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1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the World's Largest Junk Removal Service servicing North America, Canada and Australia.  We help realtors, homeowners, property managers, contractors and business owners with their junk removal needs.  Our service includes all of the loading, cleanup and disposal.  All you do is call and we do the rest.  We send out a clean, shiny truck (all 1000+ trucks are exactly the same!) with two friendly and trained employees that will remove items from anywhere on your property (basement, garage, attic, backyard, etc).  1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the best at what we do.

 What makes us different?  It's simple

On-Time Service (we show up when we say we will) Up-Front Rates (laminated price sheets so there are no surprises) Clean, Shiny Trucks (we are professionals and professionals have clean, well maintained tools) Friendly, Uniformed Drivers (screened and trained, guys you WANT in your or your clients homes)

We screen all employees to ensure we hire the best.  If you recommend a company to your client, you want to know who you are sending into their homes.  That is why we have become the best in the industry.  We train our employees to ensure the service level you and your clients receive is the best.


How we help realtors:

Realtors face situations where their clients need junk removal at different stages of the moving process.  1-800-GOT-JUNK? can help during:

Preparation for sale:  We can assist the sellers with making their property more inviting to potential buyers.  If we can clean up the basement, attic, backyard and garage to make the home seem larger and cleaner, there will be more interest in the property.

Days leading up to the move: Moving is a stressful time and we can help by taking care of items like old sheds, hot tubs, etc when time is running out and options for removing items becomes limited.  We can be on site in less than one hour helping your client with any of these issues.

Settlement table:  There are always arguments about the old refrigerator in the basement or pile of wood left on the far corner of the property.  Well 1-800-GOT-JUNK? can take care of these situations without breaking a sweat.  All you do is pick up the phone and call.

After settlement:  Junk still all over the house after settlement?  We have seen this and have helped many realtors out of this situation.  Or, your client moves into a home that the previous client decided to leave some items behind.  We often come in to remove old hot tubs and other items.  Hundreds of moving boxes?  Consider them gone!


1-800-JUNK? is the World's Largest Junk Removal Service, providing On Time Service, Up-Front Rates, Clean, Shiny Trucks and Friendly Uniformed Drivers. We can do also do same day service. Call Today!