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Get to Know Nancy Van Pelt

I believe that it is important for people to live alive - to have an inner peace and joy, to treasure each day and to express themselves.

Having a home that is comfortable and enhances a person's lifestyle is a way to feel alive. 

I listen to what a person wants, then I help them find it.  Sometimes this may be helping people find a home that fits their life - where they can express themselves and enjoy being at  home. Sometimes this means helping people sell their current home, so they can move elsewhere to a place where they can express thier lives.

My blog is focused on Duvall and its neighbors of Carnation and Monroe WA.  I've heard people say that Duvall is a 'hidden gem'.  I agree.  As you explore the town, you'll be sure to find surprises.  So I thought that I'd write about life in Duvall - the various neighborhoods, places (restaurants and businesses) and people.  

Carnation has its own wonderful history having been the home of Carnation Farms - famous for its dairy products.

Monroe is, of course, the home of the Evegreen State Fair.  It is conveniently located on State Hiway 2, which makes it convenient to access the Cascades.

I live in Duvall WA. Since Duvall is close neighbors with Carnation and Monroe, I visit these towns on a regular basis - shopping, eating and browsing.  I like to say that I work in the "Far East" - that means beyond the Eastside.  Since I live in the area, I know the area and can share with customers what makes it a good place to live.  I can also share the towns' 'quirks'.  Because there is such a variety of neighborhoods, I can help people find the neighborhood that is right for them.

I am the sole proprietor of my business.  Every aspect of every transaction receives my personal attention.  I not only have a vested interest in each transaction from a business perspective, but I care that my clients have the best experience possible.  I take the time to talk with my clients and understand what they need and want – what is important to them.  We then work together during the process to ensure they are satisfied.  We have frequent communications – this lets my clients know what is happening and can ask questions or provide input.  

I have experience with both buying and selling properties.  For sellers, I understand the importance of pricing a house correctly for the current market.    I’ve helped both homeowners and investors purchase property.  With over 30 years of experience with contracts – I know the importance of understanding every term and condition of the contracts.  I also have experience teaching contract classes, so I am able to explain the contract provisions in language that my clients can understand.

I keep current on real estate transactions and trends by reading articles and attending courses.  I utilize current technology to enhance the buying or selling experience and make the transaction progress smoothly.  I have a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals and specialists to assist me and to ensure that the client’s real estate transaction is enjoyable, smooth and successful.





Real estate has been a passion of mine since I bought my first house. The feeling is indescribable. I want to help anyone with a desire to be part of the American Dream by owning their own home.