Humanity and many other local Huntsville business and civil groups.


We work mostly with single family homes for sale in Huntsville Al and the surrounding areas but also work with many real estate investors. During Huntsville’s real estate boon in 2000 to 2005 we found many investors wanted to purchase in the Huntsville are but were ill informed and in some cases misinformed about the local real estate market. While we had many investors come to us for help after they had already made poor purchase decisions, we encouraged our investors to move slowly and provided them with good information to base their decisions on. Rather than steer then to properties where our commissions would be the greatest, we provided sound advice based on our experience and backed up by hard sales and rental data. We include neighborhood market and rental value trends as well as knowledge about planned development, traffic, school quality and surrounding property. As a result our investors have been able to weather the storm of falling market values and have seen the values of their properties perform better than average with stable rental income.



In researching rental data in the MLS we found that a handful of local realtor’s properties rented amounts were entered at levels above market rates. After reviewing the amounts stated in the local Huntsville MLS with the owners when they contacted us for help we found the rental amounts stated in the MLS archives were grossly inflated. The Huntsville Board of Realtors indicated they did not have governing authority over this fluffed data. We can only make assumptions about the reason these few Realtors misstated the rented amounts on the homes they manage. We have however learned to discount the data when estimating the rental market on properties when evaluating them.



We also have Realtors within the firm that work with sales of land, land development, multi-family properties and apartment sales and commercial property. 




Residential and investment property. Property management.


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