Gwen Holmes-Arveson (Metro Brokers of Oklahoma)

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           The investment property business continues to get more complex and more competitive every day, especially as more and more people become aware of the great value we have here in Norman and all of Oklahoma.  A large portion of my business comes from REO or bank owned properties.  I have a variety of banks and mortgage companies depending on me to help liquidate their distressed properties.  Many investors have recome regular clients because of the successes I have brought them.

            As a university town, Norman has long been a hotbed of investment properties. Homes, condos and apartment communities are always in demand by savvy investors. I have built a strong business as an investment property expert. I work with both buyers and sellers and has earned a reputation of having grat insight into the Oklahoma investment community.

          Working increasingly more often with investors from out of state, has really become my "niche." Investors from outside Oklahoma have recognized the incredible value of homes and properties within the state. A California-based investor can purchase several, even a dozen, properties for the price of one in San Francisco. Many savvy investors are taking advantage of the 1031 exchange which allows capital gains from property sales to be deferred as long as the property is held for productive use or investment. By buying rental properties, investors are protecting their capital gains from taxation by the IRS.

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