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You’ve heard about it, but you're now one of the few who will read this letter in time…- "If You Qualify - I Will Personally Take You By The Hand And Train You My Most Closely Guarded System That Will Guarantee To Make You At Least $5,000 In Cash Or Equity Within 45 Days..." I Will Even Give You My Fresh "Cash NOW" Seller Leads To Call And Split The Profits With You...   From Mike Perl:Today is a day that could change your life. If you’re finally ready to allow the enormous amount of wealth, fun and excitement that's now hiding from you (because you don’t yet understand how to set up your home buying business so it runs at peak efficiency)… then I invite you to join The Ultimate Apprenticeship Program.  Warning: Over 9,245 people have received the email directing them to this page but there are a limited number of seats open in this program - Only 30 To Be Exact!  Many of them are being taken as you read this. Scroll down to secure your spot! Despite this, please take your time reading this letter and I hope to be working with you soon. To Higher Profits,         Mike Perl         If You Truly Want More Money, More Deals, and More Time Off Then You Simply Must Drop What You’re Doing and Devour the Liberating Information Revealed on This Website!  From: Mike PerlMarch 29, 2007West Palm Beach, FL Dear Friend, If you’re one of the next 25 people to apply and be accepted, we’ll personally work with you over the next year to help you design your own personal Blueprint, to get more deals, make tons of cash without ever owning any properties, build a buyer list (that beg you for deals), and create passive income that pays you each month (without you doing any of the labor), and give you a marketing system that brings you a boatload of motivated sellers each and every month…begging you to fix their problems!  When you act on what I’m about to share with you, it can and will change your life forever.Even if you and I have never met, I know you have a big dream for the future.Over the next year, my Team and I want to personally work with you to make measurable progress toward turning your dreams into a reality. No matter how much or how little you’ve done so far in your career as a real estate investor!What type of goals can we help you move toward? Here are just some…Do you want to become a Quick Turn Pro and Flip 1 to 2 properties a month?         Most future real estate investors need to make money FAST, when first starting out. We will personally show you the exact areas that are full of inventory READY to be flipped for a quick $10K to $15K net profit.Want to bring in a healthy income or more from being a Dealmaker? Most investors DO NOT KNOW THIS SECRET, but you can make a lot of money, while working less than 15 hours a week; simply by selling other investors properties to your buyer list. We will be giving you this exact blueprint…Want to make $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 per property that you rehab and sell to a Grateful First Time Homebuyer? That’s right, we’ll share with you how are apprentices are making this on each rehab they do, while the whole process takes less than 60 to 90 days total! Do you want to make an extra $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 a month, without doing any extra work? We will show you 7 different extra profit centers that our apprentices are using to make an extra $100,000.00 a year, while doing no extra work on their end. Just by controlling their deals.Do you want to spend more time with your family while other people do your work? We will show you exactly how our current apprentices are doing less and less work; while leveraging other people to their dirty work…and they make more money, while working less. ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF FEELING TIRED, FRUSTRATED, OVERWHELMED and CONFUSED by all the things you have to do and all the different ways to make money in Real Estate?  Then we have the Ultimate NO B.S. Solution – something unlike anything you have ever heard before.Introducing our new Ultimate Apprentice Program... ...for investors and future real estate millionaires who are serious about quickly going to a whole new level in their personal incomes and sphere of influence.     My team and I are going to take just 25 serious investors by the hand who want the ability to have an unstoppable flow of deals and motivated sellers breaking down their door, each and every month, begging them to buy their homes.   Would you like to be one of them?   Mike Perl  Teaching With  Ron Legrand   Dan Kennedy Super Conference - Chicago, IL   Want to know the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between the top 2% of investors and the rest of the newbie's who never take it to the NEXT LEVEL?   The difference is simply this: Those in the top 2% know exactly how to market to get motivated sellers coming to them, each and every week and month. The other 98% only THINK they do.That’s why I’m writing this report to you today.I want you to know what the most successful investors know. I want to see you getting a steady stream of deals, each and every month, making a high six figure income, year after year, from whatever market you choose, doing whatever you choose, and having total freedom that can be yours as a successful real estate investor.You’ve worked too hard and come too far to have it any other way.   You’re Probably A Lot CloserTo Becoming the Ultimate Apprentice Than YOU Realize...  I’ve spent the last 5 years consulting and teaching new and experienced investors, on how to make real money and FAST. Time and time again, I’ve seen one major idea, one key contact or 1 marketing strategy has made all the difference.   These Five People were just One Small Step Away from Making a Quantum Leap...    Are you?  SUCCESS STORY #1 -   Dave Rosenburg  Dave Rosenburg and his brother Monty had tried almost every Real Estate Seminar and home study course, right about the time they were introduced to me and my team. The two brothers were about to give up and hang up the towel.  Dave had always been in sales and Monty had worked in Publix Management (Where shopping is a Pleasure), before they started to try to be investors. When they came to me they were doing a lot of things right, they were doing a lot of marketing. The only problem was that their marketing was completely WRONG! They needed marketing systems, they needed a way to get a steady stream of deals, each and every month. They used our blueprint, started marketing to a 3 different areas of motivated sellers, we also fine tuned their marketing. They’ve struck oil and have never looked back. In December 06, they did 2 rehabs on properties, and made a net of $29,000.00 ! Here’s the best part, the two brothers are going to divide and conquer because David is moving to West Virginia, while Monty stays in South Florida, so they can take advantage of both markets. The key for these two brothers was more of fine tuning and fixing what they were already almost doing. I love these guys, they are wild men.       SUCCESS STORY #2-   Courtney Rush Courtney Rush was a 22 year old kid, who was fired from his $60,000.00 a year, Pilot Instructor job. What was worse, he and his wife had just given birth to a beautiful little girl named Ava, she was only 2 months old when he received the pink slip. I met him at fellow speakers seminar, and advised him he needed to make some quick cash, and that Pre-Foreclosures would be a great market for him to make some serious money. Using our Pre-Foreclosure marketing system and blueprint, he got his first deal under contract within 3 weeks. Courtney and his cousin started door-knocking in Broward county, and specifically using our Fed-Ex door method, he got his first deal. He then used only one of our “13 Secret Sales Methods” to Flip his deal, because he didn’t even have the time, to create a buyers list. On that first deal, he made a little bit over $27,500.00 . He now has 3 young ex-car salesman, knocking doors for him full time. For January of 2007 alone, he netted over $17,000.00!         