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Tim Mancuso
Elite Sales Coach - GROW SMART
location_on Gilbert, AZ — Independent Coach, Trainer & Consultant
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Where Market Knowledge, Solid Technology Implementation, and Great Service meet - you will undoubtedly find Success.

                                                                                               - T. Mancuso

I have been working with Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, Title Companies, and Technology Providers for over 10 years in the Real Estate marketplace. My industry experience includes Virtual Tours and Imaging, bamboo.com, iPIX, Homestore, Realtor.com, Top Producer, ImageMaker360, TMS Systems, IDX, VOW, ILD, MLS Data integration, Broker and Agent Website, Lead Capture, Lead Distribution, Lead Qualification, Lead Scrubbing, Call Center, Call Capture, Print and Online Marketing, Training, Coaching, Selling, Recruiting and everything in between. 


I will be using this venue to showcase fellow Industry Experts, Professional Agents (I've worked with Thousands over the years), Innovators, Coaches, Trainers, and Advocates of the Industry. 

Key industry highlights we are recently consulting and working with include: Mortgage Modification (Loan Mod) Companies, 1031 Exchange strategies, Short Sale systems and shortsales programs for REALTORS(r), Automated print and electronic marketing tools to reach out to today's savvy real estate consumer, all things imaging in real estate (virtual tours, video, streaming audio, podcasting, radio and cable opportunities and WiFiTV options), and also the emergence of diverse people groups and their impact on North American / US Real Estate markets and practices (diversity).


I have served as Co-Founder and VP Global Sales for an International Real Estate Marketing Portal: MyREALTY.com, Inc. For more information on MyREALTY.com please visit the website:


Additionally, I continue to network and consult with my extensive sphere of startup, technologists, IT professionals, and top shelf marketers both within and outside of the Real Estate verticals.

Upcoming opportunities for expansion have a very positive outlook given the current economic environments worldwide. Companies and technologies today are valued at pennies on the dollar as compared to prior years - or even 9-12 months ago - opening up doors for acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships the likes of which we haven't seen since the bubble burst in the Valley 7 years ago.

If you need any assistance related to Real Estate, Mortgage, Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Title / Settlement Services, or Technology / Marketing - you are welcome to contact me at your convenience. My network of professionals has allowed me to assist countless Agents, Brokers, Loan Officers, Managers, Owners, Franchises, MLSs, Boards, and even local authorities over the years.

I am more than happy to assist in any way I can, and it brings me great satisfaction and joy to be able to leverage my experience and background to help others achieve their needs, wants, goals, and desires.

In my quote above, you'll find 3 key ingredients of my current company's recipe for success - LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. is one of the finest real estate services companies worldwide. Their expertise and service levels on both the N. American and International fronts was a driving force in my alignment and employment with LandAmerica in Denver, CO.

My role in assisting in the successful implementation of LandAmerica's 'New Frontier' business model in the Denver, CO real estate market was both exciting and rewarding - and in fact, more fun that I've had in years. :-)

I am currently available for contract and project work, consultation, web and marketing strategies both on and offline.





A significant portion of my background has been in dealing with MLS and MLX systems including IDX / VOW / Website / Portal and gateway creation and integration for Real Estate, Mortgage and Title industries.

Included integration with existing systems and everything from individual 'agent' real estate websites to full-on national / regional brokerage sites.

Specialization was in developing client follow-up and lead incubation tools for each segment, and selling / presenting the value propostion for each.

Trade shows, events, seminars, and sales channel management and recruiting plus corporate and individual sales et al.

I worked with D. Todd Murphy to Co-Found MyREALTY.com in the development of an international real property aggregation standard taking a parcel-based approach to verticalized data management and cross-platform search enablement on a multi-national scale.


Tim Mancuso is the Co-Founder / VP Global Sales for MyREALTY.com, successful startup and VP of Sales & has over 20 years experience as a Technologist, Trainer, Coach, Recruiter and Speaker.