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So what exactly is the deal with Active Rain? Agents (and other affiliates) feverishly collect points in an effort to be #1. Some agents add a lot of great local content, others add a significant amount of advice for their peers or the general public....


And others post flippant garbage on a regular and consistent basis and amass huge quantities of points. To those who don't research where they got their points, it looks as if they are the most knowledgeable people on AR, that they really know what they're talking about....


But I suggest that perhaps they're too busy posting "Inciteful post, thanks for writing". They're so busy posting, it makes one wonder how on earth they actually earn money... how they can keep up with their obligations for continuing education... how they can maintain friendships with real live people.


I've heard of many people who become addicted to the game - addicted to trying to extract as many points as humanly possible from Active Rain each and every day.


It's pathetic, much like an addiction to an online video game that causes people to commit suicide.


I'm no longer in real estate - I've sold my home and moved out of state - and I can truthfully say I'm glad I'm not caught up in this anymore.


Get out before you have hundreds of hours invested in making Active Rain a better resource. You're writing their content. You're doing it for free.


Oh, and if you happen to be one of those guys who sit behind their computer 24/7 writing blog posts and commenting on others in order to be #1 in your city - for heaven's sake DO NOT BRAG ABOUT IT.

I saw a Craigslist ad today where someone actually made the claim that they were ranked #1 in the state on an industry website. It has nothing to do with your ability to perform, and everything to do with the tens of hundreds of hours spent NOT working while behind your keyboard.


I've deleted almost all of my contributions to Active Rain, including thousands upon thousands of points accrued through blogging. I'm no longer a real estate agent, so I decided to remove my contributions as some might take offense to an "outsider" telling them better ways to run their business.


On the road in T-minus 2 or 3 weeks!