SUCCESS STORY #3-   Don Stacks   Don Stacks was an experienced investor, whom by most investors standards already had a very impressive business. Bringing in well over six figures a year, while still living the ultimate lifestyle, including deep sea fishing as well as spending time with his beautiful wife Angie and her little girl, he also financially takes care of his parents. Don already had a very good niche, of both rehabbing and flipping properties to his buyers list of investors, but he wanted much more… Knowing my teams marketing expertise, he signed up for personal mentoring and coaching. Once we realized he wanted and needed to move up market, we created an exact plan too accomplish this objective. We set a plan for him too market to Luxury realtors and brokers, we set up a small budget of less than $4000.00 in direct mail, while using outrageous advertising as well as lumpy mail, so his marketing would stand out from the crowd. He ended up locating a high end mansion on Vero Beach, that needed over $100,000.00 in fix up, due to Hurricane damage. Donni took over four to five months to repair and market the property, when all the smoke cleared, Donni and his team made over $227,000.00 NET! Oh by the way, did I tell you, he used not a penny of his own money.Here’s a pic, of his new Ocean Fishing boat that he purchased after he received his big fat check, from this Homerun Deal!  Don's New Boat After cashing his check (he even wrapped it with his company logo)       SUCCESS STORY #4-   Christine was a nurse, working her butt off at the hospital.  At the end of the week, all that she had to show for her time & stress was pure exhaustion, and just enough to cover her bills.  I gave her a system that I knew she would excel with, and I was absolutely right!  Christine has done several deals since her class, with net profits totaling over $100,000!  I think I've created a "flipping machine".  Obviously, she has since  quit her job and is now a full time "Deal Maker".         Now Listen:The above case studies are very different from each other but there’s a common thread or theme. In each case, the person was just one, two, or three moves away from making a quantum leap in their investing career. And I’m completely convinced it’s the same for you.But these type of quantum leaps don’t come by accident. They only come to those who invest their time and money learning exactly how to make them happen.How About you?Are you continuously learning and improving your marketing skills? I hope so, because that’s one of the biggest traits mega-successful investors and entrepreneurs have in common. No matter how much they’ve accomplished, they are always studying and refining their marketing, negotiation skills.  Who I Am and Why I Can Help You Make a Renegade Leap in Your Income, Freedom and Lifestyle... My name is Mike Perl, and I’ve dedicated the last 5 years of my life to helping Investors and Entrepreneurs create amazing lifestyles and the ability to leave their J.O.B.'s (just over broke) through financial independence, by sharing How To buy and sell homes, while using little to none of their own money or credit.I’ve personally bought over 300 properties, with at least 150 of those properties being Pre-Foreclosures. I’ve been known and referred to as “Mr. Foreclosure” and featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, ABC, NBC, CBS, Palm Beach Post and Sun Sentinel and the Daily Business Review to name a few.   Mike Perl - President of the Treasure Coast Real Estate Investor's Association   Mike Perl Teaching in Port Saint Lucie, Florida  Also important, I’m co-founder of TCREIA (Treasure Coast Real Estate Investor Association) where our main purpose is helping our over 200 active club members Kick butt and grow their bank accounts in Real Estate Investing. It’s also important for me to share my own personal story. Back in 1999, I was working for WorldCom as a sales manager and a Team Leader. I never truly felt fulfilled, I had envied my entrepreneurial clients, realizing I wanted the lifestyle I saw they lived. Being in charge of their own destiny, and calling the shots, was so attractive to me, like a fat kid in a Hagen Daz shop. It all started for me with a FREE seminar at the Westin Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. At the end of the FREE seminar, I plunked down $1700.00 that I didn’t have at that time, for a single weekend seminar, where they told me which paint to use on my investment properties. I was totally naive, you think I’m joking, I’m SERIOUS, I still have my notes from that 1st ever seminar event.  After that 1st seminar with the National Guru school, I decided to go all or nothing. My partner and I decided to sign up for the top seminar package.  The Platinum Program, for an Investment totaling $25,000.00.    The one problem was we DID NOT have the $25,000.00! But we did have credit cards and family members that could loan us money. So after we bribed our family members and raised the usage of every credit card we had to our names…we rolled up our sleeves and never looked back.    Mark Victor Hanson "Chicken Soup For The Soul" -Marc Victor Hanson  Best Selling Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Series Over 100 Million Books Sold   I met Mike at my Mega Book Marketing event in Atlanta, Ga. I’ve since got a chance to know Mike, very well, and enjoy every time I get to see and       spend time with him.More Important, when I want info     about the Foreclosure market…there’s only one person, that I personally go      to and that’s MIKE PERL.A lot of people don’t know, but Mike actually HELPED my assistant, Lisa, get her 1st Foreclosure deal, where she       and her husband made over       $47,000.00!      My first year, I did ok.  I bought two to three properties, for a profit of just over $52,000.00. But, my second year in the business I hit oil and flipped, bought and sold over 50 properties in one years time. Since then, my life has changed and it’s the single best decision I’ve ever made; because I LOVE MY LIFE and MY FREEDOM and would not trade it Mercedes in Boca.I’ve been invited to speak at the same conferences as Marshall Sylver, Russ Whitney, Ron Legrand, Marc Victor Hanson, Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki, Kendra Todd “Apprentice Winner”, Robert Allen and many more. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but it might interest you to know that  in my first two and half years of investing in real estate, I became a Multi Millionaire.   I’ve had many months, where I made well over $100,000.00 in one month.   I’ve had single deals, were I’ve netted over $69,000.00 on ONE DEAL…not gross, but NET! More important than anything, I’ve been able to tithe to my charity in one year, more than my base salary during my years at corporate America!     Forbes  The Palm Beach Post   Investor’s Business Daily  CBS NBC ABC     Here’s the really GOOD News…   If a guy like me, can become a Millionaire, create a million dollar company, be a renegade, live life on my own terms, be featured in major media and TV publications…ANYONE CAN DO IT!  I want to share something very personal with you, about me -  My dad drove a taxi cab in New York City. My mom raised me as a single mother. I was over 385 pounds in middle school. I barely graduated high school.  In fact, the faculty tried many times, to get me to just drop out and get my GED. Then when I went away to college, I was like a fish out of water. Landing a man on the moon, was easier than me getting my associates degree in business.Point being, I’m probably one of the last people in the world who should be successful. But that doesn’t mean a thing!What truly means anything, is the desire we have in our heart…to truly go for more in life, to really be something. Money isn’t everything, but it isn’t bad either.  