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Get to Know Pamela Howell

From Atlantic City to Las Vegas I helped "relieve" folks of a lot of money in my lifetime. This however feels better. With a few years under my belt I have the knowledge to assist you from "Oh Honey, look at that cute house" to "Here are the keys to your new home"  I don't have SO many years though that I sit back and feel the world should give to me any more then I give to it. It feels good to take all those worries of my clients and wash them away one by one. I don't list lemons. I don't sell lemons.


Doesn't it just make you crazy when you ask for directions and someone starts with "well, I think..." In this world we need experts sometimes. Ask me and I'll tell you what I know. If I'm not sure, I'll find out then let you know. Isn't that fair?

Because I live here I can tell you all kinds of things about Griffith, Indiana and not just about a house I'm showing you in Griffith. What kind of special events do they have in the park, which grocer usually has the best produce, or how short a time it took for local law enforcement to respond to some noisy kids breaking curfew.

As an experienced agent I have become an expert on many Northwest Indiana neighborhoods.

First, knowledge through investigation. Before we see homes I do a lot of "behind the scenes" work on what is available.

Second, knowledge through experience. Not only do I show homes in various locations to others, I also tour homes in my free time, and hold open houses all over. You get to know neighborhoods driving around them all day!

 Third, knowledge conveyed from the clients and friends I've made in various towns. Many clients have become friends through our time spent together. What I didn't know about the neighborhood when we found a home I find out once they are living there and tell me stories.

I don't claim to be an expert on every town and if you have needs I cannot fulfill, I will work to find you a REALTOR who IS that area's expert.


Frequently referred to as "Quin's Mom" Residential specialist who sells the neighborhood with the house.