Money only gives us choices and makes us more of what we already are…whether good or bad!You’ll also learn from my own personal Team, some of the Best Dealmakers I Know…A lot of people don’t know this, but my Team is the Biggest reason my company is so Successful. While I’m the face of the company, my team is really the “Inside Man”. You’ll meet my own personal POWER TEAM…MY personal hard money lender, mortgage broker, title companies, realtor, handy man, accountants and attorney’s.  You’ll also hear from one of my BIGGEST success stories, to date and his name is Richie.   Rich, is my right hand! A lot of people don’t know this but Rich was a scared, little newbie, when I first met him at one of my personal seminars. Rich had fumbled his first few deals, and had brought a good deal, to split with me. Needless to say, we never looked back.  Today, Rich makes well over six figures, living the lifestyle most adults would die for and he’s only 25 years old. You’ll meet him and the whole team in The Ultimate Apprentice Program.  Many People Have Found That Just One Idea That We Gave Them was Worth Well Over $100,000.00 to Them...One of the most powerful things about having my team and I is that we bring “Fresh Eyes” to your business and your marketing. We can often fix a problem, and give you a much more profitable and much easier way of accomplishing what you objective is and what you want to do.It’s one of the things my team and I do best, and it’s why we love working with people like YOU!To Make Your Quantum Leap, You Need “F – A – M – E”, not just Fame!  When most people think about attracting “fame” their usually thinking about getting publicity and exposure, that’s great, but that’s not what I’m talking about here, with YOU!   Based on working and observing some of the most highly paid Investors and dealmakers, I noticed they have four distinctive things which I summarize with the acronym F.A.M.E.       Focused plan         Income Generating Activities       using models that are proven         executing your plan If you do these four things, you’ll be amazed how far you can go and how quickly you’ll soar ahead of everyone else.   Focused Plan - Most investors are excited about their business and they work hard on trying to build it.   But they usually just wind up spinning their wheels! WHY? No Plan. Or worse…the WRONG Plan. They haven’t identified exactly where they want to go or how they’re going to get there.But if you’re accepted into my Ultimate Apprentice Program, I'm going to personally take time to understand who you are, what you have and where you want to go with it. I’m going to take you through a step-by-step process to help you develop a realistic and focused plan of action that will enable you to make your Quantum Leap.Just think… NO more feelings of being confused or overwhelmed - I’ll identify the critical few things you’ll need to do to hit your goals.    Income Generating Activities - Often the key to going to a much higher level of Income or Influence simply requires a lot more Income Generating Activities.   Sadly, 98% of investors never truly reach their potential.  The reason is simply:  They Stay Too Busy... But there’s a huge problem with staying busy!  The problem is that the activities they're busy doing don’t Generate any INCOME! Meeting with realtors, going to Home Depot, Painting their rehab property, all these activities don’t necessarily generate income! I will personally show you the activities you need to concentrate on and that will make you RICH. Not only will it make you rich, but give you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. If you were able to spend quality time with Multi Millionaires, you’ll notice one very big difference between them and the rest of the other 98% of business people; they don’t waste their time doing NON INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITIES.Do you think Donald Trump would waste his precious time painting an investment property? The key is knowing exactly what activities will make you rich... My Ultimate Apprentice program is going to give you the exact blueprint so that 98% of your time is focused on activities that will make you Rich and give you the lifestyle you finally deserve.If and when you're accepted into the Ultimate Apprentice Program, we will personally show you that the majority of your time will be focused on evaluating and doing deals with speed.We will also be showing you the magic of Leverage! You have no idea, how powerful this is!  We will personally show you HOW TO…Leverage other Peoples TIME and MONEY! But that’s not all when it comes to leveraging other people and their time.  We will train you on how to put the right team together, even if you have no money or time. See, I started using these principles way before I was a millionaire. This could be the one thing that could take you to the next level.     Models That Are Proven To Work - Some investors and entrepreneurs are able to ramp up quickly and leave everyone else in the dust. How?  By using proven models and marketing methods other successful investors have used and tailoring them for their own purposes. These models are really “shortcuts”.There are shortcuts for doing just about everything in the business, but most people never bother to look-or they don’t know where to find them. Things like finding deals, leveraging other people to do your dirty work, having realtors bringing you money making deals, creating a website that will sell your buyers and sellers without you even having to speak with them, using bird-dogs to bring you deals are all things that can be done successfully if you follow a proven step-by-step Blueprint and process.When you’re in my Ultimate Apprentice Program, you’ll see actual examples of what works and what doesn’t. You’ll also receive a complete toolbox to marketing and investing tools and materials that you can imitate and tailor for your own purposes and company.  Executing your Plan - All the Ideas, Knowledge, and Contacts in the world don’t mean anything unless you put them into action.   Sadly, most people have big goals, but they don’t do what’s necessary to make them happen. That’s where my Ultimate Apprentice Program, can help you.You see there are a number of reasons people don’t take action on their goals. Most people are confused by all the different options that are available to them. At other times maybe you feel discouraged and alone. And, most of the times, you're simply trying to do too much by yourself.That’s why my Ultimate Apprentice Program will be so invaluable to you because it’s going to HELP you really implement.The first thing that we’re going to do is give you a blueprint, and be accessible to you by phone to help you implement and hold you accountable. But it doesn’t end there! We’re also going to have something most investors don’t have – Encouragement and support of like minded people who are doing the same things that you are doing and will hold you to be your best and highest self.You’ll get their feed back at the intensified boot camps & live mastermind meetings. You’ll also be part of an exclusive two hour Teleseminar, every week, reserved only for Ultimate Apprentice members. Plus you’ll build a network of members you’ll feel especially close to, and speak more frequently with. But most important is locating the ideal accountability partner. That’s not all - We’ll also help you find the best power team and vendors who will help you get more done and make your quantum leap (Whether it be a home town realtor, specialized mortgage broker or an honest handyman). We’ll even give you our Golden rolodex of key vendors, consultants, professionals, and industry contacts. We’ll show you how to develop a support staff of people over time who do the stuff you’re not good at so you can focus more on what you enjoy.   Mike Perl With Robert Kiyosaki   Robert Kiyosaki (Best Selling Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) Seated With Mike Perl    Win “My Ultimate Apprentice Contest”  And then there’s something else that’s really fun. I’ve come up with a unique way of motivating everyone in the Apprentice’s Program to take action and do more than they would otherwise:  “My Ultimate Apprentice Contest”.  This is a contest for my students only, where there will be a grand prize winner and Four Runner-Ups awarded at the Ultimate Apprentice End of The Year Appreciation Event, held in Fort Lauderdale in the end of 2007.  The contest is a fun motivator for you to track what you are doing, and do more than you thought possible. Other prizes will also be awarded, and all students will be invited to the End of The Year Appreciation Event.   Take A Look At Christopher Fountain's Thumbs Up… “I have many, many great things to say about Mike Perl and his Mastermind Group.  I spent my first 2 weeks driving around looking for the types of deals that Mike told me to find.  On the Third week I had a property under contract that netted me a total of $16,455.00  Enough money to buy my dream car,  a "Classic" Corvette. - Christopher Fountain, Port Saint Lucie, FL Former Truck Driver (Currently A Full Time Real Estate Investor)       Here are Just some of the Highlights of What You’ll Learn in My Ultimate Apprentice Program:  Understanding the Business, from a Millionaire Investor Mindset and What YOU Need to Understand to Ensure Your SUCCESS! 9 Biggest “Rookie” Mistakes, most New Investors Make and How to Avoid them at all Costs! (Ignore this at your own peril)Understanding the 5 biggest Profit Centers, and which is the Best One Suited For YOU. (Everyone wants to be a wholesaler, we will show you a Sneaky Little Strategy were you can Wholesale your deal and get paid again on the back end for two whole pay days) How to think like, and have an investor’s MILLION DOLLAR MINDSET and why this is critical to your success when setting up your career and business.The instant cure for Controlling your FEAR, and having Unshakeable Confidence! (This is Not any Zig Ziglar feel good mumbo jumbo – Trust ME) The 7 most Successful Traits of Millionaire Investors and How they Think and Operate. How to capitalize from different markets and communities? Transitional, Rental, First Time Homebuyer, and Luxury communities  What you MUST know about each community and HOW to Profit from them. (Miss this one section, and it WILL cost you severe financial pains) You will be given the complete Blueprint, “How to make over $100,000.00 your 1st year as an investor, while taking 3 months of vacation time, with your family” What are the three most important things that YOU MUST do, before you ever open your corporation. Strategies to locate local investors with capital, who will love to invest in your company and give you capital, even though you haven’t made a dime yet? 7 “Must Haves” if you're using a Home Office to work from. (and this has nothing to do about what type of Fax machine you should use)  How to create your Marketing Machine to operate on Auto-Pilot, while you Cash Your Checks and Laugh all the way to the Bank  9 Absolute Truths that YOU must know, before you do any Marketing, whatsoever! A Step-by-Step marketing system proven to have Sellers (the Motivated Ones) literally Breaking Down your Door, begging you to take their home problem off their hands. How to get Birddogs to bring you at least 1 good deal a month, without it costing you one penny…upfront (You’ll find out the biggest secret…the key is knowing which birddogs are the best ones…and No it’s not Mortgage brokers or Bankruptcy Attorneys). How to shut out the competition and be the first investor homeowners think of when selling their home. How to replace cold prospecting with only doing business with prospects that are pre-qualified and predisposed to doing business with only YOU! 7 marketing “Must Have” Strategies and Rules – You will ABSOLUTELY FAIL MISERABLY if you do not use these strategies…Gauranteed! (This will save you Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars) Exactly what you need to do to have Realtors bringing you the deals (the Good ones) before anyone else, gets their hands on them! What 94% of Investors DO NOT know about using the Yellow Pages; and How to Instantly Improve your Yellow Pages Ad. How to create Outrageous Advertising and Headlines that sucks buyers and sellers into your lethal Marketing Web of Influence!  Setting Up YOUR Business Success Systems The 5 strategies that you must know, prior to setting up any systems for your business. How Millionaires use Mind Mapping to set up their systems and procedures. The exact blueprint  that you’ll use to make sure that you can walk away from your company, while having it still run WITHOUT YOU on Auto Pilot! (This is where your Freedom and Vacations will come from) The 5 specific strategies that top investors use, in managing their business systems The 7 critical factors to ensure the success of your business systems. The 3 systems and methods to have and ensure that you have other people bringing you houses on a silver platter. The 5 questions that you must “ask yourself” prior to creating any system for your business (Without doing this, you're just wasting your time)    Paperwork, Forms, and Documents to Ensure you have EVERYTHING you NEED The exact “step-by-step” system the Millionaire investors use when using their paperwork when buying or selling a property. How to make sure the Forms you use will protect you if there is ever a conflict of interest, between you and another party. The 1 C.Y.A.(Cover Your Assets) form, that has saved me and my students over 200 times, and How to use it to protect your ASSETS! How to use, the STRONGEST 1 page Document, when Presenting Your Offers that literally MELTS the seller right in front of your eyes…Guaranteed (I'm not joking!) Land Trusts and How they make you INVISIBLE to the world of Lowlifes and SCAM ARTISTS.  Also, How to Fill them out and Protect Yourself! How to Use a 1 page contract that literally removes all the Fear from from your sellers that WILL make your job effortless when getting your paperwork signed by the scared, but motivated seller. The 7 biggest Mistakes most investors make when filling out and using their paperwork and forms.   How to put an iron cage around your sellers. We will show you step by step, how to file a 1 page document with the courthouse to make sure the sellers cannot sell the property to anyone else…EVER, without selling to you first! (This is a very advanced secret) A few UNUSUAL SECRETS you must have in your contracts to make sure the sellers cannot try to sell their home for more money, to a crooked investor. The 1 secret to make sure you're always prepared to close a deal on a drop of a dime, without you running in circles, so that you're never a nervous wreck instead coming from a position of Ultra-Confidence. The Joint Venture Form, which basically confirms that you'll get every penny coming to you, even if the partnership blows up in disrepair. (This 1 form has saved my students and I, thousands of Dollars and headaches)  Wholesaling your Properties for Quick Cash, making on average $5,000.00 to $15,000.00 per deal!  The entire anatomy and check-list of Flipping your deal to another investor. How to flip a deal WITHOUT EVER walking into the property, (My students and I, maybe only enter 15 to 20% of the deals we flip for huge cash) and what you must Absolutely have done before flipping to your new buyer to accomplish this! How To build a massive buyers list for under $79 and in under 7 days, while having these buyers beg you to become your go-to guy! The 4 questions you must ask any buyer before you flip them your deal. The 3 strategies that ensure, if your buyer doesn’t close, you can take their deposit, and still flip the deal to your next choice of buyer or investor. All Step-by-step paperwork, you’ll need, to make sure you can legally flip the property and to make sure no one tries to cut you out of the deal.  (They don’t teach this in Carleton Sheets course…trust me) How to create a bidding war for your wholesale deals between your buyers list (This 1 complete strategy, is worth the entire investment) The complete strategy of using your website and certain technology solutions, to sell your wholesale deals…screening out all the tire kickers, so you only speak to the buyer, once they have a deposit check in your hand (you’ll never show a property, because you're not a Realtor and you don’t want to be)   I HAVE AN IMPORTANT CONFESSION!!! Relax, I don’t expect you to implement ALL of the above within the next year-especially if you’re just getting started, but you need to understand… I have two goals which at first glance may seem contradictory. The first is to teach you as many proven techniques and blueprints for creating as much money as possible and that your heart can desire. The second is to help you pick, choose, focus and implement the best options in a realistic time table based on the demands of your current lifestyles and priorities.I don’t want you to be like these people who go to conferences and seminars all the time, learn a lot of things, but never do anything with what they know…(i.e. seminar junkies).  I’ll give you a real behind-the-curtain secret.  All speakers and real estate gurus know one cold hard fact:  "90% OF ALL THEIR STUDENTS WILL NEVER EVEN READ THEIR ENTIRE HOME STUDY COURSE OR TAKE IT OUT OF THE SHRINK WRAP!"  I’ll probably get slack for sharing that cold hard truth, but I truly don’t give a damn! I want YOU to be successful, and the entire reason I set up the Ultimate Apprenticeship Program, is to kick that truth right in the ass, because this is not just a home study course…this is a 90 day, intensive coaching program, followed by 9 months, of follow up, to ensure your success.I’ve discovered that top investors and millionaire entrepreneurs are always doing two things differently & simultaneously than the simple, average investor. They are constantly learning about new developments, strategies and marketing. Then, they’re using that information to determine their best options, developing and continually refining a very FOCUSED plan of action.That’s exactly what my Ultimate Apprentice Program is designed to do. You’re going to receive the right guidance on making the right decisions and implementing our Ultimate Blueprint,designed to make you immensely profitable as quick as possible no later than 90 days… I want you to make money on this investment of both your time and money!   YET ANOTHER SUCCESS STORY-   David LevineHello, my name is David Levine, a Mortgage Broker and Re-Finance Specialist.  Mike and Richie helped me make $15,000.00 on my 1st deal!  Like most new investors, I had tried to do a few foreclosures, but I could never put all the pieces together in the right timeframe…and I’m a mortgage broker, on top of that! I was tired of seeing all my clients (investors) making the big money, while I was working my tail off, for a simple commission.I used Mike’s postcards, had my secretary send them out to my target area…I got over 26 calls, on less than 300 postcards!A women and her son, needed to sell quickly, and I was very happy to help them with their problem.Richie showed me the ad that they use to sell their properties fast, and I wholesaled my deal in less than 13 days.I got a check at closing for $15,300! That’s more money than making commissions on 3 mortgage loans! I’m already working on my 3rd deal…I can’t wait!Thanks to Mike and Rich, my co-workers are all jealous!  As a matter of fact, I won’t even help them anymore.  I want them to bring me all their leads, and I’m going to split the fee with them…more for me! -David Levine, Pompano Beach, FlFinancial Freedom Mortgage Company          ** VERY IMPORTANT ** My Ultimate Apprentice Coaching Program…IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY! ESPECIALLY THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE: Know it Alls - You know the kind, you're in a boot camp or class, and their practically trying to teach the class themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I thrive on interaction and I believe that’s why our TCREIA members enjoy our club so much, because we have so much audience interaction; but I need to keep control of the class and can’t stand it when there is a individual who just WILL NOT shut up! Miserable, Negative People - Bottom line, life is just too short to put up with miserable people. Furthermore, these are the type of people who will never get ahead in life or business, because their constantly focusing in on “What’s wrong with everything and Why everyone’s out to get them”. Trust me, I know about these type of people, I have some of them, in my family; and that’s why I only see them once a year at Thanksgiving! Investors Who Cannot Look Beyond What They Already Think That They Know - As part of my Ultimate Apprentice Program, you're going to learn a lot more about creating a marketing machine that makes you money, each and every month, in buying and selling houses. But, as I said in this report, the real key is creating the systems, that continue to make you large amounts of money, each and every month, while you focus on the highest and best use of your time, and not handling the time consuming aspects that the 90% of broke investors are worrying about day in and day out.   Investors In Love With Their Own Ego They Look Down On Those Less Accomplished - Even if you have already had a lot of success and made a lot of money with investing or business, I caution you about thinking that you know it all. The real estate market is changing rapidly. Seizing this opportunity to learn cutting edge strategies, and dealmaking secrets will prove to be well worth your time and investment. The more success you’ve already had, the more it can be multiplied by the techniques and strategies you’ll learn from me and my team. But, I will not deal with ego-maniacs. The whole theme around my program is to have people who are completely committed to going for more in their business and life, period! If you don’t want to play, stay home!     Here’s the Great News! If ANY of the following Statements Describe YOU, You NEED to  Apply and Be Part of My Ultimate Apprentice Program  You have attended other Guru’s boot camps or purchased their home study courses only to have limited to no results. You’ve heard about a lot of good ways to make money in real estate , but frankly, your confused by all the options. You wish someone would just tell you what to do next and help you focus in on the best approach and strategy to make some serious money in Real Estate.You’re tired and burnt out from doing what you have to do every day to make money and your now ready to create something different for yourself. You had some great information, but you want help in getting to the next level to help more people while living the life you want to live. You're up to your eyeballs in debt and you know it’s time to start making money…NOW! (not tomorrow)You want to break into the Real Estate Investing field or game, and make $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 or more just for quick turning or flipping one deal. You want to make a career transition from what you've been doing and you’d like to replace or increase your income by being a successful investor. You want to leapfrog to the top of your field and become known as the expert in the investing community. You’ve already invested a lot into your investing education, attending seminars, boot camps, bus tours, kits and courses, but you're still not where you want to be. Your sick and tired of seeing other wanna-be investors getting all the perks of making money and enjoying all their perks. You see the potential in the business, but your overwhelmed with all the stuff to do and just don’t have time to do everything that needs to be done. You’ve heard about buying and selling houses and you want to get started, but don’t know how. You would absolutely love to have total freedom-going where you want…staying home if you prefer-able to do your business over the internet and phone, wherever and whenever you want to. You desire to have passive income and get positive cash flow each and every month, from your real estate portfolio. In terms, creating a completely new income stream, essentially paying YOU, while you SLEEP!  Does it get any better? You know it’s time for you to breakthrough to the next level. You’ve paid your dues and your ready to make it happen.  Now YOU Can Say “Goodbye” to Feeling Alone and Overwhelmed Because You’ll Finally Have A Support Team To Help You  Let’s Face it, the Life of an Entrepreneur or Investor can be a lonely one.Yet, one of the key differences between the few who succeed and the many whom fail is:  the truly successful DON’T try to do everything themselves.Years ago, Napoleon Hill, was hired by Andrew Carnegie to study the lives of the most successful people in business and report on the things they have in common. He reported everything in his book; an all time classic, “THINK AND GROW RICH”.Hill discovered that great achievers usually have what he calls a "MASTERMIND GROUP” – a group of people with whom he or she can brainstorm, seek advice, get feedback, be encouraged, and be held accountable.That’s what you’ll be given on a silver platter when you’re part of my Ultimate Apprentice Program. We are having a Two Day intensive boot camp in Palm Beach, a whole separate day of massive masterminding with all of the other Apprentice members (this is priceless), and weekly teleseminars during which members help other members.Moreover, we encourage members to create accountability groups. This one secret is priceless, this is one the biggest keys to my success when I first started out creating my future in real estate.  Also, you’ll be able to get in touch with members anytime you have a problem, need advice or just want to get some encouragement. Some members will become life-long friends. But that’s not the only way you’ll receive support -  You’ll be receiving one-on-one consultations with Me, Richie, and my team, who are very successful investors right here in South Florida and the Treasure Coast. You’ll also be able to consult with some of my top students/apprentices who are kicking butt and doing what you want to do. I know this is priceless, because not long ago they were in your exact shoes, and we’re able to exceed their objectives, by using my blueprint. It might just be something they say to you, maybe a little different than how I say it that ends up being the one piece of info that ends up putting you over the top!Back In November 2006, We Started An Ultimate Apprentice Program So That We Could Beta-Test The concept Before We Could Offer It To You. Within The First 6 Weeks, Here’s What The Members Had To Say:     "First, phone consultation was worth over $330,000.00, minimum!"   My partners and I have purchased a package of lots from a “almost Bankrupt developer, in Palm City”, and I can without a hesitation say:  IF not for Mike and his Team, there’s no way, we would have pulled this off!  Mike was instrumental in our getting the financing accomplished, because the catch to the deal was that we needed to close in 16 days because the developer’s bankers we’re going to foreclose after that! What’s even better, Mike introduced us to his developer friend, who is interested in joint venturing with us, on half of our lot package.  We stand to make another quarter of a million dollars, in less than 18 months. Without Mike, his team and his attorney, I know without a doubt, my investor group and I could have never pulled this off…Thank You, from the bottom of our Hearts! -Dr. Yun, Boca Raton, FL Retired Dentist and Head of Dr’s Property Group       "I wish I Started Much Sooner!" In the first 4 weeks of working with Mike and Team Apprentice, I bought one investment property in Pompano.Also, I’m getting ready to close on my 1st fixer property. I will make $35,000.00 on this fix-up deal; and I think I already have a buyer to make my profit, once I’m done fixing this house!  Thank you for changing my life. -Melissa Cooperman, Fort Lauderdale Styles Construction, Bookkeeper          "I’ve already made more in profit, than my salary last year!" My wife and I bought a Triplex, in Jupiter. We couldn’t find tenants for the last 8 months. Richie and Mike, showed us 5 things to find honest tenants…It worked like clock work!We then refinanced the triplex, and pulled out over $48,000.00 in the new loan.That’s more than I made ALL last year, working 50 hours a week.  - Anthony Buffalino, Sunrise, FL  CPN Electronics Office and Warehouse Manager         "I did exactly what Mike said, and I got my 1st Foreclosure…I made over $57,000.00!" I’m a writer, and freelance journalist.  I’ve known Mike for quite a while, after talking to him, I trusted in him to give this a shot, finally.  I’m the most skeptical guy, in all California. Mike, had a telephone seminar, on foreclosures.  I tried what he taught us, and I found an old classmate that I went to college with, going through some tough circumstances and needed to sell her home…FAST! The house is 4 blocks from the beach, in San Diego, and all it needed was paint and some sod and landscaping. I refinanced it, helped my friend, get a new home for her and her children. Then sold it to a first time homebuyer, who loves the home! I walked away from closing, with a check, for $57,000.00 The Ultimate Apprentice Program is amazing!  I must also say, Rich and Alicia, we’re great!  -Timmy Vandehay,  San Diego, California Writer and Political Journalist        Here’s What You’ll Receive As A Member Of My Ultimate Apprentice Program…    2 Day INTENSIVE “Ultimate Apprentice Boot Camp” in Palm Beach! This is the centerpiece of your education and where we’ll roll out your 90 day blueprint. We’ll limit the class to ONLY the Ultimate Apprentice Members, for only the select group who is accepted into the Program. We’ll be divulging many SECRETS, but we’ll be focused on YOUR Marketing Machine, Dealing with Motivated Sellers, Building your Buyer’s List, We’ll be making LIVE phone calls right in front of you, on speaker phone – This alone is PRICELESS!   This is just a small preview of your experience. VALUE: $2499.00    Also Included is…The COMPLETE “Ultimate Apprentice Home Study Course”! This is the “Jedi Master” course, on making REAL money in Real Estate.  This course manual is designed to be not only a learning tool, but a resource guide when needed.  It covers everything from Marketing, contracts and documents with samples already filled out for you, “REAL LIFE” case studies, and everything else you need to know…when you need it.  We sell this at a stand alone price of $999.00; but you get it included in your Ultimate Apprentice Package!      Value: $999.00    Eight Weekly - Coaching Teleseminars, “Implementing your Blueprint and 90 day Success Track” Exclusively for Ultimate Apprentice Members  For the first 2 months of the program, we'll be conducting a weekly seminar. Each week, we’ll take a major subject, and dive into all the facts and important aspects of each module. You’ll be able to ask questions and get advice.  Each call will be two hours- The first hour will usually be a presentation. The second hour, will be questions-and-answers.  On top of that, we will be recording each session, and providing a complete audio recorded product, at the completion of the series. As a side note, this is one of the most important aspects in ensuring your Success, because, this is what’s going to keep you motivated to keep at it, as well as hearing about other members success stories.   Value: $1999.00     FIVE Half-Hour, 1-on-1 Private Consultations Via Telephone Throughout The Year With Mike Perl and/or His Team of Coaches.   As an Ultimate Apprentice Member, you’ll be able to schedule one-on-one private phone consultations with us as you need advice, feedback, and guidance on anything you want to talk about. Mike, usually charges $800.00 an hour for consulting, and Mike and his team, are not doing any consultations for anyone outside of the Ultimate Apprentice Program for all of 2007. Remember, just one idea or new insight can bring you hundreds of thousands of dollars.   Value: $3497.00     The Complete “Ultimate Apprentice” Marketing Toolbox “Collection Of Marketing Pieces” and Blueprint…That Will Have Motivated Sellers Banging Down your Door, to Do Business with YOU! Included in your “Business in a Box”, is the complete marketing suite that our students are using to continually have motivated sellers calling them to take their home off their hands. You’ll get the complete set of Letters for each and every seller you’ll need.  Postcards, complete direct mail package, newspaper ads, magazine ads, yellow page ads, business cards, completely and everything you need to start running your business. Day 1 after your boot camp, you’ll have literally everything YOU need to hit the ground running and making serious money.   Value: $1497.00       Ultimate Apprentice “Contracts and Legal Forms on CD” The complete collection of ALL the contracts and legal forms, you WILL EVER NEED! To be Frank, these legal contracts and Forms will SAVE YOUR BUTT...Period! In my real estate career I’ve easily lost well over a quarter of a million dollars not having the right contracts and forms in place to cover my butt. But here’s the good part, each time I got screwed I Improved my contracts and forms to make sure it never happened again! You will get them all!  Another priceless point: We give you examples of every form and document filled out for you as a sample.   Value: $997.00   The Complete 1 DAY "Short Sale Boot Camp" We will be meeting at an undisclosed hotel in Palm Beach, to exclusively dive in intensively on making you a short sale master.  Not only that, you will be given EVERYTHING you need to short sale or discount any loan you need and want.  With foreclosures and defaults on the rise, this 1 intensive day will be priceless in your tool belt.  We will also be working on ACTUAL, LIVE short sales right in class, that my team and I are personally working on…right now!   Value: $1997   Ultimate Apprentice "Deal Day Friday" How successful would you be, if YOU had one whole day each week, to have a PRO available to you all day, to review any and all of your deals and opportunities, with YOU? Bottom Line, it’s PRICELESS!  Think about how much more money you will make having a professional investor review all of your opportunities with you.  Guaranteed, you will make more money and do more deals, utilizing "DEAL FRIDAY"  Also, think about how much time, you won’t waste anymore, because now you have a professional to review and critique your ideas and deals, essentially making sure, you're not wasting your time and money.   Value: $2997.00   Audios and Videos of Ultimate Apprentice 2 day Boot Camp and the 1 day Short Sale Boot Camp As an Ultimate Apprentice Member, you’ll receive the complete un-edited copies of the entire 2 day Apprentice Bootcamp, as well the 1 day, “Short Sale Bootcamp.” We realize that even though you might take great notes in class, that you still aren’t going to remember everything. That’s why, we’re giving you the copies of each event for your own personal use. You will need to sign a “Non-Disclosure” agreement to verify that you will not share any of the secrets or information that will be given to you during the boot camps. This Information Is Extremely Top Secret!   Value: $1497   Entry into the “My Ultimate Apprentice Contest” Students will gain entry into the “My Ultimate Apprentice Contest”, where there will be a grand prize winner and Four Runner-Ups awarded at the Ultimate Apprentice End of The Year Appreciation Event, held in Fort Lauderdale in the end of 2007.   Value: Priceless   Online Rolodex of Key Vendors, Consultants and Professionals   Students will gain access to my own personal Rolodex of professionals.  I guard this information very closely, since these are the pros that get the job done quickly, efficiently, and cheaply!  Basically, you are gaining access to insider information that your competitors dream of!   Value: $697.00   The Ultimate Apprentice “Exclusive Online Member Forum” and Networking and Educational Resource site Ultimate Apprentice students gain instant access to an Exclusive Online Resource Site.  Everything that you need will be available to you 24/7 through the internet.  You will also have access to the Message Board where you can post your questions, ideas, and your deals.   Value: $797.00   My “Ultimate Apprentice Program” is NOT CHEAP, But It’s A REAL BARGAIN!!!!I hesitate to use the word “CHEAP”, but this is such a bargain, you might use that word. The prices of something is always relative to the value offered. How much would you spend in order to make an extra $200,000.00 a year buying houses from motivated sellers, every year for the next 10 years? Would you spend $50K? $100K? If you wouldn’t, you're not looking at this correctly or at least from a business man or woman’s mindset. I don’t make empty Bullsh@* promises! But, the bottom line is that I know without a shadow of a doubt that you will execute our proven blueprint and make a minimum of $15,000.00 to $30,000.00 on your first, one or two deals; the reason I know this is because I have real-life students accomplishing this each and every month….right now! If you’re familiar with any of the so-called guru’s and their prices that they charge, you know that MY Ultimate Apprentice Program is a S-T-E-A-L! For Example, Robert Allen, gets $7,000 for a two month, weekly phone consult, with one of his coaches! I know for a fact, the so-called coach that you get in their coaching program, is an $11 dollar an hour phone rep from Utah, who knows next to nothing about Real Estate Investing, especially your specific area.  Furthermore, the worst part is that they're reading from a SCRIPT! You’d be better off to go buy a book at Barnes and Noble! When I first got started, I went to a national Guru school (similar to Robert Allen’s) and paid close to $25,000.00 investment fee, to be enrolled into their program, not including airfare, hotels, food, rental car, my time; easily costing me in the neighborhood of $35,000.00! And they didn’t give us ANY Guarantee (especially not like the NO-RISK one, I’m giving YOU, in my Ultimate Apprentice Program)! I wish I had something available to me similar to the Ultimate Apprentice Program, when I was getting started in real estate. Lord knows, my learning curve and my results would’ve happened a lot faster than what my initial experience was when I got started in real estate. To be completely forthcoming, I have a totally self-serving motive for offering you an overly-generous, first-launch discount price into my “Ultimate Apprentice Program”... I know two things. People who have gone through my private mentoring before  become very successful. We (both my students and I) end up doing a lot of deals together, even after they’ve finished my mentoring program. You might wonder “Why, would they still need you?”. Simply, because even as a successful investor in their own right, they can’t do everything by themselves.  There comes a time when they might need extra experience or extra money in their deals, and that’s what’s in it for me! Also, my students, who go through this experience with me and my team become much more committed to immersing themselves in our other programs…and they make incredible things happen in their businesses and lives…so they are glued to us as avid customers for life and will quite literally spend any sum and never again miss anything we offer them – their rewards from this, so great!So getting this program into your hands and having you experience this, is quite frankly, of enormous benefit to our business. Of course, going too extreme, and not requiring some reasonable investment doesn’t benefit you or us. As my mentor says, “If you don’t have some skin in the game, you just DON’T PLAY AS HARD!” If I were to charge you the “actual” dollar value for this program, you’d easily be looking at $19,799.00, without a hesitation. And here’s the best part, I believe It's WORTH EVERY PENNY…AND I'd BEING DOING YOU A FAVOR, by letting you into the program! Sounds a little cocky? Huh? It’s not, it’s confidence because I know what my team and I are giving you; which to be totally frank….is priceless! The great news is, however, that since others beside yourself will be investing into this program, I’m going to be able to offer it to you for a lot less. Don’t Worry, it’s not even $30,000.00 or $20,000.00.   You Can Be In The Entire Program For A Full Year For Just $4995.00, Plus 25% of Your 1st Deal Profit is Paid To Us Once You Get Paid And Make Your Money. Because, I want this to be the easiest decision you’ve ever made and I want your success story…I will do something simply crazy…if you pay all the money upfront and in a certified check…I will give you a upfront discount of $1500.00 off the tuition…for a 1 pay price of $3495.00!   I personally can’t see anyone being anymore generous than that! And because, I simply don’t want money being the 1 thing, that stops you from changing your finances and your lifestyle…I’ll do something un-heard of, by offering you a 3 pay option, meaning I personally am taking all the risk, because I’m so confident in your results in the program…The 3 pay, is like this…1 downpayment of $2000.00, and then 3 monthly payments of $1000.00. By the way, at these prices this investment is only for you.  Especially since there is so much 1-on-1 coaching involved in the program. To be Frank, this investment will only go up!  I can guarantee you that, consider this a gift. I’m normally paid, $10,000.00 retainer fee to work with people in a mentoring situation, and that’s only if I accept you and like you.Think about this… Where else can you learn these proven strategies, techniques and systems to create a highly profitable, investing machine, paying you month-in-and-month-out, $10,000.00 to $25,000.00 from someone who knows your local market, and can tell you exactly, where you should go to buy and sell houses, in your market of the Treasure Coast, Palm Beach, and Broward County ?? What about if you’re a real slow learner?  All you need to do is get paid for buying and selling 1 property for a profit of normally a minimum of $10,000.00.  That will more than repay your investment for your membership into the program. Remember, just 1 idea, 1 strategy or marketing idea to buy properties, 1 strategy for selling your property at lightning fast speed, 1 tip from a fellow apprentice member on how you could save thousands of dollars, just 1 new joint venture or money partner…WILL PAY YOU BACK MANY, MANY, MANY TIMES OVER FOR YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT! I’m so confident, here’s my unheard of Mike Perl Takes all the RISK, Guarantee:   Here’s Your “Mike Perl Takes All The Risk” Money-Back Guarantee: After Implementing My Coaching, If You Don’t Feel Like You're "WOWED" Then You Won’t Owe Me One Red Cent! If you’re not “WOWED” after your First Boot camp in the Ultimate Apprenticeship Program You’ll get a FULL-REFUND on your TuitionNo-Questions Asked! I’m so confident in the Ultimate Apprentice Program, that I’ll personally take 100% of all the risk on my shoulders. Come to the entire 1st boot camp, (don’t forget, there’s still another one) after the entire weekend, if you feel that we don’t “WOW the Shorts Off of YOU” and that this is not the perfect program to Launch you to Success as an Investor…We simply want to give you 100% of your money back…NO QUESTIONS ASKED! PERIOD!  You have my word! I can’t make it any more 100% Risk-FREE than this…                 Mike Perl Also, I’m the farthest thing from an accountant, but it’s likely this investment in your education would be tax-deductible for you. Don’t give the money, for Uncle Sam and our Politicians to fritter away.  Invest the money in you becoming a millionaire investor and having the freedom and the lifestyle of your dreams! Remember, you can join with complete confidence, knowing if it’s not for you – you have a rock solid guarantee to fall back on.   O.K. Mike, I want into the 100% Guaranteed, Ultimate Apprentice Program…What’s Next?   1. Quickly Fill Out the Application!    Fax it to xxx-xxx-xxxx or fill out online, and submit it to us ASAP.   2. Decide how you're going to take care of the investment, and then take care of it. 3. Make sure that we have all of your relevant info! This is important because you will be receiving the “Ultimate Apprentice welcome Package” in the mail or Fed-Ex’d to you, in the next 3 days! 4. Get Ready for a new future!       So… if you’re still reading – and you still haven’t taken action… then you must be questioning if investing your money to get my coaching on how to build a solid, self-sustaining, prospering business is actually worth your time and money? Right? Here’s my response: Are you kidding me?      By not taking a chance on my program, you may struggle forever.  And still never discover the true secrets of building a home buying business that will prosper without much of your involvement.  You can read another 200 books and courses and go to another dozen seminars on the subject… and still not “get it”.       I can’t even begin to understand anyone (who is serious about business and success) who would not JUMP on this opportunity immediately. If you’re still questioning the viability of this coaching… I can assure you – this coaching program is not for you. But most realistic businessmen and women KNOW they need some kind of coaching to get themselves over the “hump.”  It’s a fact!  Why else would  nearly every successful  guru continue to go through coaching?  They’re already successful… they already make oodles and gobs of money… They went through it because they wanted to get over THEIR “HUMPS” too! They invested in themselves… and you should too. Now – I don’t want you to be disappointed – so I’m just going to let you know that there are a certain number of people who are going to jump into this coaching as soon as they catch wind my doors are opening.  (In fact, they’ll respond so fast, it’s almost embarrassing.) Unfortunately, when they jump in, it also erases the number of openings left for everyone else, who (for one lame reason or another) want to dilly and dally before making such a grand decision. Me?       I wouldn’t let another heartbeat skip by before signing up.  I never get stingy when there’s a chance I could change my life forever.  It’s always an investment in my mind. But we’re not talking about me, are we? We’re talking about you. Your future. Your real estate business. Your life! And all I can tell you is this: If you feel your business has so much more potential… and if you often feel discouraged because it’s just not taking off like you thought it would… I personally promise you things will get so much better for you with this coaching. You should sign-up now before all the slots are taken.  They won’t last long – that’s a given. Lastly… think of this: When was the last time you really had fun? Think for a second.  Not just a giggle now and then… but when you had a big, stupid smile stretched across your face and you were laughing your guts out and feeling like you did when you were just a kid playing? If it’s been over a month my friend – then you’ve got to ask yourself: Why am I working so hard? Life it too short to work it all away. It’s also too precious. Do yourself a big favor… get back to living again – won’t you?  Whether it’s with this coaching or through some other way… You owe it to yourself.    Here’s to Your Freedom and Prosperity,      Mike Perl P.S.  -  100% Satisfaction Guarantee Means You Attend At No Risk!  I'm so confident this information will take you to your next level of success; we guarantee that you can walk away at the end of Day 1 and request your hassle-free 100% complete refund if you do not find value in the training. P.P.S. -  Chances are, if you’ve read all this way and have not taken action yet… you’re very close to missing out.  This class will fill up EXTREMELY QUICKLY!          © Mike Perl 2007 - All Rights Reserved 561-202-8717 2400 East Las Olas Blvd Suite 176  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301      _uacct = "UA-773207-3"; urchinTracker();

Mike Perl Owner/President WHO WE ARE First and foremost, we are NOT REALTORS! We don’t want to list your house, tie it up for months and then ask you to lower the price. We want to Buy your hou